Vandals Desecrate Calvary Church in Fields Landing

Calvary Church in Fields LandingPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On 11-01-2016, at about 11:30 AM, the Sheriff’s Office received a report of vandalism at the Calvary Community Church, on Depot Rd., in Fields Landing.

The Sheriff’s Office investigated the report and discovered extensive graffiti to the church building. The graffiti included vulgar and offensive words as well as depictions. The Sheriff’s Office was able to locate and collect items of evidence from the scene. The case is still under investigation.

Anyone with information for the Sheriffs Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriffs Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriffs Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • That’s pretty low, scum

    • Let me guess, you think the Pastor should go rough them up for it. Isnt that your solution to scum? Screw waiting for the cops, kick their behinds?

      • What? Lay off the crack,

        • Just repeat ing your words from a prior article. Its your motto to everything right?

          • [edit] His account says “Guest”. That probably means it was another guest that made whatever comment you’re referring to. You do need to lay off the crack… geesh

            • Cause every random person thinks, hummm i will sign in as hummm let me think, guest w a Capital G, i will use.
              Sureeee. Or they are just surprised to hear their own hate. Or they spew so much hate they dont either remember the hate they spread. Or they spew it so much in agreement with their friends, they’ve become completely unaware of their hate.
              Probably why any opposite opinions on here gets bombarded with, you must be high. How original! I was just trying to join in agreement of all the posts im reading lately. Kick their A**. Seems ok by most who post on here. No matter what it is, Kick their graffitti A** right? That’s the solution!

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Are you typing that in hopes you won’t be found out?

    • Jesus shall rise again…to rent a pressure washer.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        After begging for money, the tool will break on the job and Jesus will wonder why he did not foresee the predicament.

  • We’re all here to spread a message… it’s just some of us write differently.

  • Paradise lost............

    And this is not the first church that graffiti was used to deface a building. Why churches? Why schools? Why parks? Eureka now was volunteers who donate their time erasing graffiti. What is in a person’s mind to violate a building with paint? And have degenerates follow with copy cat graffiti on some other church or school or park. This past weekend similar vandals smashed the windows on my car. Front and rear. $485 to replace the glass. I have a $250 deductible. I can’t drive my car because the front windshield is so fractured I can’t see to drive. So it needs to be towed. Another $100. The vandals didn’t take anything out of the car. Just smashed the windows. According to the police officer my was not the only vehicle damaged that night. I don’t understand the motivation to do this type of damage. Whether it is the church or my car it is symptomatic of mentally sick individual(s). What kind of thrill could they be getting?

    • Lack of parenting, plain and simple, grand life of Humboldt

      If there is no consequence to your bad behavior, you will not learn right from wrong, it’s a learned behavior not a mental illness, if you punish for bad behavior you are giving an option and a choice to do right, life is about choices for the most of us

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Now if that was not a burning endorsement of everything Public Employee…..poor parents and parenting, no consequences to bad behavior

    • Next time try Joe’s Auto Glass in Fortuna. It would cost much less, and also, he will come out to your place to do the job… no tow required. I am sympathetic for your loss but wanted to pass that along as in the past couple years i have had several rocks to the windshield plus one smash-and-grab through a side window. You’ll probably need another piece of glass sooner than later, might as well save a couple hundred bucks.

    • From Wikipedia:

      Criminological research into vandalism has found that it serves many purposes for those who engage in it and stems from a variety of motives. Sociologist Stanley Cohen describes six different types of vandalism:

      Acquisitive vandalism (looting and petty theft).

      Peer pressure – Teenagers spend more time away from home with peers whether they act constructively or destructively can depend on the contacts they make. Disobeying authority can appear cool.

      Tactical vandalism (to advance some end other than acquiring money or property – such as breaking a window to be arrested and get a bed for the night in a police cell).
      Ideological vandalism (carried out to further an explicit ideological cause or deliver a message).

      Vindictive vandalism (for revenge).

      Play vandalism (damage resulting from children’s games).

      Malicious vandalism (damage caused by a violent outpouring of diffuse frustration and rage that often occurs in public settings).

      Cohen’s original typology was improved upon by Mike Sutton whose research led him to add a seventh sub-type of vandalism –

      Peer Status Motivated Vandalism.

      This seventh category was found by criminologist Dr. Mathew Williams to be the best fit for explaining the virtual vandalism he studied. Williams’ seminal paper in the Internet journal of criminology makes a significant contribution to understanding the motivations for vandalism, and the characteristics of the dynamics of the groups that participate in it.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Thank You for the education here,

        “Tactical vandalism (to advance some end other than acquiring money or property – such as breaking a window to be arrested and get a bed for the night in a police cell).
        Ideological vandalism (carried out to further an explicit ideological cause or deliver a message).”

        Mental Health – Act out crazy, gubbamint gets bigger, provides the actor a service….

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Obviously someone is sending a Morse Code message to you…

      Just try to not interject your energy into other’s business, stop calling cops, and stop gangstalking.

      My experience is when car windows are broken, it’s the targeted individual retaliating against the gang stalkers from the neighborhood watch.

      Fix your headlight, stop rubbing your head before scratching your ass, and knock off the gang stalking.

  • Can’t have shit anymore…

  • Kids or gangs?are they even called that anymore?isn’t kicking someone’s behinds like violent?

  • I’d be willing to help clean and paint!!♡

  • The message they tried to spread is easily overlooked because it pales in comparison to the act of vandalizing itself. Doh’ the devil made you do it isn’t exactly headline news.
    I wish I were a Karma fairy.

  • Its teens, bored and out on Halloween, The messages are all mixed up and cartoonish, it looks like a girl did the one side and a guy did the other side…if there was something for teens to DO in Humboldt, that wasnt forcing Jesus down their throats or made for 13 year olds, like a program where they could learn to play guitars, bass, drums and such, with musicians teaching them, and a place to practice, or a motorcycle building class, or SOMETHING, there would be less bored stoned kids running the streets here…But no…no all ages venues for bands…no after school programs for teens…all they have to do is look at their parents in the weed business…

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