[UPDATE 10:49 am] Vehicle vs Pedestrian Accident in Fortuna

scanner iconFire, medical and Fortuna PD are responding to the report of a vehicle vs pedestrian on Fortuna Blvd near Walgreens.  Fire units on scene have shut down the #2 lane.

[UPDATE 10:48 AM] Per scanner traffic, the victim is a 93 year old male who was struck from the rear while riding a trike type bicycle.  He was transported to Redwood Memorial Hospital.



  • Oh no…Hope he is ok

  • Wow 93 and can still ride a bike what a stud I hope he recovers quickly, so he can get back on the trike bike

  • Wow, the drivers in fortuna really suck

  • Concerned Fortuna citizen

    Probably some yahoo in a hurry to get their iced frappachino from Starbucks…

  • The injured person is a friend of mine… I have no updates… been in touch with his wife.
    All tests are being done…at the hospital…

    Yes, he is 93 – just this month. A very strong person…

    God bless him…

  • God bless and prayers

  • Sweetpea-is this the oldtimer cat skinner who lived on Kenmar? He’s the only person I can think of who’s been riding the 3 wheeler in town. Thanks.

    I hope whoever the gentleman is-he recover fully and be able to continue his riding. God Bless!

  • Crime stopper…… No it isn’t the same person. This person used to live in Ferndale, but now resides in Fortuna.

    He is doing ok, at this time… pretty sore all over.. he will be out of commission for awhile.
    It was not a good scene,,, and he is lucky to be alive, from what I’ve heard… Some people have 9 lives, and that is for sure.

    The whole family is a very nice family…. we are all concerned.. but they have kept him in the hospital for observation… a good thing., especially at his age.

  • crimestopper….. if you have seen an old gentlemen riding a 3 wheeler trike around town that is probably the same guy… I never heard him talking about being a cat skinner.. I will try to remember to ask..

    I didn’t think that those trike’s could go in the same lane as the cars — do you know??

    From what I’ve heard it was not the drivers fault…an accident it really was.

  • Not the driver’s fault .Yeah right! He’s a maniac on that trike.

  • sweetpea-bike/trikes are only allowed in the designated bike lane for travel. The area in front of Starbucks and Walgreens has no parking posted on its Blvd frontage, so this gentleman may have been peddling past the Mall’s entrance and been invisible to an exiting driver. Thanks for the answers and status.

  • He is a 93 yr.old gentlemen…. that has had his driving rights taken away from him… So he went to the trike…. It has been a concern of mine,,, but I am not family. He is a determined person and doesn’t mean to be a problem. so independent. Somehow a person has to admire him for that,,,butt… Just don’t know what to say., when he won;t listen..
    To my knowledge he tries to adhere to the rules… He may have been told that he has the same rights as a car…. I have seen him on the road several times and just held my breath.

    Crime Stopper,,, thanks for answering with the correct rules…

    His wife does not drive – so he is trying to take care of her and the things that are needed for the household. Oh so independent… they are so used to taking care of themselves…

    From what I understand he was visible…. he just may have made the wrong turn – into a car lane. Not the cars fault,,,so I have been told.

    I am not trying to defend him,,,, I just know some of the situation…

    His wife does not drive and not in the best of health…. so guess he tries to do the manly thing and take care of her and to their needs.

    The family will do what they can to try and make him listen…. this accident may do it… He is so fortunate,,

    Lift up prayers…

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