Officers Guard Fortuna School Today Where Mass Casualty Attack Was Allegedly Planned by Two Juveniles Last Week

Law enforcement is at Fortuna High to assure the safety and calm of students and their parents after the arrest last Thursday of two juveniles for allegedly planning a mass casualty event. Parents were understandably leery of sending their children off to the site of the intended attack and then a post reportedly from a juvenile on social media added fuel to the fire.

Social media post with blacked out names

Fortuna Police though have said they investigated the possibility of further problems. “These allegations and reports are being taken very seriously and have been followed up by investigating officers,” they posted in a press release Saturday. “These allegations have been found to not be credible.”

Parent Michele Thomson videoed her drive to the High School and showed two law enforcement vehicles parked at the school in the clip above. (See about 1:30 from the end for the actual video of the school.)

Thomson tells us that there were “4 officers at the back of the school, at least 1 officer at each entrance and one had 2. There is also an officer at Toddy Thomas. I am very satisfied with the safety of my family members attending area schools today.”



  • What about their safety tomorrow and the day after etc?????

    • I saw more Law enforcement officers today, multiple departments. They are not backing down, they are stepping up for our kids. Blessings and prayers for them

  • As a concerned parent, can anyone explain why they did not have a lockdown on Thursday????? The principal had announced that the rally would be cancelled due to some rumors flying around. That is absolutely ridiculous to not put the whole school on lockdown. There is no excuse for that at all!!! My kids had no idea how serious the situation was until they read it on Social Media later that evening!!!

    • Maybe no lock down in fear that one kid with a bomb was on campus, and if they publicly notified everyone it could be bad. The scenarios are endless, but looks like they have it under control today, the national guard will be next , then maybe a few residents house will be searched , that may get a few parents attention

    • amimissingsomething

      Monday Morning Quarterbacker, Anyone can ask why after the fact. I trust both the admin and the FPD to do the right thing. The Officers and Chief of Police are some of the very best in the Country. The Whole Department is Outstanding!! They do drills on these very circumstances and the training pays off as it did in this situation! One thing I really know to be true is the fact that today Fortuna High is the best protected and safest campus in the State. I have put six kids and 4 Grandkids through Fortuna High and while I don’t always see eye to eye on some of the things they do, I continue to have trust and Confidence in the Administrators and teachers at FUHS.

      • You are welcome to your opinions, and so are worried parents! Thankfully, this situation was resolved without injury, but the parents have all the rights to defend their stance and be heard.
        You DO know that SOMEONE dropped the ball by not noticing the odd behavior of one of the kids, and that it was the kids on social media that notified authorities?
        It’s their campus. They have student and civil rights.

  • What punks, Not much Leo’s can do until a crime has been committed. That’s protocol, which I think both of us feel should be changed. And this is one reason why we need stricter gun laws and HRC for president. Not scum trump.

  • Good morning, there is a small typo in first paragraph. I think you meant “site of the intended attack.” Thank you for the great reporting! You are such an asset to our community.

  • What were these kids actually planning?

  • How about dressing a few young officers up like students and neutralize the threat right on campus. To the two juveniles, nothin’ but cowards.

  • Pretty easy to figure out which kids to watch, just look at two people that call themselves parents

  • I’m concerned about the kid posting that s/he knew about a 3rd person, but withheld the identity.
    I can only hope that the poster has had a serious talk with his or her parents about why it is wrong (and illegal) to yell “Fire!” in a theater to see what happens. Also a chat about the herd mentality of adolescence, followed up by when one becomes complicit in acts of terrorism, whether or not a real threat is present. af

    • Kid probably just watching protests over the election, and sees people yelling fire before the guy even takes office and feels he can do the same, all on a hunch, he needs to know it’s ridiculous, just end up looking dumb

  • I was watching the dash cam video and it appears the driver was going way faster than 15 MPH in the school speed zone. Does anyone drive 15 MPH? Let alone 25?

  • While I recognize that we all want to be hyper vigilant right now regarding our publicly educated children, remember the chief aim of education is to prepare young people for adulthood and there is much we can do as citizens to help them. What’s the best way we can teach our youth how to trust one another and not be afraid?

  • My house looks good in that video…

  • Wow she didnt even say good bye or I Love You to the younger child she dropped off at the first school..

    • Calm down, So Sad, cuz you don’t use proper punctuation! Jeez, her intentions were honorable & you comment that???

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