Black Powder Substance Found at Fortuna High School Harmless, Says Fortuna Police Sergeant

Fortuna High School the night that two students were arrested for plotting a mass casualty. [Photo by Sandi Petersen]

Fortuna High School the night that two students were arrested for plotting a mass casualty. [Photo by Sandi Petersen]

A few minutes before 10 a.m., Fortuna Police were summoned to the High School for a black powder substance that had been discovered near the lockers. Sgt. Scott Hillman of the Fortuna Police says that there is no cause for concern. “The substance that was found appears to be charcoal,” he explained. “It probably fell out of [a student’s] backpack or their locker.”

Fortuna parents have been on edge since the discovery of an alleged plot to cause mass casualties at a high school rally on Thursday. Two students have been arrested in relation to that incident.

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  • Keep Calm and Carry On might actually be the reasonable course forward for anyone upset by this.

  • And why would a kid be carrying powdered charcoal??

  • So Osama walks into this bar, see, and George Bush [now, Barack Obama] says, “What’l’ya have, pardner?” and Osama says, “Well George, what are you serving today?” and Bush says, “Fear,” and Osama says, “Fear for everybody!” and George pours it on for the crowd. Then the presidential bartender says, “Hey, who’s buying?” Osama points a thumb at the crowd sucking down their brew. “They are,” he says–and the two of them share a quiet laugh.”
    –Greg Palast, “Armed Madhouse”, page 49, (c)2006

  • Panic can be hard to fight. I was in San Francisco during the Anthrax scare. There was a call for an unknown white powder at the Federal Building. Everyone was evacuated. It turned out to be a spilled packet of parmesan cheese from a take out pizza place. The packet was literally next to the cheese on the table next to the boxes of pizza.

  • don,t make mountains out of mole hills. it can turn people into lemmings. But be aware of whats around you and your loved ones.

  • May babies go to that school, and it’s a very scary thing to know that they may not have come home! I don’t care if they found baby powder! At least I know they are making my kids safety priority number one!!

  • random human bean

    Several Fortuna PD vehicles and officers wearing body armour at a residence on Palmer Blvd this afternoon. Any news on this?

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