Helicopters Heading to Trinity Pines

Press release from PG&E:

Helicopter with utility poles.

Helicopter with utility poles. [Photo by Dottie Simmons]

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will be flying helicopters over the Trinity Pines…area this week in order to improve electric reliability.The use of a helicopter is needed to maintain transmission lines that produce safe and reliable service to our customers in the areas of Dinsmore, Mad River, Bridgeville and Trinity Pines.  The helicopter will fly in and out of a location on Lower Rattlesnake Road, west of Trinity Pines.

These flights, which started yesterday, are to aid in the maintenance of existing poles, install new poles and perform other improvements at various structures along Highway 36. The helicopter will transport people, along with 80 to 100 foot poles, steel and other materials.

Weather permitting, flights will occur between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Residents are advised the helicopter will fly low – about 500 feet.



  • Hello there is no service to Trinity pines …. And they have been shot at before and law enforcement will do nothing because the corruption is so big ……………….

  • this is work on the high voltage line out from redding to the coast that runs along 36, substations at mad river and wildwood.

    Trinity Pines could get power if it wanted, it would not take many users to request it for a substation. but it will be pg&e and not trinity pud.

    • If Trinity Pines wants power it has to be put on the ballot and voted on and the power has to come from TPUD not PG&E who has lines running thru the middle of Post Mtn. I’m a board member of the PMPUD so I know what I’m talking about. Trinity County will fund it if the residents vote for it. It will not be cheap. last time it failed by a few votes..

    • No we try for many yrs and PUD won’t give power to the Pines from what I understand PUD has the territory and ATT can’t give power to us even thou the lin s go true the Pines

  • Oh good, my buddy thats out there was freaking out last night thinking it was a gigantic raid going down.

    • I wish there was! But that area doesn’t need helicopters. Just trucks driving up w/ a couple woodchippers would reduce enormously the profits we are allowing these criminals to pocket. And it would send a message to everybody.

  • [Edit] “we allowed them” ?criminals? [Edit]

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