[Audio] Nonprofit for kids receives hate and praise after protest; Last week’s top stories


In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week, a nonprofit that helps local at-risk youth has been receiving mixed reactions after their founder attended an anti-Trump rally in Old Town Eureka.

Referring to the protest as “peaceful,” Wild Souls Ranch founder Savanah McCarty discusses why she feels local children could suffer from the president-elect’s policies, her appeal for respect from all sides, the hateful comments she’s received, and Trump supporters who face the same negativity.

McCarty founded Wild Souls Ranch in 2012 following her childhood experiences both with horses and with being an at-risk child in the system herself. According to their website, “the program is not just limited to the art of riding, but utilizes the task of caring for the horses and the bonds that form through this caring as a means to establish trust, respect, and responsibility.”

Also: A parent’s tip likely prevented a bombing at Fortuna High School, British news giant The Guardian took a road trip through Humboldt, Patrick’s Point makes a top-six list, two nursing homes in Eureka aren’t closing after all, a truck gets gobbled up by the ocean, a gun was fired at Winco in Eureka, and the Co-op in Arcata handled a stabbing super well.  

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Listen below.



  • If true liberals were concerned about this election, they would have been rioting in the streets as Hillary stole the election from Bernie Sanders. Hillary and Donald are good friends who differ very little from each other.

    • Sanders is not a Democrat

      That’s quite simply nonsense and you can always easily spot the Sanders supporters because they have no clue what happened. Sanders was never a Democrat and there was no reason for the Democratic party to go out of their way to explain to his ignorant supporters how a caucus works and how primaries work in general. Bernie lost fair and square and the fact that Clinon lost big ground in votes where open voter suppression efforts were in place is what cheating looks like. Now wipe away your crocodile tears and stand with the assholes who voted for Trump, you’re made for one another.

      Clinton lost because fewer voters turned out to support her than Obama and she still easily won the popular vote.

      That vile, nasty man ran a campaign of divisiveness and hate and that’s why decent people across the country are appalled at the ignorant, racist, hateful base of the Republican party did. You voted your values for an accused criminal con man, serially failed businessman and molester of women, enjoy him.

      • I recall that Bernie Sanders was riding incredible momentum near the end of his campaign as well, just not enough to put him over the top. Very close though. Of course since we have found that Hillary cheated prior and during the debates with Sanders. who knows if HRC would have been derailed much earlier than she was.

        • Sanders is not a Democrat

          You are simply a fact-free commenter. Nothing you have typed is in any way true and we know this because you have evidence to support the ridiculous notions you put forth.

          When do you willfully ignorant buffoons get embarrassed?

          • amimissingsomething

            The facts are this!! You live in Fairyland and don’t have a clue what a JOB or Border is or was….Get a job and look at your deductions every 2 weeks and then look at the open borders with illegals crossing by the thousands that we, taxpaying working Americans are paying for while are Vets and Seniors can’t even get a COLA. Someday 4 years from now I will be so grateful for what took place during these past elections. The deplorable working people of this Country wanted a change not unlike the one Obummer promised us. It was all smoke and mirrors to get elected and turn our once proud nation into a screaming disaster! Dry up your tears witches!

            • Well said.

            • How are you so ignorant, yes you are missing something, do you respect woman? Did your mama teach you to share, she must have been mean to you for you to be so one sided, and see greatness in a lieing racist and sexist man who has done alot worse than good, like bankrupting 6 times, hiring workers than firing them after the work is done and not paying them a dime. What about posting statistics on random things that are completely false with incorrect information then believing them himself, and when called out on it saying I quote “I only know things off the internet” you realize I could change something on wiki pedia to something ridiculous and out presiden would believe it. Oh wait, should I keep going? Yes, okay what about the multiple woman he has tried to rape but they stopped him and got away. What about the fact that he has been caught in lies over and over again everyday in front of some of the most important people in politics and media. Oh and then what about all the “illegals” coming over doing all the work none of the white people would do nor ever want to do for the wages being paid. Oh speaking of that as well, hmm let me think, Melania Trump, Spanish speaking (I know your racist ass doesn’t like that), comes gets a job (illegally) for trump. Get over it and come to terms that you have a low IQ and you have been conned into voting this man into office all because your brain is the size of a walnut, and now more intelligent people who actually think of everyone’s life being equal like it says on the Declaration of Independence(oh but it says except woman and black men)

