[UPDATE] Homicide, Robbery and Possible Abduction of a Woman and Child Near Laytonville Today

Homicide investigation

Background photo by Oliver Cory

A woman and a child may have been abducted during the course of an armed robbery and a marijuana related homicide near Laytonville. We are working on gathering details but we know that one person was found dead near the Hog Farm north of Leggett Laytonville. And we know that at 9:49 p.m., law enforcement issued a BOLO on the Mendocino scanner.

The announcement says,

BOLO for a possible abduction authority of MCSO.[inaudible Ukiah]..BOLO for a possible abduction authority of MCSO. Stop, use caution, and advise. A homicide that occurred earlier in Laytonville area. The victim vehicle and the suspect vehicle both left the scene. The victim vehicle is a blue 2015 VW Golf with a Virginia [inaudible] of VHR5611. The vehicle has a sticker with two lightning bolts on the gas cap. [Edited to preserve privacy of possible victim female and male juvenile] The suspect vehicle is a white Toyota Camry. It is unknown if suspects are with the victim. Suspects may be in possession of a knife as well. It is also unknown at this time if an abduction actually took place. [Edit: The missing adult female] is a person of interest as possibly either a victim or a witness of a marijuana related homicide and 211 [Robbery].

Rumors began trickling in this afternoon that a homicide had occurred. The Mendocino Voice’s Adrian Baumann began working with us to learn what had happened. Mendocino Sports Plus assisted also.

Baumann put together the timeline of the story which includes more details. Click here to go to the story on the Mendocino Voice.

UPDATE Saturday: Woman and Child Sought in Connection With Homicide North of Laytonville in Bay Area



  • Shiz is off the hook everywhere

    Culd be an angry ex/babydaddy that she was hiding from, just sayin, or a serious set up on someone, mainly hoping they are found safe and sound.

  • thank you for the report

  • hog farm is not a place.it is a group of people,some of whom live at black oak ranch,south of leggett.

    • Fair enough…but, most people call it the Hog Farm that I know.

      • so did this happen at black oak?

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yeah, always been the Hog Farm. Newbies. Let’s take a poll.

        • really?always?hog farm had existed about twenty years prior to acquiring the piece of land near laytonville,which had been known as black oak ranch for decades before a hog farmer ever set foot upon it.many people making the same mistake doesnt make it true.

        • Kate Wolf festival and the Earth Dance festival call it Black Oak Ranch.

      • Hog Farm – Black Oak Ranch is north of Laytonville and south of Leggett.

      • BLACK OAK RANCH is what everyone calls the PLACE

      • Why even mention the Hog Farm? Most people don’t know what are where it is. Just keep to the fact…. This is how rumors start. Name the city they were near, not a peaceful private community near there. Wow!

        • I mention the Hog Farm, just as I might mention Richardson Grove, Disneyland, Area 101 or any number of other iconic places that people know where they are located. Laytonville is close. The Black Oak Ranch or Hog Farm or Camp Winnarainbow is closer.

          • Kym, from Wikipedia:

            Today, the Hog Farm is still in existence, with various locations including a headquarters in Berkeley, California, and a 200+ acre farm in Laytonville, California, known as Black Oak Ranch, which is also home to Wavy Gravy’s performing arts camp for children, Camp Winnarainbow. Black Oak plays host to several music festivals each year, most of which operate in support of charitable causes. One such event was the annual Hog Farm Family Pig-Nic, which has featured performances by artists such as Ben Harper, Spearhead, and others. In recent years the Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival and Earthdance festivals have been held there.

            Remember, Ernie Branscomb reminds us of Humboldt place name changes as time goes along. I’ve always known that acreage studded with oak trees just north of Laytonville as The Hog Farm. Old, Old timers probably know it as the “Harwood Place” or something similar and more accurate.

          • sounds like its just as close to richardson grove, A PUBLIC place on all maps.now to compound the insult, why not bring camp w into the dialogue?im sure that will make the parents eager to sign their children up for summer camp.

          • Firefighters wife

            My husband, who is a Firefighter, never heard of black oak ranch but he new where the hog farm is. Just saying.

      • I believe this happened in the town of laytonville south of many properties north of laytonville. This has nothing to do with the hog farm location or any person or event on the private property. Why is the name in your story that has nothing to do with it? It simply happened in Laytonville a place on the map in which people are more familiar with than a private property.

    • Thank you! And, yes. The Hog Farm is a group of people that live on The Black Oak Ranch, located on, I believe, Streeter Creek Rd. Have a nice day.

  • I know these people.The female sent me a message at 5:14 Telling me that Jeff just got murder and I tried to call her but her phone was off.I pray for her and her babies safe return.

  • Just maybe with Trump and his new policies will change the environment that these hateful people breed on.The hate and race batting only breeds more hate.
    The distance between the haves and the have not is growing in depth and broad,
    Until new policies, like tax reduction and erasing laws that make it hard to do business, and the over regulations that make it impossible to build a house or to build a common garage, are voted out. we will never be able to work our way out of this mess.

