[UPDATE 10:34 PM] Fire and Tech Rescue Responding to Vehicle Accident on Hwy 36

scanner iconCarlotta and Bridgeville Fire, as well as the Eel River Valley Technical Rescue team, are responding to a vehicle 100 feet over the embankment on Hwy 36, near mile marker 16.

Units on scene are reporting two patients in the vehicle.  Units on scene have established “16 I/C.”

[UPDATE 9:55 PM]  At least one occupant is trapped in the vehicle.
[UPDATE 10:07 PM]  Tech rescue is on scene.
[UPDATE 10:34 PM]  Occupants have been extricated and at least one patient is enroute to the hospital.
[UPDATE AND CORRECTION 10:46 PM]  Ambulance on scene is now clearing with two patients, enroute to the hospital.




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