[Update: 5:49 p.m.] Fortuna Fire Battling Structure Fire in Rohner Park

Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department is currently battling a structure fire, near the rear of Rohner Park by the baseball fields.  The structure is possibly a storage shed.

If at all possible, people should avoid the area of Rohner Park and Carson Woods Road, as fire apparatus are utilizing hydrants in this location.


Photo of structure on fire at Rohner Park. [Photo credit: Gary Rush]


Structure fire at Rohner Park. [Photo credit: Michael Campbell]

 UPDATE 5:49 p.m.: This video shows a batting cage for the Eel River Little League being destroyed.




  • Busy day for Fortuna Fire Dept!!!

  • if you cant break in to rip it off , burn it down
    that suks
    at least its not my cousins house in background burning

  • That was the little league batting cage , second arson in less than a month on it. pretty sad

  • Good thing there’s camera’s all over the park!

  • They tried to burn it down about two weeks ago, but were foiled by a dog walker in the park. Guess they succeeded this time. It’s the batting cage by the Little League field.

  • There’s been a rash of vandelism here in fortuna lately, you better hope we don’t catch you little bastards!

  • One of the few Good things around to keep kids out of trouble & off the streets & they burn it down, DISGUSTING!!!!

  • Why people, why?

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Are we positive that it was Kids? There are a lot of Homeless and transcients prowling throughout the City these days looking for whatever they can steal or just cause problems.

  • DON’T BLAME THE HOMELESS! IT’s your kids, your neighbor’s kids, your nieces and nephews. Take good look at these kids when they get out of school. Go to Fortuna High and watch, they have no respect for driver’s or anybody else. Then go over to the reject school East Fortuna High. These are the problem kids. Can’t make in regular high school. They are from Ferndale and Fortuna, it’s their last chance in getting a school diploma. The majority of these kids here are always looking for trouble, it’s the only way they how know to get noticed. I blame the parents and parents alone not the grand parents who got stuck with raising these kids. Parents get it together or you and everyone you know could be a victim of your child’s action.

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