[UPDATE: Road Open!] Tanker Truck Overturned on Hwy 101

A tanker truck hauling used oil and hydraulic fluid overturned just north of the Peg House on Hwy 101 near Leggett. According to the California Highway Patrol Incident page, about 1000 gallons of fluid have leaked out. A CHP spokesperson in Garberville tells us that Hazmat is on site assessing the situation. Currently there is one way controlled traffic but the CHP spokesperson tells us that eventually the road may have to be closed to remove the tanker truck and clean up the mess.

UPDATE: 12:23 p.m.: Hwy 101 is now closed for several hours, according to the CHP Incident page.

UPDATE 1:23 p.m.: Caltrans Facebook page states, “CHP estimates the road will open in four to five hours.” (According to the Peg House, it is approximately 2 miles north of their business.)CMS sign

UPDATE 6:37 p.m.: Hwy 101 will be closed until tomorrow morning. For more, go here http://kymkemp.com/2016/10/18/where-to-go-now-that-101-is-closed/

UPDATE 6:27 a.m.: Hwy 101 is open to one-way controlled traffic. Click here for more on the story.



  • The truck must have been tired, it wanted to roll over for a nap… in the middle of the road!!! :-C

  • Just an FYI… in this case cleanup should be clean up two seperate words!!! Unless it’s in a store & you need a cleanup on aisle WTH Ever then it would be cleanup!!!! ;-]]

  • I hope that the driver isn’t injured too bad.
    Winding roads should make people slow down a bit, especially trucks, but often times it doesn’t. I’m not assuming that speed was a factor in this accident, but everyone travels quite fast through that area. A truck loaded with liquid is not the most stable load, especially on a winding road.

  • 4 to 5 hour wait

  • Looks south of the Peg House from the map.

  • Kym do you know whose truck that was?

  • i wanna tear my hair out – chemical spills that happen so frequently on our roads and other means of carriage for consumer goods in our areas and across the us and beyond.

    then i think about the pipeline they’re trying to build and the protest in n.dakota.
    yah, run that pipe under the missouri river. who will be surprised when they start finding the missouri rv is being poisoned by the project in so many ways.

    we in caw should start to understand that water is a much more precious commodity than oil products that seems to end up in our bodies eventually, one way or many.

    in the 70’s i thought my baby boomer generation was wise enough to see that our use of fossil fuels was more dangerous than neither planet nor the live on the planet we could afford. we were the ones who were gonna make changes.
    i grew up in the city that started “earth day”, and here i carried on status quo.
    i’m patting myself on the back for finally getting past the tipping point destroying our only planet.

    *hoists her glass*
    bon viaggiu!

  • Hardly anyone is talking about the environmental impact 1000 gallons of used burned nasty and black oil may have on the fragile Eel river. How fast was this truck moving that it overturned?? I’ve been along this stretch of 101 many times and noticed how excessively fast these tankers fly through here or on the 101 in Humboldt in general. This section of the 101 is right next to the Eel river, 1000 gallons is a lot of freaking used oil that is probably in the Eel river right now.

  • This is equal to 250 cars dumping their engine oil.

  • amimissingsomething

    A semi truck loaded with fertilizers and rodentcides delivered to a grow will never stay where it is delivered. It will eventually all go into our rivers. I’m not trying to make people mad….just aware of what happens when you use these things brought to you by Monsanto and Bayer(you know the aspirin company)!!!! Think about Our Earth. It’s the only one we have.

  • It sounds like it must be about Dora Creek, in Smithe Grove.

  • Were you aware that they make biodegradable motor oil?

    How to biodegrade lubrication oil

    And… We should all be proud that we live in wood houses. Trees grow on fresh air, sunshine, clean dirt and water. Trees can be sustainable harvested in a way that won’t damage the environment. The lumber also sequesters carbon. All we need are timber harvest rules and people that will follow them.

    • Could not agree more with you Ernie! We have a valuable resource going to waste. We have more standing timber right now than ever before on the North Coast. Logging is good for the forests and the animals that live within them.

    • And CLEAN water, right Ernie? Clean water for a healthy environment for all of us: humans, animals and plants.

  • You 1005% correct Ernie, simple rules, and simple people, that will simply follow! …Simple! Hmmmmmmm. Just curious ?Were they going south with that oil? Or were they making a delivery to the Chinese pulp mill sight in Eureka?

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