Willow Creek Sheriff Substation Now Open

Humboldt Co Sheriff's Office Opens Willow Creek stationPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Trinity River Sheriff’s Station in Willow Creek is now open! A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 and members of the public were given a tour of the new facility. Among those in attendance included Undersheriff William Honsal, Supervisor Ryan Sundberg, as well as local law enforcement and county leaders.

The Trinity River Station will be serving the residents and visitors in the communities of Hoopa, Willow Creek, Orleans and the Trinity River area.

This facility was made available through Measure Z funding.



  • Shouldn’t there be a federally funded tribal police for hoopa and the tribal areas? They get 11 and sohum gets 2?

  • Checkpoint Charlie. Welcome to fascism

  • Let us hope they work for the tax payers, not the feds.

  • What happened to the old HCSD substation? Across from the Post office in Willow Creek? Or the Sheriff’s substation in Hoopa? or the Hoopa courthouse? They already had all these facilities up and running, every few years the County closes them, then crime jumps up and they have to reopen them at more cost to taxpayers…

    • Henchman Of Justice

      the supes had to spend the tax dollars, otherwise they would be proven [edit] for taking it to begin with…Hoopa tribal police disbanded for a while in part because of insider corruption and turmoil…..

  • The tribe also funds the ambulance service in willow creek. We can use all the help we can get

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