[UPDATE 7:31 p.m.] Motorcyclist Injured in Accident

scannerA motorcyclist was injured about 7 p.m. in an accident on the Briceland Thorn Road near lower Redway. The road is blocked or at least partially blocked by emergency vehicles as of 7:13 p.m. The California Highway Patrol is on the scene and an ambulance has been requested.

UPDATE 7:31 p.m.: The patient is being taken by ambulance to Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna.



  • Hope they are ok. That corner has accidents all the time.

  • It claims lives

  • Here is the problem in Lower Redway:

    1) EVERYONE DRIVES OVER THE POSTED 25MPH SPEED LIMIT!!! There is a 10MPH curve halfway up! I have nearly been hit many times, when pulling out, by folks coming down the hill at over 50 MPH. The CHP is watching and regularly hands out tickets near the Eel river bridge, SO SLOW DOWN!

    2) The roadway down the hill from Redway is cracked, pockmarked with broken pavement, and has hundreds of BIG holes. Humboldt County refuses to fix this road, the main artery between the town of Redway and the Coastal areas, with more than a few patches when it starts to rain.

    3) Literally thousands of vehicles drive up and down through Redway, every day. This is one of the most heavily traveled roads in Southern Humboldt. Folks going to Shelter Cove
    drive crazily, fast, passing everyone, being assholes. I have given up driving to the coast, because it its so dangerous! The last time I drove out there I was pulled over by a park ranger who thought I was drunk, evidently because I was driving under the speed limit and safely! You have to be insane to drive out past Briceland!

    Everyone: SLOW DOWN, Redway is a Residential Area! Lower Redway is full of retired people, who, so sorry, may drive the speed limit at any time!

    ! Briceland Road is an extremely dangerous Humboldt County un-maintained road, so be careful and be safe!

  • I DO drive 25 in the posted area and am tailgated and cursed. I cannot believe how folks drive on Briceland road. Like thereis no tomorrow. And then are amazed when it is true

  • I came up around the 10 mph curve two days ago and a car was coming toward me, IN MY LANE!! I was lucky not to be driving fast, so I had time to stop. The car behind me did too, but barely. The car swerved, got in the correct lane, waved and laughed as they went by. Not funny, not at all. I don’t know what was going on there. Just please be careful people.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    People drive like this all over the county. Absolutely no sense of self-preservation or concern for others. Pedal to the metal, devil take the hindmost.

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