Hwy 101 Open

Fuel truck overturned with berm to keep leaking petroleum product from spreading.

Fuel truck overturned with a soil berm around it to contain the fuel. [Photo provided by Caltrans]

Hwy 101 is open this morning after being closed yesterday when an overturned tanker truck pulling a trailer dumped around 1,000 gallons of used motor oil near mile post marker 98.20. Hazmat crews cleared the road to one-way controlled traffic about 2 a.m.

Yesterday, Caltrans said, “Thanks to the quick response of hazmat crews, the harmful materials have been contained for the moment and the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife says that no hazmat entered the river or any nearby isolated pools.”

Small towns on either side of the closure were crowded last night. Desperate travelers searched for places to stay, big rigs lined the streets and motels were full. This morning those same travelers will be crowding through the one lane bottleneck where the accident occurred. Expect heavy traffic for some time.

Heavy equipment working with Fuel truck overturned with berm to keep leaking petroleum product from spreading.

Heavy equipment working on the accident. [Photo from Caltrans]



  • Thanks go out to the respondents. You guys are awesome! I hope everyone gets where they are going in safety!

  • In Willits, will pack up and head north.

  • Was planning a trip to Santa Rosa yesterday. Thanks for the info KYM and the awesome work you do.

  • Great reporting! Thanks for the update, if it weren’t for this site my wife and boy would have been stuck there over nite, #humboldtstrong

  • Oil Transport co. should be held responsible. Truck was obviously exceeding the limits of road, truck and driver.

  • We turned around just before the wreck, south bound, and backtracked to SR-36…terrible drive through rough treacherous turns. Took us 8 hrs to get to Napa. Hang in there folks.

  • HI There!

    My name is Cathy, I was coming up from Sacramento and hit this mess at around 5:00. Had to get to Eureka. We formed a caravan, led by a local savvy girl named Sarah, in a 4 wheel drive truck. She knew how to get around it, we ended up with about 9 cars caravaning over Bell Rose Road (I KNOW it was not a recommended route, especially for folks unfamiliar with rural roads, but we didn’t know that then!) We all did fine, drove careful, it was tricky, narrow roads, lots of pot holes and dirt roads but we made it. Took about an hour and a half and we got into Garberville. Just wanted to give a SHOUT OUT to cool Sarah, as we all needed to get where we were going. BTW, we encountered about 25 cars coming from the opposite direction, we smiled and waved as we were all on this adventure!! Wahoo! Made it to Eureka about 8:30 pm

  • planning to drive down to willits from eureka tomorrow thursday. how much time should i allow?

  • going to willits from eureka tomorrow, thursday, how long should it take!

  • Does this article say where on the 101 this accident occurred?

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