              Now I don’t think this is “fairyland” whatever the hell that is? (Must be a place where Trump supporters want to keep everyone who is in same sex relationships. See how I didn’t say “fags” or “queers” like you [edit] trump supporter do everyday.

              He said all the right things to get you rascist people to vote for him. I will hold you to the quote that “in four years I’ll be so grateful” ya know that sounds familiar, sounds like the couple dozen business partners he’s had then he destroys everything by bankrupting not paying anyone just to close the huge business/building and it sits empty (contributing “bigly” to the abandoned building crisis) then he walks away with a little profit. Anyone with half a brain can see this, and guess what it’s not hard to be hateful and ignorant, it’s harder to be compassionate and accepting (do you have any morals!), and you trump voters praise him like he’s god, you better look at the big picture and see that the devil does the things he does. [edit]

              • Why do liberals always play the racist card when the woman card fails? Answer: they are hysterical children who win by throwing tantrums.

      • I can’t seem to find a definition for Democrat. Can you? af

      • You have a point, democrats are corporate sponsored shills. Still that does not excuses the DNC. Super delegates were instituted so that in the event, that the DNC’s constituents wanted to nominate a candidate who did not have a good chance of winning the election, the DNC could use superdelegates to override the people they represent. (Thats shady enough I know)

        In Sanders case, they used the super delegates in the opposite manner. The only polls that predicted Trump over Hilary, also Predicted Sanders over Trump by a significant margin. Sanders was the clear choice to win the election, but as you said he is not a democrat (corporate whore) so they used the superdelegates against him.

      • Thank you for your eloquent explanation. You are so correct. If support had switched to Clinton after Sanders lost the primary ,we wouldn’t be here now. Stand on your principles people ,and enjoy NEVER winning, and NEVER advancing our common agenda.

      • The media said he said all those mean, racist, bigot, nasty things. Trump’s words were spliced, diced, & fed to the hungry media zombies.
        Anyone searching truth can find the uncut versions vs the edited media versions.

        • Haha are you kidding me?? They play highlights of what he says. Don’t you think the idiotic statements will stand out a little bit and get played?

          Besides the media playing them all the time is part of the reason Trump won. Alot of major media owners have publicly apologized because they didn’t want him to win. How sad is that he’s like the greatest con man of all time.

    • You mean in the way ‘true conservatives’ and ‘christians’ stood by their ‘values’ and their wives and daughters and refused to support Trump? Like that you mean?

    • You got it! Looks like south Korea has their own Hillary

    • Trump doesn’t want to prosecute Hillary, because he claims they are good people and his focus is on jobs and healthcare

  • Bernie received immense help from the Democrats despite only becoming one 2 years ago. The real problem is the left won’t work together despite differences to advance their common agenda. So republicans will continue winning despite losing the popular vote.

    • I am just hoping Trump lives through his term…because if he doesn’t, we will have President Pence. If you think DT is weird, look up the VP’s background. For openers, Pence thinks that the Kingdom of Fairy Gods should be taught in science classes…. Climate problems don’t exist (it’s a plot!) and as long as we’re all going to heaven, who cares? There is much, much more to know about this cretin; he is the truly dangerous one. af

      • Be careful with these kind of comments, you may find the Secret Service kicking in your front door.

      • Only need 100 days to reverse what it took Obama 8 yrs to do , if Obama worked at our plant he would have been fired long ago, oh yeah that’s right politicians are allergic to labor , no wonder they relate and cater to the system suckers of the world, all 104 million

      • Thank you for your eloquent explanation. You are so correct. If support had switched to Clinton after Sanders lost the primary ,we wouldn’t be here now. Stand on your principles people ,and enjoy NEVER winning, and NEVER advancing our common agenda.

