McKinleyville Fire Official Update

McKinleyville FirePress release from Arcata Fire District:

At approximately 5:45 A.M., Arcata Fire District was dispatched to a fully involved structure fire at the 1500 block of Betty Court.

Upon arrival, Captain Finen reported a fully involved commercial structure and assumed structure protection for the building to the south. As soon as Battalion Chief Rick Gomes arrived on scene, he assume incident command and requested Engine 8215 to report to Hedge Rose Court to provide structure protection to the residential structures to the West and to assist residences with evacuating their homes. Truck 8283 was assigned structure protection on the North side of the fire. All other units that arrived on scene assisted with containing and extinguishing the fire. The fire was controlled within 30 minutes of first arrival.

“We believe the fire was active for a while before it was noticed by people in the area. For this size building to be fully involved like it was when we arrived on scene is unusual.” stated Battalion Chief Rick Gomes. “The building was currently under construction, and the cause of the fire is being investigated.” continued Gomes.

One civilian suffered a minor injury and transported himself to the hospital for stitches. Arcata Fire District responded with two engines one truck and two chief officers.

Fieldbrook Volunteer Fire District responded to the scene with one engine and one chief officer. Blue Lake Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene with one engine and one chief officer. Samoa Peninsula Fire District responded to the Arcata fire station to provide coverage. Cal Fire responded with one engine to the McKinleyville fire station to provide coverage. Humboldt Bay Fire responded with one truck and one chief officer but was cancelled while in route. Other assistance was provided by California Highway Patrol and Arcata Fire District’s Volunteer Logistics Unit. Also on scene was McKinleyville Community Service District and PG & E.

The cause of this fire is currently under investigation. If anyone has any information regarding this fire please contact the Arcata Fire District at 707-825-2000.

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  • Henchman Of Justice

    Security cameras from theatre, church, anyone else?

    If not, ask, “why the hell not in today’s reality?”

    Just another reason why surveillance cameras on public streets are needed… solve and prevent crime.

    • Who said that a crime was committed?

      • Exactly CC. Drama king wants a crime. Wow

        • Henchman Of Justice

          To solve…..and crime is the additional usage too….

          As if a brand new 2 level building under construction burning to the ground and fire personel make a statement that it is very strange a building fully consumed, etc…
          melodrama, but an actual event that is baffling no doubt.

    • Theater did not have security cameras a few years ago when some one hit my car in the parking lot

  • SMILE! You're on a Million Cameras

    There wasn’t a camera on the stretch of Central Avenue opposite the airport when I hit a deer one night last year, either. 🙁

    What do you propose they do, “Henchman” (giggle)? Install camera coverage on every segment of every street, and four at every intersection, everywhere in the County? Gimme a break. Who’s gonna pay for them? Monitor them? Store them? Audit them? Maintain them? Be the legal Custodian for when someone wants access? Decide when they can be erased?

    Get real, pal.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Or, you can keep spending taxdollars on speculative investigations harder to prove what the heck occured.

      They work well in London and people are not all squeeling bloody murder over state control…..the cameras are not pointed onto private property, just business areas and streets….not a big deal at all……and when ascertained on a cost analyses, like anything in life, up front cost versus longterm overall…….

      What are you so afraid of?

      Cameras would show any activity in public areas……better than the audio cameras people approved for the fire department when strolling through Central Avenue intersections on a call…….grant funded too……so, what are you afraid of…..lower crime?

      Who is gonna pay is your worry?

      How about shift law enforcement funding, take it away from wasted retention programs, public relations ads on crime, etc……simple since we are all already taxed enough to install cameras everywhere public…….plus the residential uses already in play…….prevention costs less overall…….to get to prevention is to make aware you are on candid camera…….don’t be criminal in being anti-surveillance.

      As to other questions: as if the legal system does not already do that with big ole building complexes and computer systems and people, as if businesses don’t do it or provide services, as if technology is Fred Flinestone bunion burning, as if people are gonna change their criminal minded intentions…..c’mon, at least be sincere knowing no obstacle reasonably excuses surveillance in today’s society….

      Lower population, less need for surveillance..less people on the move, less need for surveillance……more people, more problems, more of a need to protect against criminals…….

      If ya don’t like it, move to the hills…..then ya can fret it over.

      • I listen to BBC quite a bit, and the rapidity with which the London “Bobbies” identify suspects and track missing persons is certainly efficient, I admit. The facial recognition capabilities are particularly impressive.
        But the Brits have much more reason to trust their government, or so it seems. And that’s what is missing in the US. (Not without cause, I hasten to add.) af

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Love the yellow and blue “bobbies”, sirens are a unique sound too.

          London was a site to see for sure, and Bathe.

          Trust – as far as solving incidents, crimes, ascertaining information …..not sure that “trust” is a real concern until journalists are no longer able to attain, verify the A/V files for fact checking…..HOJ don’t trust gubbamint, but until evidence is suppressed to the point that A/V is unreviewable, then delay is futile.

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