Three Car, High Speed Accident on Hwy 101 and Loleta Drive

Traffic Collision Car Accident

At 12:50 a.m., a high speed accident occurred on Hwy 101 near Loleta Drive. According to scanner traffic, a vehicle traveling at 90 mph struck the center divide and rolled over. Two other vehicles were involved. One of those also rolled over. Multiple people were trapped in vehicles.

A F150 Ford truck was on its side with no wheels on left hand. The California Highway Patrol, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and City Ambulance as well as fire departments headed to the scene. Traffic on Hwy 101 is being diverted through the Loleta offramp back onto the highway as of 2 a.m.  The roadway should be cleared shortly, according to CHP scanner chatter.

We don’t know the extent of injuries at this time. We will update as we hear more.





  • Hurrying for “Last Call”. Scary out there, especially after dark. Slow down, they’ll turn the clocks back tonight.

  • Wow.hope everyone is know they don’t teach driving very well in driver ed.they teach you the paper side more than real driving.i lived in Utah when I got my license,you have to pass an actual driving course,with hazards and all.thats only one part of your training,I was 14.their were 3 more parts to you getting a license.if you fail one part,you have to repeat it till you pass.when your done your a excellent driver,it’s tough but you are so much better off with that knowledge.wish they taught better here

  • I wouldn’t call this an accident. This was a crash.

  • If you want to F Up your life go ahead.. but don’t take innocent people with you

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