      • I don’t know what to hope. I see Donald and have seen him for years. Decades. So the best would be to hope he isn’t what he seems.

  • What about the rest of us who were terrified of an HRC administration that offered social and economic regression, gender bias, legal and moral obstacles, and homeland security vulnerabilities. Word is that President Obama will issue a Presidential pardon to HRC prior to leaving office because he is tied to the private server scandal as well through 9 emails.

  • The word is trump is already hiring lobbyists for his cabinet .He has stated going after her is not even on his agenda .There will be no pardon because there is no crime .Keep drinking the cool aide .The carrier ac plant that he said he would stop going to mexico is leaving and said he has no power to stop them . This guy is a fraud

    • Oh the plant can go to Mexico if they wish. Trump has never made this claim to my knowledge. What he will do is charge them a 35 percent tariff to bring that product back into the US. We will then find out how important outsourcing of cheap foreign labor is to these companies.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Nobody counts votes just as everything happening on the world’s stage is predetermined.

    You fools with a belief in slavery through taxation and inflation are the enemy of the values that created manifest destiny.

    I hope attack helicopters find your crops.

    • I don’t think everysingle person who voted for trump had racist thoughts that drove them to vote for him, but I do believe and put a hundred percent gaurentee on the fact that everysingle Trump supporter has been racist/bully’s most of their life.

      Ps that’s with a 100 percent gaurentee. And in my book that’s a huge problem. Not sure about the racist and idiotic bigots book, but in mine it is. And I truly feel all of the HRC supporters feel the same way as I do.

      • HRC , why does anyone care about humboldt redwood company? They must be a bigger player than I thought , huh, oh well I got a protest to go to

      • Trump turned 9 democratic states rebublican.. Matter of fact, that was the ONLY way he took the delegates for the win.
        Are those states all racist now? That explains it, they all joined the clan.

        • Moron, your name says it all. Are you asking if a group supports a rascist and sexist man does it mean they have the same morals? Well I say yes. You ever heard of if it quacks like a duck looks like a duck and sounds like a duck. Then it’s prolly a duck.

          • sharpen your pencil

            Yup and you’re quacking like a psycho. Get over it, Hillary lost, and no matter how much you wish to paint her as a saint compared to Trump you are still a nut job! Hillary supporters are just as hateful as Trump supporters. I believe everything that has happened since the election proves that point. I wasn’t aware that “forward” thinking people set fire to and damage their own cities, buy hey maybe I’m wrong. Difference being you people are blinded by your hate, and just wish to ignore it. I know many people who just flat out couldn’t vote for Hillary, and not because she is a woman. But the fact that she has divided this country as much or more with her inability to talk about her own plan, she was to busy talking about what Trump said or did. In the meantime you people are still trying to divide the country instead of trying to unify it.

            • You clearly have no idea what your talking about. Nor did you make a point. “Hillary supporters are just as hateful as trump supporters” Have you ever watched any of the debates or speeches? Trump supporters; and these are just a few of the nicest quotes Trump voters could come up with (Kym prolly wouldn’t let me post the harshest) anywho here ya go; “build that wall”, “lock her up” “Muslims leave” Now some of the harshest HRC quotes (if I used the nicest there would be no competition), “not my president”, literally and I quote; “no more hate” and, “#FDT”. Now using your few brain cells you have which seems more hateful?
              Trumps or HRC? I’m sure it will take you a while to process any accurate information whatsoever because of all the lies you’ve been listening to. How does it feel to be conned? Truthfully I would way rather lose than be conned. How does it feel to still be racist in 2016?

