Miranda Woman Allegedly Attempts to Stab Neighbor After a Disagreement Between Their Daughters

Suspect in attempted stabbing being held

Amber Lynn Friend being held on the left by the man she allegedly attempted to stab and on the right by the man who stopped her. The knife had already been taken away at the time of this photo, according to photographer Michaelle Burns.

A woman allegedly attempted to stab a neighbor over a dispute between their children, according to Miranda resident Michaella Burns. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Amber Lynn Friend about 8:30 a.m. yesterday at the old Whispering Pines Motel in the 6500 block of the Avenue of the Giants. Friend has been charged with Assault and Battery.

Burns told us that about 8 a.m. she “started hearing blood curdling screams.” She stepped outside and saw Amber Friend, who lived down the road.

“I saw a car rolling,” she said. “Amber had a pig sticker, you know like a Rambo knife.”

According to Burns, when Friend got out of the car she didn’t put it in park. “She jumped out of her car and let it roll. Another neighbor jumped in and pulled the emergency brake.”

Residents from around the neighborhood began pouring from their homes. “On the way up here she hit someone’s dog.” (The dog’s owner told neighbors that it appears to be okay now.) Burns said the woman began throwing rocks at would later turn out to be the wrong house.

When the man she was looking for came out of the neighbor’s house, Burns said Friend tried to stab him with the very large knife. “The other neighbor grabbed her from behind,” Burns explained.

One neighbor took the knife away but Friend continued to try and fight those holding her, said Burns. “She was babbling all sort of nonsense. You could smell the booze radiating out of her….We took her to the ground until the Sheriff showed up from Garberville about 8:30 a.m.”

Burns said that Friend was angry at the man she allegedly attempted to stab because of a dispute between their two daughters. “Thank goodness, the kids weren’t there,” Burns said. “The kids had got on the bus just three to five minutes before…  .”



  • The man she attempted to stab is one of Southern Humboldt’s most wanted Jeff Delore. Wonder if he was arrested too…

    • No he wasn’t because he has been taking care of his issues.

    • Sgt. Jesse Taylor told me that when the victim of a crime who also has a warrant out for his arrest calls in requesting assistance, then it is up to the deputy’s discretion on whether to arrest him or not. Obviously, he said, they don’t want to discourage people who really need assistance from calling for help. The victim was reminded of his warrant. If he doesn’t turn himself in in a few days, said Taylor, he will be picked up.

      • Thank you for the information Kym. I’m always happy to learn something new. It makes sense in a twisted sort of way and I get they don’t want to discourage, however Jeff is a very dangerous person.

        • Ty yes he is because I wouldn’t have gotten out if it wasn’t for him attempt OMG to punch me threw my window

      • Kim they always turn and look the other way for Mr. Delore his mom used to work for the sherrifs department with Downey and Kenny before she drank her job away check out his record it’s a mile long with no real jail time the guy is really unstable with a drug problem.

        • This sounds more and more like a “Dad” issue. Just sayin’. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Amber Friend (EDIT)

          [EDIT note: We chose to crop a picture that was posted by Ms. Friend. Because of the way the photo is attached, we had to remove the entire comment and repost it.]

          I am the person who was arrested and I will fight this because it was self defense I never addressed that man I was talking to lalani his wife for approaching my 10 year old and trying to scare her I only brought my weapon because Jeffery has already beaten some woman up and I wasn’t there to speak to that man at all!!!!!! He came outta nowhere as I was yelling from the inside of my car and kicked my car and attempted to hit me threw window. I never threw rocks and I don’t drink u guys have fabricated this whole story almost . I jumped out because I have been attacked by men and had them arrested in my past I was scared especially since I was not even talking to him .

        • Wow you make his mother sounds like a real piece of work the only mother I could think of who would be a bigger piece of S**T would be yours who obviously didn’t teach you to not talk about peoples mothers. Also, I’ve found that if your angry with someone you may throw an expletive or two out but if you go into that much thought and detail to slander them your personally jealous. People want to talk about everyone that gets arrested or has a hard time but, it will be your friend or family member some day. Don’t forget these people have kids that will google their family members name some day and see all this crap strangers posted. I bet there’s lots of you thankful for the good old days of microfiche.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Wow, Kym, this story would embarrass Tarantino. Stabby chicks and little details like throwing rocks at the wrong house (!?!); this is way better than Fear The Walking Dead. Who needs cable? We’re livin’ it.

