Winning Lottery Tickets Send Fortuna Man to Jail

Information posted on Facebook from the Fortuna Police:

Timothy Belisle

Timothy Belisle

On 10/12/2016 at about 8:12 AM an officer responded to the Chevron gas station at 875 Main St. for a report that a male subject was attempting to redeem stolen lottery scratcher type tickets.

The officer contacted a male inside the business, identified as Timothy Belisle, age 27, of Fortuna. Belisle was a suspect in an earlier Burglary from another gas station convenience store. The officer could see several scratcher-type lottery tickets protruding from Belisle’s back pocket and later discovered that Belisle had three drug related arrest warrants.

The officer informed Belisle that he was placing him under arrest. Belisle became uncooperative and refused to place his hands behind his back. Belisle then attempted to exit out of the business door, while the officer had a hold of Belisle’s arm. Belisle attempted to free himself from the officer’s hold, however the officer was able to keep a hold of Belisle until a FPD Lieutenant arrived as back-up.

Belisle became combative and very resistive to officers as the two officers attempted to gain control of Belisle. Belisle was eventually taken to the ground where he continued to struggle and resist. While on the ground, the two officers were able to handcuffed Belisle.

Both officers received minor injuries as a result of Belisle’s actions and did not require medical attention.

Officers found gloves, bolt cutters, wire cutters and numerous master lock keys on Belisle. Officers also located 12 confirmed stolen lottery tickets, .3 grams of suspected Methamphetamine and 3 hypodermic syringes.

Belisle was booked into the Humboldt County Jail on the following charges: Burglary, possession of burglary tools, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of stolen property and the three outstanding arrest warrants.



  • Looks like the works of a cartel organization.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Are the cops arresting California lottery winners?

    The tickets are RFID along with GPS, and I wonder if the state lottery commission is arresting winners.

    Lottery has been proven to be fraud, winning numbers released on TV before the ball, etc.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if lottery commission is using police to arrest scratch off winners.

    For whatever reason this one made the news, but what about the rest the lottery commission may be using police to silence and steal from, even when anyone with common sense knows California lottery is rigged up like a scam.

  • read the short article HBC

  • They don’t catch the smart ones! What an idiot!

  • What a loser! Here is a little PSA for anyone who thinks drugs/dope might be fun to try…
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    Endentulous Sally
    P.S. BYOB!!!

    • I really liked your post. Gonna show it to my 16 yr. old. I have two grown succesful adult kids, but a parent should never stop driving home the point about pill’s, etc. Tim has an excellent dad, but elmadre had powerful negative influence. Sorry kym, but she’s a crazy piece of shit. No redeemable qualities at all. Worked for a minute at Ray’s in garberville. Robbed em blind.

    • Umm….you just convinced me I should wash the shower with bleach next time I stay at a motel ;*p

  • WWWWWWHHHOOOOPSSSSIIIEEEE! Bad day at he crank grinder mill.

  • Tim needs help. He is a good kid, just had shitty parents who couldn’t have cared less. His mother is a thief and drug addict. She always has been, so he had a good teacher. I hope he can stop following in her footsteps, and change his life for his Son. He is super sweet with a good heart, it is terrible that the drugs have gotten ahold of him.

    • All joking aside, I hope he gets help too…..

    • Some day we’ll probably read about his son. “He’s a sweet kid but he had shitty parents….his Dad is a thief and a drug addict…”

    • At some point you have to stop blaming your parents, society, or the bad breaks some of us get in this life! Tim is a grown ass man and there is so much FREE help out there for people who really want it. Problem is, sometimes its harder to do the right thing than it is to do what you have always done.

  • Oh Endentulous Sally wanted one more thing passed on…
    Besides BYOB, please bring your own syringes too. She doesn’t really like to share hers…you can get diseases doing that she states matter of factly . But she added if the person looks like they’re real nice and ain’t got too many sores and appears relatively clean she will share to help them out.

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