  • I think Warren Buffett explained Trumps intentions pretty clearly. Still not sure why the protesting , candidate A liar,no morals , candidate B liar , no morals , so what’s the big deal, stupid. Run out of things to protest ?
    As far as a nonprofit organizer showing up to protst a side in any issue , it’s probably best to have a little self control and think about the kids other than your views first. How many donations did you just lose , just less kids that you can help, THINK first , then react, pretty simple

  • Comments here are exactly the same as LoCo’s.
    So, Kym, when are you going to post about the good things already happening?
    Russia, Syria, Canada, Mexico, have opened & welcomed discussions about nafta, peace, and so forth.
    Main media is busy apologizing for misleading the public with their clips and cheerleading. Even the NY one, msn, nbc, faint. Those who attended the livestreams & rallies, then watched the news, were so disgusted at the news they turned into Trump defenders then supporters.
    The welfare queens who are legal citizens can stop worrying about cutbacks once the funds stop being distributed to the illegal non documented invaders.
    Once the business regulations are managed with common sense, people will be able to start businesses, work for others, build homes, take care of their own families and the best part: Donate to the causes of their choice. Hopefully the Benevolent Societies will thrive again. Those are the groups & orgs that helped others before the govt promised they would if we’d just give them more & more & more money.

    The TPP has been scratched from the lame duck session. Not out of the water yet, but it’s looking better. Now we can work out true & genuine Free Trade deals with other countries without hurting ourselves or the other countries we already have decent trades with.

    Common Core is already on the drawing board. Destroying the mandatory brainwashing curriculum and letting the teachers teach in their own unique & often fun & fascinating styles will be worth it.

    Even Oprah is adapting now that the stocks are back up.

    • I generally stick to Emerald Triangle stories. Do you have some Trump related ones that you would like to point out? My email is mskymkemp@gmail.com

      • I come to you for the LOCAL news.

        • I meant local Trump related stories just as this one by Myles is a Humboldt County story related to the larger national story.

          • I always look for both sides of every coin, & you’re usually the fairest of the journalists, … until lately. Is that because you aren’t searching for stories or is it because the stories aren’t landing in your memo’s? That sounds mean, but so do all the trump haters that you’re promoting.
            I’m not a Trump fan, but neither am I a hater. I search for common sense.

            • Shak, this article was written by Myles Cochrane but I can’t say that I think it sounds prejudiced against Trump. It even mentions, “the hateful comments she’s received, and Trump supporters who face the same negativity.” It is just one woman’s experience.

              I also printed this letter: http://kymkemp.com/2016/06/27/afraid-to-put-a-trump-bumper-sticker-on-her-car-a-grandma-sends-this-letter-to-us/ Which is from a woman who is very pro Trump.

              Could you please show me where I’m promoting Trump haters? As far as I remember, I’ve printed two letters to the editor that referenced Trump–the one above and one recently that was less favorable towards him http://kymkemp.com/2016/11/11/the-right-to-protest-fought-for-by-veterans-says-letter-writer/ Other than that the only other articles that mention him are this one which seems neutral and one interviewing a woman from this area who was at the Republican National Convention.

              • I’m so glad the words I’m eating are not spiced with ugly nasty, but were only peppered with frustration and concern. Thank you for pointing those other posts out!
                To me, Kym, you have always been Samantha at Cheers Bar & the posters are Norm, Cliff, Diane, Carla, Frazier, each taking turns on who they are depending on the issue. Lately, too many threads were centered on one side of the coin, without the other. It felt like I had entered Diane’s bar. I even checked my shoes at the door lest I scuff the floor. (No dig on you, just expressing my environmental vibes).
                Thank you for deleting the mean obnoxious people that stirred my concern.
                Thank you for knowing I was not mean, just flustered.
                Thank you for being you!
                That’s why I love your paper.
                Just call me Norm.

                • Shak, you are one of my favorite commenters. I often don’t agree with you but you speak calmly, you often cite sources, and you try to engage in constructive dialogue. I wish all my commenters did the same.

        • Look at all the silly people

          So start your own blog [edit]. Kym doesn’t owe you anything.

    • Look at all the silly people

      Ahh yes, the ol’ “benevolent societies did all that mgic shit before government took over and no businesses can now open because of too many regulations and there are no jobs and this loser even mentions free trade!

