44 Pounds of Pot Stolen and Recovered After High Speed Chase

Trinity County Sheriffs Office TCSOPress release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office:

On Monday, 07 NOV 16, at approximately 1045 hours, Trinity County Sheriff’s Dispatch received a 911 call from a cellular phone in the Ruth area of Southern Trinity County. Initially, the caller reported a Burglary, in progress, on Souza Road. The cellular call was dropped prior to any other information being relayed to the dispatcher. Several attempts by the dispatcher to recontact the caller were unsuccessful.

Several minutes later, the 911 caller was able to re-establish a connection with the 911 dispatcher and was able to give a brief description of the vehicle associated with the burglary suspects, before the call was dropped a second time. Two Trinity County Deputies began responding to the area, while the dispatch center attempted to establish contact with the 911 caller. A report soon came to the dispatch center of two vehicles “chasing each other with guns” in the area where the 911 caller was reporting the burglary incident. A request for additional assistance from USFS Law Enforcement units and California Highway Patrol was made by responding deputies. A USFS unit, in the Ruth area, arrived in the area where the two vehicles were observed “chasing” each other. The officer spoke with another witness who stated the two vehicles were last seen driving eastbound on USFS Road 30 (Wild/Mad Road) at a high rate of speed.

The two deputies then diverted to the eastern end of USFS Road 30 at State Route 36, to intercept the vehicles. The deputies were advised the two involved vehicles had just been seen passing Harrison, Guion SR 36, headed toward Platina Road in Shasta County. Trinity County Deputies requested CHP Air Operations respond to assist in locating the two vehicles. A request for Shasta County Sheriff’s units and CHP units, out of Redding, to assist was made as the suspects were headed towards Shasta County. At approximately 1320 hours, a CHP Air unit located the two vehicles in the Igo area of Shasta County. The vehicles were traveling westbound on Platina Road, back towards SR 36.

After a brief pursuit by a USFS Law enforcement unit, the suspect vehicle was disabled and Hall, the passenger, fled the vehicle on foot. Hall was taken into custody by the USFS officer minutes later. It was discovered that 44.3 lbs of processed Marijuana, along with miscellaneous tools and food items were stolen from the victim’s shed in Trinity County. No firearms were located in the suspects vehicle.

Richard S.Hall and Tommy A. Horton were both arrested by Trinity County Deputies, who had continued into Shasta County.



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