Can You Help this Cute Pup Get Needed Surgery?

Dog with a broken legPress release from the Humboldt County Animal Shelter:

On Monday, September 19, 2016, a puppy, Ricky, was dropped off at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter with a broken leg. Ricky, a 3 month old heeler mix, was found running loose at a rest stop on Hwy 101. The surgery to fix his leg cannot be done locally, and must be completed by a specialist in the Medford, Oregon, area. The estimated cost of the surgery is $2,800. The funds for the surgery will come from the Friends for Life Emergency Medical Fund.

If anyone would like to donate to Ricky’s surgery, please send a check or money order [ made out to “Friends For Life Emergency Medical Fund”] to the Humboldt County Animal Shelter, 980 Lycoming Ave, McKinleyville, CA 95519, or drop by the McKinleyville Animal Shelter during business hours. No donation amount is too small.

For further information, please contact the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at 707-840-9132.



  • Poor pit-healer Ricky,Looks like a nice fellah, hope he gets his wish..Lets all send a buck or two and make his Day.

  • Healers are awsome!

  • I’m just saying… the toilet in town is locked.
    When will human life hold the inherent and significant value dogs do? Yes my dog is a more perfect representation of unconditional love than I.. but she gets her bowl filled and is granted a roof sans 8 hour shift..maybe people might be kinder/generous/compassionate/ if they were treated as..nah,,,
    Good luck Rick. Maybe you met my girl.. she did some time up in MacTown Dog Jail..

  • What’s up with the prices? To operate on a dogs broken leg doesn’t cost 3grand. As a matter of fact if you pay me 3 grand I’ll pay the vet and keep half of total funds spent . All it takes an X-ray 135.00 but since you know for a fact it’s a fracture I bet u have it on hand (maybe even with CT Scan) . Look at it thoroughly and make a plan where the incision going to be , what instruments and meds you’ll be using and don’t forget to give orders to ur assistant. After that you prep the dog , sedate him/her heavily based on its weight. Insert oxygen tube and connect the rest of equipment to avoid any accidents. Open up the area with blade #10 or 15. Line up the bone and use plates or other means to hold it all in place. Make sure all blood vessels and tendons are not damaged and properly connected. Stitch it up leaving the drain tubes if needed. Put a permanent or temporary cast. Give the dog rimadyl, tramadol, antibiotics and e-collar. Make a follow up appt. and write an emergency clinic phone number along with all the analysis copies and Dvd copy of ct scan and X-ray . Therefore ., if something happens and you can not be found , ppl have all the paperwork on hand and can take the pup to a different vet. MY SUGGESTION IS TO LOOK FOR A COUNTRY VET. THEYRE CHEAPER AND THEY CARE ABOUT ANIMALS MORE. IM not saying city vets don’t care. It’s just it’s more business for them and due to rent being high and number employees and their salaries are higher as well . Plus the country vet spends majority of his day doing outcalls ( no , not on backpage . Different outcalls, for larger animals or the ones that cannot arrive to the office on their own) . I mean , I know how big love to the dog can be. One time we haven’t work for a while,nand we had only 200 bucks of food stamps on 4 of us I.e. My wife and the 2 kids. So our pitbull 6 mo puppy started developing this red,bold and thick spot size of a dime. We thought maybe she rubed off while laying down ( it happens very often on elbow and knees ) . Anyways, this sh!t grew to 7.8 lbs of cancerous mast cell tumor . It grew triple as soon as they biopsyed it . At the end we had to amputate her leg and we had to contact all doggy friendly organizations and they paid for it.all we paid 154.00 usd . The good thing she was still young and bounced back. She lived till she was 6,5 and vets poisoned her by prescribing wrong meds. And had a nerve to send us “we sorry ” note. That’s why city vets sometimes do know anything. Anyway, I wish you good luck with your dog. Dogs love is unconditional. You’re like a GOD to your dog. They dont care what they have to endure to be with you. Look at them homeless tweekers who walk with a dog and use it as a pitty tool to beg money , cause I know I’ll give u 5 bucks – you’ll go to get yourself a rock. So I’d get a rotisserie chicken for that money. Ill split it in half. One half feed to the dog and if you want another half , you’re welcome to it, it’s yours. But if it’s not good enough , no problems whatsoever my friend , dog will be grateful for that second half 🍗

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