      You hit all the nails — welfare queens, who happen to be overwhelmingly white and who live in red states that get their money from blue states like California.

      You mentioned common core which is simply education you know nothing about and the magical “free trade” bunny has shown its head.

      In other words you just typed out some phrases that you read at Breitbart and think you’ve added a deep cogent comment ton the political discourse. I know Trump supporters are deeply stupid people, but you shouldn’t be this proud to be a complete buffoon. leave some of that for the orange-colored shitgibbon who was just elected.

  • As far as the bullying this person in the podcast has experienced, it shouldn’t be happening & I hope it stops. I hope she learns WHY the bullied are being bullies, WHY they are angry that the kids in her trust & care are being politial pawns, WHY it’s important to never WORRY the kids but to instead stand tall, hope for the best, PLAN for the worst & carry on. Not once did we hear her reassure the kids, brainstorm ways to assure they are taken care of, … also known as LEADERSHIP.
    I don’t blame the parents for being angry, but I do scold them for not being diplomatic.
    But then, I haven’t read all the comments yet. I’m taking her word for it, like an uninformed voter takes the word of msn, young turks, and all those other biased outlets. Including this one anymore. (I love you Kym, but there are two sides to every story)

    • You forgot to list the most biased network, fox.

      • I covered that with “and all those other biased outlets”. CNN, Fox, Slate, Salon, Huffpo, (but Huffpo was actually pretty fair, publishing both sides more often than previous issues)., and so forth.
        Fox is despicable & needs to send Kelly to constitution courses. Talk about disinformation! That one guy did pretty well, Dobbs I think his name is, was pretty solid half the time.
        They ALL failed us, even Breitbart.

      • There’s 5 liberal mainstream media networks, conservatives need to have at least one. That’s Fox News. Big fucking deal.

    • Oh yeah, blame the victim, why isn’t she making certain she shows leadership while others are let off the hook. That makes no sense.

      • Exactly. I’ve voted conservatively for three decades, but I also see value in an organization that benefits local children in need. I disagree with her political views but also think that standing up for your beliefs and having an opinion is an excellent quality that these local children will look up to. I hope she encourages them to educate themselves and have strong opinions of their own. I for one am going to donate some money to her non-profit.

  • All the people in the world that have been protesting trump’s presidency need to seriously stop crying and give the guy a chance. I’m optimistic that he will do good as president and as I recall, there was no protests after Obama was first elected and around half the population was really upset about that. When it comes down to it, these protests are going to accomplish nothing. sorry hillary lost, but honestly it’s the crooked democratic parties fault. I would wager that Bernie Sanders would have became president if they wouldn’t have stolen the nomination from him.

    • “I recall, there was no protests after Obama was first elected and around half the population was really upset about that. ”

      Exactly. The diffence in character between the two men is glaringly obvious to those protesting Trump in the streets and hundreds of millions more that aren’t not out in the streets.

      • sharpen your pencil

        Ahhh yes, Clinton politics, “I’m morally superior to you, and therefore am better at everything”…. Get real, fact is millions of people didn’t want Obama, just as millions don’t want trump. Millions think trump is going to screw up the country, and millions thought the same about Obama. Difference is, no one went out and did damage to their community when Obama won. I guess Clinton and her supporters aren’t so morally superior after all. You people wish to condemn Trump’s actions, but use the same actions to attempt to undercut him. Good old double standard is alive and well I see! Fact is, much like Obama, we will just have to see what Trump does ONCE HE TAKES OFFICE!

          • Thanks, Kym. Here’s another: 11/15/2008:

            ” Cross burnings. Schoolchildren chanting “Assassinate Obama.” Black figures hung from nooses. Racial epithets scrawled on homes and cars.

            Incidents around the country referring to President-elect Barack Obama are dampening the postelection glow of racial progress and harmony, highlighting the stubborn racism that remains in America.