    • Shame on you for promoting your racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic “messiah” in a story about a horrific crime. It’s what I have come to expect from your kind, but that doesn’t make it right. Trump won (not really, Hillary got more votes) with a campaign of hate and lies. Grow up.

      • That’s a lie told to you by the media that has refused to rally two states in . There are 538 total votes and the point where Clinton was ahead in the popular vote trump was at 279 he’s at 290 now which means he took two more states popular vote to win those states . The 200k lead she had was erased . CNN reported on it then realized they had made a political blunder and retracted their story . The truth remains President Trump won by a landslide in an election with predetermined rules both sides agreed upon . Complaining about the popular vote is like loosing a straight eight pool game and asking to switch to bank ball after you loose .

      • Fact is America is riddled with crime in liberal concentrations – in this instance relax drug policy and promotion are creating homicides in what would otherwise be a safe environent. The only way to keep our children safe is to restore law and order with a conservative agenda.
        Trump vows to keep us safe.
        No more decriminalizing crime!
        Keep our families safe Trump!

        • Yeah, but most of us should agree on the definition of crime. Decriminalization is usually associated with the cannabis conversation these days. And I believe most Americans don’t think cannabis should be a crime. There is a disconnect there. I believe we should legalize freedom instead.

    • Please don’t try to suppress a person’s right to Vote for whomever they choose. Not a great look when trying to support Democratic values of your party.

    • This is ridiculous. Politicizing this is absurd. And so is your unnecessary divisiveness off the subject.

    • May this situation turn out safe for all involved.
      Tugboat- It is very telling that you choose a story like this to spew your…political opinions.

    • The people spoke using the democratic system and Trump came out on top. Your fantasy of doing away with the electoral college will put all the voting power into the democratic metropolitan populous.
      That’s Communism – not Democracy.

  • Wow, hope for a positive outcome to this big mess, hoping these poor children get the therapy they are gonna need

  • As far as I know Ashleigh is safe/not abducted just scared and
    Sad and laying low with her babies. She has been reaching out to
    Friends and I spoke with her yesterday evening (11/11)
    RIP Jeff

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    So sad that children are exposed to marijuana crime and the terrorists that partake in it.

    I’m glad the terrorists didn’t harm the children like they are so prone to do.

  • Is This Jeff guy a local people would reconize or an outsider? She looks like a trimmer transplant. Sounded like their car had out of state plates. It’s wild how much crime these outsiders have brought into our small communities. Make weed illegal again
    : (

  • I’m praying she and those beautiful babies are safe.this is most important!!!God bless you all.if your safe stay safe

  • Just that time of year ,selling your weed can get a little sketchy, especially out in the middle of nowhere, been happening for years.

  • It’s so nice to see that when an event like this happens and it didn’t happen in hoopa or the area or include a person from the area there is concern from readers. Had it said anything about hoopa comments would have been filled with ignorant racist comments.

  • Wow, this is scary. I hope the woman and children are safe and in hiding.. Hopefully that is what I will be hoping for in this situation… Also sorry that another person has lost their life over marijuana.. Rip to the man that lost his life

  • This is very hard to say and even harder to admit for those in the “trade”, and I am assuming here, but this lady may have been involved at some degree in the growing,selling, trade, of marijuana. You are the ones that are responsible for these horrible outcomes. You have brought this onto yourselves for glorifying and romanticizing the industry in the last couple of decades and literally blowing up our environment and our communities.

    Take responsibility for your own actions, quit sniveling until you try to do something about it. Like, quit turning a blind eye to what is going on around you and turn in the mega growers and the greed that has infiltrated this once great place.

    Until you do that we will continue to have storied like these!

  • I’ve read both articles one said the incident happened at hog farm/ Black Oak Ranch and then another article stating that it happened at the cottage motel in the town of Laytonville, this is sounding more and more like The Spy Rock incident that happened a few months ago.
    But this time there is a body.

    • Could you send me a link to the article that says it occurred at the Cottage motel?

      • Hi. I am staying at the cottage motel in laytonville while trying to find a home to rent somewhere in the local area. My daughters dying and we came here to be closer to San Francisco so my girl can get better medical care. The police came to the cottage investigating the murder and possible abduction of the murder victims wife because they were staying there. I spoke for a few minutes to a very nice officer. He said the murder was done elsewhere but the investigation led them to the cottage motel. I saw the lady and her son there both seemed so happy. Sad to hear about this.

  • Does the victims family know your posting pictures of her nd her children. Where’s the respect of privacy? Shouldnt you be posting pictures of the assailants? How about ya’ll get the story straight before you post this article. The victims lady wasnt the one kidnapped!!! What a horrible terrible tragedy.

    • Jess, It can be very difficult when you have someone you care about caught up in a horrible crime. But, nearly all the information in the article itself comes from a law enforcement BOLO (Be on the Lookout.) Certainly, there may be errors as an investigation is underway but, I tried to make clear what were known facts, someone is dead, and what were law enforcement theories which is why I wrote “may have been abducted.”

