One of the Trimmers Wanted for Laytonville Area Homicide Arrested

Zachary Ryan Wuester

Zachary Ryan Wuester

A trimmer wanted in the slaying of Jeffrey Quinn Settler, age 35, of Laytonville was arrested this morning and booked into the Mendocino jail at 8:16 a.m. Zachary Ryan Wuester, age 24 of New Jersey, was picked up in Willits, according to Mendocino County Jail records. He was booked for murder and fleeing from justice. His bond is set at $650,000.

Wuester, and four other individuals, were sought for the death of Settler in what the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office said was a violent assault. BoLO’s issued for the suspects mention they may be armed with knives. The Mendocino Sheriff’s Office press release stated that the suspects are “believed to have stolen over 100 pounds of processed marijuana.” At this time, none of the other suspects are known to be arrested.  We have contacted the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office and requested more information.

According to  the Mendocino Voice, the victim, Jeffery Settler had lived in the area for about 15 years and been a cannabis farmer. (See image of him here.)

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  • That bond seems low for homicide.

    • He’s on a more bail status due to east coast narcotics warrants according to another article so that would make the amount kind of irrelevant in this case so it may be why they haven’t pushed for more plus the fact that he had been talking to a Marshall and agreed to surrender without incident

  • Well he sure didn’t get as far as they suspected. Like to know did they just find him walking down Main St.?

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    He’ll get prison if convicted…

    Did they catch him with the weed/cash, or did his crew rip him as well?

    Those things tend to happen with dirty deals…

    Wouldn’t shock me if the chick made off with all the goods, just call me Hollywood – like where the moon landings came from.

  • $650,000!!!! That’s ridiculous!

  • 65K and he’s free wow only in the triangle!

  • For a murder the bail is only 500,000. They probably added the fleeing charge to that and special allegations he may have. It’ll most likely go up when he appears in court. You can look up the bail schedule for the county online.

  • Murder and robbery = no bail / life in prison anywhere else In this country for all involved wtf

  • May true justice prevail.

  • Inevidable stupidity in this

    He will get offered the deal.

  • Yes Great Job Sheriff! Lets Fry this Guy and send a message to murderers and thieves!

  • I’m really glad to hear this. Hope the others follow soon. Thank you Kym for your timely reporting–this case has been obsessing me. Good to see some progress.

  • 24 y/o. what a waste, sad really….

  • For expert legal advice and opinion, I always turn to the comment section of the Redheaded Blackbelt. It’s where all the pros hang out.

  • So this criminal mastermind did not flee the area, after the alleged murder! What was he thinking after his face has been plastered all over the internet/ news.

    All of the press releases I have seen only show 3 wanted suspects. Who are the other two of the five wanted suspects mentioned in this article??

    I also think maybe Amanda Weist may have taken their ill gotten gains out of the area, and left the others “holding the bag”, so to speak.

    Just another reason not to hire those trimmigants often seen sitting along the side of the road asking for work each season!!

    • Who cares what you THINK about Amanda???? You know very well that’s how rumors start. You know nothing of her.

      • I know she is wanted for her part of a vicious murder. I also have read of encounters others have had in the county with her involving thievery.

        Anything else we need to know?

  • Sounds like he turned himself in? Smart. The deals will go to the people who did not deliver the killing blow and who take the deal first. Expect a couple of the participants to deliver testimony against the rest and receive lighter sentences as a result. No eye witnesses were left alive and so the DA would like testimony from participants to ensure 1 or 2 murder convictions. Yeah, I’m guessing all this but we know how it rolls. It sounds like there were knives involved in the assault? Well, don’t expect the guy with the knife to step forward- he’s probably the one getting the death penalty.

  • Drug dealers get robbed and murdered all the time. It’s a well known and inherent risk of drug trafficking. I’m surprised we don’t hear about this happening around here more often.

    • “Bible says to wish death on someone is same as killing them so…”

      Hmm… Then what’s it say about wishing someone to go F themselves?

      I suppose it means the same as F’ing them.

    • Does running a vineyard come with the inherent risks of drug manufacturing and trafficking? You should calm down and lay off your substance..

    • long live marijuana farmers!

      that’s because it doesn’t happen around here more often. every year about 10,000 grows are harvested and manicured by hired help. some of them year round. safely double that if you count both humboldt and mendocino counties. do the math. this is a very peaceful and trusting place. people with the attitude you have usually don’t make it through an outlaw’s front door. your kind is not welcome “in the hills”.

  • This jackass is going to give up all the other four losers. Just a matter of time.

  • I heard it wasn’t him. His friend

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      I could see the chick being behind the entire thing.

      Women with tattoos should never be trusted.

      • I have 6 tattoos… don’t stereotype…. I also know Zachary… he’s a pretty chill calm guy… I have a hard time believing he was part of the violence, the robbery I believe

  • If you’ve got one or two people involved in a crime there’s a good chance they’ll keep quiet. But 5-7 people?! Someone’s going to roll! Guaranteed. Plea deal, what ever.

  • Kym- Your site is slipping? This is a very important story to many of us! I imagine there’s a good reason but…I read an update over a day ago on both Mendocino Voice and even Lost Coast Outhouse. There was a police report put out with updated BOLO information that you have not run. There are reports that others may be in the Eureka area? I’m looking to your commenters for recent updates and that is not a good thing! (Sorry guys!)

    • Sometimes I have to leave. I’m all by myself working this site most of the time and someone has to buy groceries, fill the propane tank, go to the doctor, etc. I try but I don’t recommend that you ever rely on only one news site.

      • Don’t worry, some of us understand your superhero status!

      • You’ve got a life and people you care about! I think you do a great job, and you were on the fact of Wuester being picked up hours before LoCO was. I am following this case avidly. Thank you for the coverage.

  • I spent my summer in Laytonville, and I appreciate all the people that gave me a chance to earn a fair wage. I learned a lot. Wouldn’t dream of robbing or hurting anyone, the few people that burned me, I just don’t work for again. Thank you, good people.

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