[UPDATE 10:30 a.m.: Missing Woman Is Victim] Eureka Woman Dies in Crash on Hwy 199

wreck on 199

Wreck on Hwy 199. [Photo by Christie Sabin]

A 43-year-old Eureka woman died in a crash on Hwy 199 according to information released by the California Highway Patrol this morning. The unnamed woman was driving a 2003 Nissan, according to their report. Though there has been speculation that this accident is related to a missing woman being sought, Mary Lynn Dezern out of Eureka, the woman’s missing poster lists her as 40 years old and driving a 2007 Nissan.

We have a call in to the Del Norte County Coroner’s Office to clarify what occurred.

Below is an excerpt from the California Highway Patrol’s press release:

On the afternoon of October 3, 2016 Crescent City CHP units responded to a traffic collision on US HWY 199 north of Hiouchi at mile marker 8.49. The vehicle was reported to be over the embankment and in to river. Upon arrival the vehicle and driver was located and recovered. The north and southbound lanes of US 199 were closed for approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes in order to allow for the recovery efforts. The driver was pronounced deceased at the scene. CHP is investigating the cause of the collision.

UPDATE 10:30 a.m.: The missing person page for Mary Lynn Dezern reports that she was the victim of this accident. A post on the page which was added about 10:15 a.m. states,

Unfortunately she was found, however not until 3 helicopters were finally sent up in the air after 11 am yesterday… She was found sometime after however family wasn’t notified until units could reach the vehicle which took until 3:58 pm.

She was found 16 miles N.E Crescent City on hwy 199 approximately 250 ft off the road. Car was upside down, pinned between rocks and river… Smith River canyon has taken another life…

Earlier Chapter: Car Found Upside Down Over Embankment



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