[UPDATE] Mother Seeks 15-Year-Old Eureka Girl Who Ran Away on Halloween

kayleigh preslar Kayleigh Preslar ran away from her home on Halloween and hasn’t been seen by her mother since then though she contacted her by phone on November 1. Her mother Amber Sanchez is hoping the community can help.kayleigh preslar

Kayleigh is 15. She is she is 15 5’2″ tall and weighs 99 pounds. She has straight brown hair which is lighter on the bottom from dyeing it, according to her mother. “She may have it up in bun,” Sanchez said.

She was last seen in the Highland Park area in Eureka.

If you have any information, please contact the Eureka Police at (707) 441-4060.

UPDATE 11/8: Kayleigh has returned home



  • Highland Park is not a good area to be hanging around. Lot of gang activity and homeless. I hope your daughter isn’t hooked up with people that are not good influences. I also hope she comes home Thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Pacific Heights is a slum of Pierson junk homes that are used for drug manufacturing.

      I hope she comes to her senses and returns home.

      Eureka is no place for children to be raised.

  • Zen I totaly agree Highland Park is bad news lots of drug and criminal activity goes on there

  • KAYLEIGH: Please consider the unbearable pain you are causing your mom. You look like a kindly young woman. The turmoil of adolescence is understood by all who have gone through it, BUT whatever else is happening in your life, please put it aside just long enough to call your mother. Let her know her baby is alive. Please. Be kind. af

    • Thank u well said much appreciated kayleigh mama

      • Amber we are keeping g are eyes out I have dylan looking also while he is out in about.i hope she comes home.ill message you later for your number in case I need to get in touch with you if we see her.morgan and Ryan rhymes

  • Beautiful young girls have an even worse problem than average young girls, because there are always older “twenty something” guys after them. The older boys make them feel sooo sophisticated and adult. Most young girls get through this stage and look back and groan at what they almost did to their lives, but some don’t. Not much can be done about it. The only great advice I have is never give up on them, and never stop caring and giving them correct advice. no matter what you think it seems like they do hear you!

    Good luck. Been there, done that. ( happy ending in my case! )

  • Crest Mouth Watch

    Kaliegh if you go to your mother’s house you win one brand new Pendleton board flannel shirt that I bought, it has a Pendleton coat hanger you can have this shirt if you promise not to affiliate with gangs or illegal or any criminal activity and go to school the color is blue the value is $110.00 it has never been worn of corse your mother has to approve if that dose not work how about a gift certificate please go to your mother’s house immediately don’t pass go do not collect $200.00 go straight home there are to many dangerous people out there with really bad candy.

  • Is she for sure a runaway?

  • My god. This poor mom…😖😪 Please go home!!! Pray people…just pray for her to return. Please God.

  • I live close to Highland Park and will keep my eyes open for her Sending prayers she returns home safely. We raised both our girls in this neighbor hood, they are 30 and 33 now, but things were way different then

  • Where is highland park? Of course the police have been notified…right?

  • Kayleigh, please call your mother and let her know you are ok or better yet, go home and let her see you are ok… prayers for her safe return or a phone call atleast

  • Oh wow,she’s far to beautiful to be in that neighborhood.i hope she calls again or goes home.

  • Kayleigh I was your age once and ran away alot. I was very lucky that something didn’t happen to me. But that was 40 years ago and things are alot different now. It’s very dangerous out there. Please go home. I don’t know what your home life is like. I used to blame my dad. BUT looking back it wasnt. YOUR mom obviously loves you even if you don’t think so or she won’t let you do what you want. Just go home and be safe. Listen to your mom if she didn’t love you she wouldn’t care where you were.

  • Is their any word on this young lady??I sure hope she calls.

  • Kayleigh – Most importantly…. Are you warm and dry? Got food to eat? Is the person/people you are with treating you with respect and willing to follow to your requests? If you are with a man, do you have birth control?…….
    If your answers to the above are ‘yes’, then make good choices. Do know that you have made a statement with your actions. I believe that once you re-surface that you will be treated (more) like an adult, and listened to. People will take you (more) seriously. If not, there are mediation services that can help you communicate what you need. If you ‘ran away’, people know you are a strong and independent person. Consider that. Your life now could be much more of your choosing. How would that feel to you?

  • Crest Mouth Watch

    Still no sign of Kaylieh ? Or any leads yet ?

  • Has she called.home??has she been found??still praying

  • Update kayleigh has been found safe thanks everyone for your shares and concern much appreciated kayleigh’s mama

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