Assault Victim With Head Injuries in Eureka

Breaking news graphicAt approximately 9:40 p.m., dispatch asked medical personnel to respond to the Courthouse Market in Eureka for an assault victim with head injuries. According to the scanner, a 45-year-old male has been reported injured.



  • I’m sure it was a fine upstanding citizen who was minding their own business?

  • So glad the family sold it!!!that place has more trouble,and jail across the street!!bizarre

  • Such a wonderful little store. It’s the only place in Eureka that has police, felons, homeless, judges, jurors and lawyers all buying cigarettes, sodas and lottery tickets together.

  • Don’t forget to tank up on cheap crank when shopping!

  • What’s that say about our law inforcement. It’s a well known bum hangout Rember not to long ago a man of color attacked some one he was arrested and took across the street .I also remember he has assaulted the jail staff .clearly a troubled person In and out of jail bottom line this is just another sleepy holow ,and budget hotel except it has a cash register. Right across the street from the cop shop .

    • That man Kristopher Jett came to Eureka from Crescent City. Criminal proceedings were suspended and he was to be transported to a mental health facility.

      Law enforcement cannot force people to take their meds. If Gov. Brown would stop advocating ridiculous propositions like Prop 47 and 57 and when there are consequences, less criminals will be on the street, especially repeat offenders.

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