      • Turn himself in? Come on! He has a warrant for domestic violence, he has an assault and battery against the staff and BOD member of a non-profit, and vandalism “Threw a big rock at the front door of the Healy Senior Center”. After his threats against a worker, the SO said he would get “picked up”. That was two months ago. Well, they found him and let him go. Because : Sgt. Jesse Taylor told me that when the victim of a crime who also has a warrant out for his arrest calls in requesting assistance, then it is up to the deputy’s discretion on whether to arrest him or not. Obviously, he said, they don’t want to discourage people who really need assistance from calling for help. The victim was reminded of his warrant. If he doesn’t turn himself in in a few days, said Taylor, he will be picked up. I think the inmates are running the asylum. Come on Maggie-help us out here. I almost never post here but this strikes really close to home. We love Sgt Taylor-hate the system.

  • I doubt it enept downey best deputy on the case .just sayin

    • Taylor is a good guy. It would be nice if you could find something positive to say. If you think you would be a better sheriff, by all means you should run or shut up.

    • Taylor’s been doing a great job when he’s allowed to patrol down here. I wish he and other deputies were assigned down here all the time but money and votes for our Supervisor talk louder than our need for full time law enforcement.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Inept. That’s funny.

  • Her last name is very misleading lol

  • Ok , got to take the kids to school and grab my hunting knife , oh yeah suck down some booze first, hate driving sober.

  • Meth is such a wonderful thing. Keep it together people or you’ll become one of these snaggletooth losers

    • Hey now! Snaggleteeth are the result of the jaw being too small and your molars push forward on the incisors causing one or two to push outside the bite line. It sucks, trust me, but it has nothing to do with Meth.

  • For crying out loud!
    How completely absurd.

  • Gotta love the harvest season.

  • With Friends like that; who needs enemies?

  • I remember when my grandparents used to come up and stay at the Whispering Pines. In the summers, we could swim in the pool, but only after we swept all the walks. Times sure have changed. Sad.

  • Thank you deputy Haven for your quick response to this. If not for the quick thinking on my husband’s part it could have been very bad for my neighbors. He is the one that grabbed her and kept her from stabbing them.

  • I couldn’t find the Whispering Pines on Tripadvisor.com That’s a red flag.

  • She hangs with Endentulous Sally!!!

    • just gotta point out, since you’ve been using it so much, the word is edentulous, not endentulous. it’s a good one though. would’ve put a smile on my face if these stories weren’t all so sad.

  • I love my Miranda neighbors. Way to go folks!!!!!☆☆☆☆☆😎

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    She’s no friend of mine…..them either.

  • Obviously the victim couldn’t get by “with a little help from his Friend.”

  • So sad people treat each other like that.and it’s like no big deal to them.id be pissed if my children acted like some of these nuts!!!

  • Everything about this story including the pic makes me think of the movie “Devil’s Rejects.’

  • Maybe,”Hobo With A Shotgun?”

  • Yet another fine example of state-of-the art thinking. Drugs are really good for you boys and girls! Add booze for maximum effect… Sad these folks all have children.

    Thanks again to the SoHum sheriff deputies, they are very brave to drive into these messes.

  • Maybe she should join the Army. She does more by 9AM than most people do all day.

  • The sad part is she has children. I cant imagine what the homelife of that child must be like.

  • Natural selection

    Should have just not responded to this one.

  • I’m always curious why it is that the people with the most opinionated derogatory comments always use an alias? Seems like if your that perfect to criticize and judge others you’d be proud, or is it you have nothing better to do? I’ve learned people shouldn’t be categorized by their wealth, arrest record (or lack of one), or if they do or don’t use drugs or alcohol. It’s a persons compassion and character that counts. I’ve seen addicts, felons and homeless people do more for a stranger truly in need than some of the most upstanding citizens. Maybe they were just too busy surfing the web finding “action” to comment on regarding other peoples lives thinking of a cool new screen name to disguise their identity!

  • We are sorry some of us feel like we have entered the realm of Cyberspace and don’t think too much beyond what we type. Conversely, do you frequent LOCO Thunderdome at all, because they will make you swallow you’re tongue over there. Have a good day.

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