            From California to Maine, police have documented a range of alleged crimes, from vandalism and vague threats to at least one physical attack. Insults and taunts have been delivered by adults, college students and second-graders.

            There have been “hundreds” of incidents since the election, many more than usual, said Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate crimes.”

          • Emotional abuse by supporters is suspicious. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but sabotage by provatuers is common.
            On the other hand, the emotional abuse by the non supporters is out of hand. There is no excuse for the way this opposer treated her children. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FB4m3UWt0IM

            • That was certainly bad parenting by that anti Trump voter. I’m a little unsure what you mean by emotional abuse by supporters is suspicious. But if you mean that SOME Pro Trump supporters are not guilty of bad behavior but that the other side is, I’ll have to disagree strongly. It’s my experience that some folks on both sides seem inclined to become zealots and behave terribly.

              • I would strongly disagree with me too, if that was my projection. I wasn’t clear. Most of the abuse, on both sides, has been by provacateurs. The peaceful protestors, which I can respect despite not agreeing with, were sabotaged by provacateurs, just like the Trump supporters are. The SPLC is nortorious for targeting any person, any group, any opposition to their own perspective, as hate crimes. They have intertwined freedom of speech, religion, politics, into a political mess. Despite the FBI forcing them to remove their imagined hate groups maps, they’re still spreading falsified information. They do not use real statistics, they use generalizations that suit their agenda. They are not respected by the whole, only by those who seek confirmation on their own biased perspectives. They began in earnest, listing the true hate groups, like the kkk, white supremists, black panthers, etc, but have since listed anyone who differs from the media hype & takeover. Those who believe in the Constitution, the bible, the family, freedom of speech, are listed as hate groups. Even Dr. Ben Carson had to fight to be removed from their hate list, for standing up for American values. Judicial Watch is tracking them for their listings of women who are against sufferage. They are not a valuable source of genuine truth, they are an instigator group focused on targeting those that go against their agenda. They are also quite rich now, sporting dream homes complete with tennis courts, yet nobody in agreeance of their confirmation bias says a word.
                My hope is that everyone stops being a pawn.

      • Or maybe the people that wanted to protest Obama just had to go to work and stuff. You know, didn’t have that much free time on their hands.

  • talking to the man in the mirror

    Hey brain trust ! Folks voted for trump because they are broke and need money . They think trump is going to help .
    same reason kids keep blowing them selves up in butane hash labs . They want money, not to just get high .
    Had bush administration not taken away funding for extracurricular activities ,kids would have positive environments to avoid ignorant ways of trying to make money .
    All and all , it’s all of our faults ! take some f-ing responsibility all of you and stop blaming the other guy next to you for everything !
    Kids need positive things to do . Not plug them into “call of duty ”
    And let them become a tool for the the war machine .
    Less education , less avenues for creating wealth = higher chance for criminal activity then jail then military or just strate to the military. People not born into wealth have only these options. This is by design.
    And if you are not seeing this I’m guessing you are on to many pharmaceuticals and only watching Fox News and never looking into it yourself !
    Last I checked wether it’s cannabis , other drugs , gold or money . When people are broke the will gun you down for anything that has value.
    Give people more options and you will see less of this behavior I guarantee it . Even when the bad options are still Available , most people will take the better path if the options are there.
    Basic Basic Basic shit . Stop hating on each other, get off the computer! Phone , device etc. Get out side for a long while . Take a long walk and start with yourself before anything else .
    And then go say something nice to someone . And have them spread the kindness too .
    Start there !

