[Found] Bipolar Woman Missing From Eureka Residence

Missing person. Heidi Monteverde wandered away from home in a very confused state of mind Sunday morning. Last seen at G and Madrone, Eureka . White female, 46 years old. 5'5", 160#s, Dyed blonde shoulder length hair. Clothing unknown. Harmless. If seen please contact her mother at 476-9269.On Sunday morning, a bi-polar Eureka woman, Heidi Monteverde, disappeared from her home near G Street and Madrone Avenue. She was in a manic state, said her mother, Sandy Miracle. She had been singing and rhyming people’s names, according to Miracle. She might sound like she’s on drugs but she wouldn’t hurt anyone, Miracle added.

Monteverde is 46 years old. She has dyed blonde, shoulder-length hair. She is 5’5″ and weighs approximately 160 pounds. If seen, please contact the Eureka Police Department.

UPDATE 5:02 p.m.: Heidi Monteverde has been located. Her family has spoken to her.



  • Hi, Sandy,

    I spoke with you on the phone earlier today and I’m very relieved your missing person was found!

    Best wishes,

  • why cant she just be a missing person? Im not saying bipolar disorder is something to be ashamed of but i highly doubt she needed that detail published. get it together sandy.

    • It is very difficult to get the cops focused on a simple “missing person” report because questions of Run-Aways or simple adult walk-aways stall a search. This additional information on the person’s state of mind cuts through the “waiting-to-find-out” time.
      And as I know, bipolar folks can display outrageous behavior which could be perceived as threatening unless the condition is known. af

  • So happy she is safe!!

  • I’m very pleased she’s safe. As a mental health advocate, I think a better description would be an at-risk person or a person experiencing a mental health crisis. Details aren’t that necessary.

    • Mom of bipolar kid

      High rock, I disagree with you completely. Most people don’t understand bipolar. They understand drugs. Most cops don’t always have the time to decide between drug addict, bipolar or something worse. If cops and people can get all the available details, it could save someone’s life. I’ve been there. I know.

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