  • Also Kym where do you get your info. Do check for accuracy before you post your articles? Are you even a real journalist?

    • Jess: Are you real serious? Kym is a real journalist and is reporting a real crime. She usually gets her info from the sheriff/law enforcement releases.

      Please don’t shoot the messenger.

    • Jess this is a blog. If you look at the information that is in the post you can see most information is from scanners or press releases. The other “information” or rumors are simply comments from readers. Take that information how you want. Our media isn’t much better than blogs. If you want real journalism you will have to go back many years ago before government and special intrests took control of our media. Kym does a good job of providing information, but it is a blog.

  • Yesterday afternoon I heard the scanner report staging required for incident 7 miles out Branscom in Laytonville in which they cancelled ambulance and sheriffs were meeting at Cottage Motel.

  • Rumors have come in the wife and children are located

  • Kym is the best i don’t care what anybody got to say .I can’t remember the last time I read the lost cause outpost .kym is valued member of the old school news blog she has been in Humboldt her whole life ive known her my whole life we went to school together , i just get pissed when some one questions her about her being a journalist.what a joke clearly that person is not from here.just saying .we all knows reputation she didn’t get the Rotary s citizen of the year for nothing .good mourning kym .

  • Thanks for letting us know what’s going on kym.its a pleasure to read your articles good,bad,or sad.its the things in humboldt we like to know.

  • Rumors have come in the wife and children are located safe.

  • This did happen 6miles back behind the hog farm. this was my neighbor lots of bad happens at this ranch.{ not the hog farm} i have lived here on my land for over 20 years& ever year the cops go back there they do not like the guy who own ens the land &he leases it out &they come every year too get {who ever is there}

  • Have you spoken to the police? Do they know that she contacted you?

  • My friend and the babies are safe.I’m trying to take the pictures down but I don’t know how so if you can remove them from the comments I would appreciate it.thanks.She doesn’t want any exposure right now and I want to respect her privacy.

  • I am totally horrified that you put up those pictures!!! Kym can you please take them down I honestly don’t know what Katherine was thinking please fix this!!!

  • As far as I recall, people stopped calling it Hog Farm after the trampling death of an small child at one of the festivals bearing that name….

    • I just quoted a Lieutenant for the Mendocino Sheriff calling it that. http://kymkemp.com/2016/11/12/woman-and-child-sought-in-connection-with-homicide-north-of-laytonville-in-bay-area/ I suspect like many place names, it matters who you hang out with what you call something. A meadow across from me is variously called Running Dog or Running Cat depending on which section of the neighborhood folks hang out with. The folks I know tend to use Hog Farm.

      • We worked many festivals in that area, we still call it “hog farm” we had many parties at hog farm and many more after at the “black oak ranch” but everyone knows where the hog farm is…

      • Black Oak Ranch = concerts, gatherings.

        Hog Farm = home.

    • Please don’t make it sound like the Hogs were responsible. It was the all night ravers who are likely out violently protesting the election everywhere for the last 4 days.

    • Knew it as Black Oak until early 80’s when we started calling it Hog Farm. Property was registered under Wavy’s wife Jahanara and Calico lived there and Dorje built the dragon used at Grateful Dead Chinese New Years up in the top of the barn. Many good people. After the terrible incident w/ the baby’s death it was still Hog Farm but NO DOG Hog Farm! (The trampling occurred as people scrambled to break up a dog fight). The Pignic morphed into EarthDance as the Hog Farmers moved into a position of renting the space instead of full production. But we all still call it the Hog Farm and always will and so it is proper to use the name as a location reference. This sounds like it was up behind the Hog Farm or possibly over on Cook Ranch? I’m curious as to what access road off 101 they used….That area burned in the Lodge Fire a couple years ago. Just check it on satellite pictures- it is a major production area with large greenhouses and huge full-sun gardens everywhere. People get sloppier every year. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more to be honest!

  • The location where this incident took place is an undeveloped property way back behind the Hog Farm, or Black Oak Ranch, but was never part of Black Oak. This parcel was created more than 100 years ago by patent from President McKinley. That portion of Black Oak that is NOT the Hog Farm got subdivided in the eighties and the parcel where this incident took place was never part of that subdivision. To get there you drive through the Hog Farm, but that is only a point of reference. There has never been any association (besides proximity) between this property and the Hog Farm or any people who live at the Hog Farm.

    • Thank you! I know that many parcels out behind the Hog Farm use that same access road. And that puts this parcel south of Ten Mile Creek and so not on Hunt Ranch. And in the area that was spared the burn of the Lodge Fire. I like weed as much as anybody but I’m bummed to see all those grows back there- even huge ones all the way out on Patterson Creek! That used to be beautiful country. Thank Jah we at least got the Cahto Wilderness protected from these legions of green rushing locusts!

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