    And then go and F-ing educate yourselves immediately!!!
    Holy shit the level ignorance in this country is saddening!
    And even more so in this county
    Geez people ! You are all guilty of being narrow minded. Mean and antagonistic.
    Even you too Kym
    You know theirs big money in shock radio .
    You are right on your way with This blog
    The Gerry Springer show mentality needs to end . But with blogs and social media im afraid it’s magnified now
    What ? Sunshine and happiness is boring . I guess I like being bored then . 🙂

  • talking to the man in the mirror

    Some of your recent headlines seem to have been written only to stimulate negative reaction. I realize this it what media blogs do in order to get followers. But it also distorts the facts and misdirects the readers .
    Like with the butane explosions for example. Haven’t kids been doing that for at least a couple of years now?
    Prop 64 did not make butane labs at home legal overnight.
    In fact the opposite. It will create funds to enforce and educate to prevent things like that from continuing to happen.
    To put 64 and a lab blowing up together is only for the purpose to instigate and stimulate arguments.
    Not for the good purpose to educate your poor blog trolls .
    I do respect what you do mostly but sometimes I think you just do it to stimulate the sickos .
    BTW I did not vote for trump nor did I vote for 64 . but I’m willing to give them both a positive effort and I will find positive in both some how ! Lemonade out of lemons people , one of life’s many lessons. There is always a sunny side to everything no matter how dim it seems at first. it’s up to us to stay positive through it all and come out smiling in the end . Really , go out side now !!! Play for at least 1 hour with your kids

    • I’m really beginning to regret that butane headline. To me the irony of a soldier killed after armistice and people injured the day after a law passed that would make legal BHO possible seemed really staggering. Somehow it came off to a few readers as accusing the law of causing the explosion–not at all what I meant.

  • Hey Kym, keep on doing the great work that you are doing and ignore people like this “talking to the man in the mirror” person. The majority of your readers knows the truth about what is going on here in Humboldt County and don’t really like the way things are starting to happen. As a former Security Officer, I have had to deal with a lot of these people type of people over the past 15 or more years now and from the reports that we are getting on a more frequent basis, the criminals are starting to outnumber the legal members of our Humboldt County Communities. Hang in there Kym and keep up the good work. All of us who believes in the truth has your back.

  • talking to the man in the mirror

    You just Did it again. You said “A law passed that would make legal BHO possible ” really ? Is that even true ?
    I voted no for 64. but I’m sure a legal Hash lab is going to be Conducted a lot safer than these black market BHO labs Kym .
    No need to spread paranoia and fear into our neighborhoods just because a potentially positive proposition just got voted in by majority of California .
    The proposition clearly states some of the taxes generated will be used to enforce .
    Do you know that a legal hash lab would even allow butane ?
    Please , Just do a little more research first before spreading mass paranoia.
    By the way, I love your work 🙂

    • Yes, under prop 64, a lab may use butane with a license to make hash (I did my homework. http://www.fresnobee.com/news/local/article114403908.html) The fact that legal hash labs will be safer than illegal ones was the ironic point of my headline. (I will avoid irony from now on though, believe me. Apparently, tone and facial expression is needed to convey it.)

      I’m glad you like my work even if I apparently spread mass paranoia…sigh, I’m going to avoid irony like the plague from now on.

  • I actually think Ms Kemp is doing a damn good job with the site. Singular errors later corrected are a part of journalism and it’s a bear to please everyone with a headline. I haven’t been reading the site forever but I can’t recall her making any mistakes that have led to any real negative circumstance.

    As for the woman who was unfortunate to be caught on what some percentage of local voters consider to be the wrong side of acceptable, I hope she and hers don’t suffer any more than a few nasty looks in town.

    Humboldt’s history of vitriol towards those who differ politically is pretty damn ugly. Perhaps we can change it’s course under President Trump. If it weren’t off-topic and off-color, I’d solicit thoughts on that from all the frequent commenters.

    Sadly, our community is our own responsibility. We can’t rely on people who live outside of whatever boundary we choose to make it better for us.

  • Bottom line is if Kym posts a story you don’t agree with you attack her. It isn’t all about you. If you don’t like it, move along.

  • Media promoted mean even though Trump repeatedly denounced mean. (Kkk, etc)

    • Oh my god I hate racist people!! Do you realize white nationalist groups support him wtf is wrong with you trying to stand up for such a bad person. Why don’t you try to fact check his speeches he is incorrect and lies all the way through it. Can you really not see that?

      Trumps a rascist!

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