[UPDATE: Kids Made It Home] Forty Schoolkids Trapped on Far Side of Accident on Hwy 101

Leggett Valley School

Photo of Leggett Valley School students from their Facebook page.

Almost half of Leggett Valley School’s student body likely won’t be getting home on time tonight. The semi which overturned spilling hydraulic fuel and used oil about two miles north of the Peg House in Mendocino closed their road home.

“The CHP told us it will be at least five hours–that is going to be 6 p.m.,” said Tony Loumena the Principal/Superintendent of the small school. “The kids will be well-supervised…We’ll feed them dinner.” Then parents can come get them when the road opens.

The only other option than waiting is for parents of the approximately 40 kids to drive over the Bell Springs Road. The school administration didn’t think it would be safe for the heavy school vans to drive the road.

“Some parents may have made alternate plans for their kids to stay elsewhere,” said Loumena but as many as forty families will be dealing with some rough roads and Bell Springs residents will be dealing with increased traffic from people unfamiliar with their road.

UPDATE: Hwy 101 will be closed until tomorrow morning. http://kymkemp.com/2016/10/18/where-to-go-now-that-101-is-closed/ (Note: Unconfirmed but we’re hearing the schoolkids were sent in a bus over the road which was closed for the night afterwards.)

UPDATE 9:12 p.m.: The highway was temporarily opened and the staff used that time to return the students home.




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