(Update 5:30 pm) Sheriff’s Deputies Subdue Man in Redway Today [Video]

About 12:30 p.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies subdued a man near the Healy Center in Redway. We’ve calls in to the Sheriff’s Department requesting more information.

Video provided by a reader.

Update: According to Sergeant Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, the deputies received a tip from a citizen that one of Southern Humboldt’s Most Wanted, Marcus Asbury, was in Redway.

When deputies arrived on the scene, Mr. Asbury attempted to flee “as he has a few times in the past,” said Sgt. Taylor. The deputies managed to capture him.  Ashbury ” did fight. He sustained some injuries and was booked into the Humboldt County Jail,” according to Taylor.




  • mental health and this doesn’t help.

  • The woman is probably probation or parole. LOOK like she was telling people to stay back ,and she kicked his hat the perp was wearing .one last observation .The women was clearly walking with the deputies as they walked out of view .

  • Doesn’t she work in town?

  • Thanks Kym, its like having an episode of COPS right here at home. Doubt if this was this person’s finest moment. But really, is anything private anymore these days?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Looks like a public area to me. Too damn bad about “this person’s finest moment.” Learn a good lesson about what happens to sociopaths. What did “this person” do to get on the list? I might feel bad if it’s non-violent over-gardening.

    • Getting arrested on a public street is a private matter in your mind? Not in mine.

      • Posted this before I knew what the alleged criminal charges were. Until that point charges could have been as simple as marijuana possession. Lacking that information, I felt it could have been You or I at that point. Situation clarity helps. So, to answer your question, yes and no.

  • Eww the unlawful sex w a minor guy! Gross

  • Yay to the deputy who did not shoot the guy. And even helped him to stand up. Very professional.

  • run from officer morris………… not a wise choice. good job hcso!

  • Why is that woman just standing there like she is a copy too? I’ve seen that same woman tell at some kids playing the banjo and making jewelry no panhandling” then waddle off. Then she was talking about the homeless scum in flavors while she was ordering food they were making. Who is Thu
    Is horrible woman that thinks she is better than people .

  • Curious as to why miss *** was there, and how does no one recognize her ? Not that it matters, really

  • Bootleg I believe and what is the hat kicking all about. If not his Mama thats pretty classless/ tasteless/ weak. Total bully shit. Weak.

    • She SERIOUSLY beat up a thief outside her store recently, then posted a video of it, online bragging how she will get them everytime. I saw the video. I understand disliking thieves in your space. I understand detaining a theif, citizens arrest, till the cops show. What i dont understand is, how she threw 1st punch and continued beating the thief. She Had Her, but continued to beat her on the ground. In the code that explains citizens arrest, it does not include how far she took it. I also dont understand how a grown woman felt ok to post it. I still don’t understand why kids post their fights, let alone a store owner! Store owner pushed to the edge? Maybe a much needed vaction is required? To be honest, I don’t like going there anymore, just because if it. I used to go there always for my shoes. Oh well, thank goodness for Amazon & UPS! Food 4 Thought, if the cops saw the video when they came, would this been a slightly different scenario? Misdomenor tik for theft to one and assault for the other? She better hope no pro bono lawyer would want to pick that up and use her video against her. That be a shame cause i hate seeing hard working people lose it. Hopefully the new guy will relieve that major stress she must suffer to behave the way she has.

    • Maybe she stopped a car in the roadway and didn’t want to hold the car up. It is a little strange to kick it out of the way

  • Confusing the old worker of the bootleg with the new owner. The frumpy one in the video is the one that used to work there.

  • Hat,,,,,,cooties?

  • Choosing between a couple of lumps on the nogin and some humiliation or being aressted. As Pete Puma would say “I’ll have a two lumps”. Later he says “I don’t want no tea! (ie. Stolen merchindice) “It gives me a head ache!”

  • Looks like the Healy parkinglot,… Did Melissa film this?

  • Sense when did it become taboo to beat the shit out of someone that you caught stealing from you? This is why crime rates across America are starting to go back up, there are no Serious consequences for breaking the law. Pretty soon we’ll be like parts of the UK were you can be charge with assault for defending your self from a physical attack. There is no reason business owners and their employees should have to deal with ass holes loitering at their place of business or stealing their goods.

    • Life is too short!

      There’s also no business, for owners to assult a human being, even if they did steal. The owner can call the cops, thats their business. What if the thief had a knife and stabbed her like the weott stabbing? Is stolen product worth your life, a lawsuit or your livelihood? Let the cops do their job.

      • Good for her! Cops rarely do their job. From what ive been seeing around here..looks like the scum have free reign to do whatever they want..cops pretty much give them a high five & send them back to do it again. Glad she made a lesson out of some scumbags. So she kicked this little boy molesters hat out of the roadway…it could have caused a distraction & crash.

        • And thats probably the lesson that influenced that kid Zac & the 2 minors with him to beat a homeless man almost to death at the town square. Y dont we just hang swastika’s and wipe this town clean of what u condem as scum?

          • You can keep your swastikas. But wiping this town clean of scum sounds great to me.

            • You just proved my point. Thank You. Deny what your behavior boarderlines all you want but someday you will all be embarrased by it. Especially when you have to answer someone higher up.

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