Vagabonds and Travelers, Be Careful on the Road, Says Letter to the Editor


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To the community,

Last night, I suddenly had to drive up to Redway and return (to Mendocino) on the 101.  If I’d had a choice, it would NOT have been in the dark of a Saturday Night, granted.  But there was no choice.
People and dogs were walking along the highway in both directions, in the night, dressed mostly in black, and straying over the line, into the road.  I had one VERY close call, and I was going as slowly as possible without having a monstrous white pick-up with its HighBeams on, crawling up into my back-seat.  Really.

Now, I am considered  fairly “bomb proof” in emergencies, but honestly, I was a basket case by the time I reached Legget and the foot traffic disappeared…to be replaced by at least 3 fresh-dead deer.  Small wonder!

There is NO excuse for Hit-and-Run, but I certainly got a better understanding of how it happens…

I have no suggestions or solutions, but I’m sharing this because it’s gotta change.  The vagabonds and travelers have to get the Word:  Wear WHITE and be straight enough not to stagger into the road.  I almost killed somebody last night, and it’ll be a long time before I venture up there again, Trim Season or not.

And to the White Monster behind me:  You may be able to intimidate other drivers into speeding up out of your way, but not me.  I’ll hit my brakes, and dial 911 in mid-accident.  I’m insured and will be well braced for the impact.  I’m not joking.

Ms Anon Forrest



  • Anon
    I always let pepole by when they come up behind me. I figure it’s beter than being in their accident

      • I was in the Grove, two lanes only, no place to turn out, and the foot traffic was choosing to go around the Big Trees on the PAVEMENT side. I always pull over, when I can. In this case, I did my best. af

        • That happens. It’s sometimes hard to find a safe place.

          • Next time, if you can’t find a place to pull over, try this maneuver: put on your right turn signal and continue to brake until the driver behind you makes the move and passes you, but don’t do it in the middle of a turn. I promise they will pass quickly and be done with you.

            • So we are just supposed to yeild to the entitled assholes who think they bought skill to drive by adding horsepower and brighter lights? Fuck that and whoever encourages it

              • Well you could move over or you too can act like an entitled asshole and continue to be engaged with someone who is in a bigger hurry than you but is equally as boneheaded.

    • Me, too. If at all possible, and as soon as possible. The posted limit was 45mph, and I had to throttle down to 40 and sometimes 35 to miss the black-clad two-footers staggering into the road. af

    • Same, I always look for a pull out, I don’t care how much of a jerk the guy behind me is being, I move over. Getting into a pissing match on the highway is almost as dumb as getting into one on the internet.

    • You by law are supposed to move out of the way, according to California Vehicle Code 21656, the drivers must maintain some common courtesy and allow faster moving cars and trucks to pass.

      • Not exactly. Here’s what it says – note that you need 5 trailing vehicles to trigger this law.

        21656. On a two-lane highway where passing is unsafe because of
        traffic in the opposite direction or other conditions, any vehicle
        proceeding upon the highway at a speed less than the normal speed of
        traffic moving in the same direction at that time, behind which five
        or more vehicles are formed in line, shall turn off the roadway at
        the nearest place designated as a turnout by signs erected by the
        authority having jurisdiction over the highway, or wherever
        sufficient area for a safe turnout exists, in order to permit the
        vehicles following it to proceed.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Ya, and how many [edit] actually defy that mvc….most everyone that it occurs to…..HOJ just makes sure he ain’t driving like a granny through the park on a Sunday afternoon drive after church service…..speed up or stop driving altogether if driving is unnerving……as far as shitfucks in the road, if they are in your lane, do not brake, if ya hit someone, it is because you never saw them…..screw pedestrian shit stirrers, but do pull over and never discuss event to the cops for that report that gets filled out……just say you have a right to an attorney……don’t give the cop the time of day or night…..seems to work for local drivers lately…..

      • Not if they are speeding and being reckless, they can just deal with it.

  • Love your spirit! I sure can see how that would have been very stressfull. I also see the huge and rude, very rude, grow dozers at the gas station in the a.m.! They’re like termites, everywhere! I’m very much starting to dislike humboldt for that reason. Plus all the friggen bums!!! Blaaagh….

    • Termites? Come on now.
      1. You complain about successful working folks up in the morning fueling up for the day.
      2. You complain about the bums

      Just leave the county already. Troll

    • “I also see the huge and rude, very rude, grow dozers at the gas station in the a.m.! They’re like termites”
      You might need to seek medical help. The doctors might need to change your meds or get you started on some. Or maybe you just need some sleep. Sounds like you need help.

  • Am I reading this correctly? You almost hit some pedestrians walking along the road, while at the same time you were focused on trying to screw over the driver behind you at a time when you admittedly have the least amount of confidence in your skill behind the wheel???


    Make sure you tell the police that you intentionally hit the brakes trying to cause the accident. That will most certainly get you off the road for a substantial amount of time, which is probably the best thing for everyone else using the roadway.

    A much better option would be to just move over and let them pass. It might very well save a life, most likely yours…..

    • If there had been a place without humans to pull over, I would have…trust me on that. As for the behemoth behind me, I was not “focused” on offing it. But I can dream… af

      • If you were focused on the dangerous stretch of road in front of you, instead of the driver on your bumper, their high beams would have illuminated the pedestrians that you almost hit.

        • And you were….where now? af

        • the misadventures of bunjee

          Quit trolling “Concerned” you’re only around to stir up controversy where none exists in others posts. You must not drive at night much. That “illumination” of someone BEHIND them does nothing really except dramatically increase the contrast of shadow and can easily illuminate a bright object in front of you to the point that it can nearly blend in with anything else next to it also being light up like a football stadium. Conversely, very dark objects, when one is forced to try and see without 100% tinted windows, and deal with inside reflections of it, can be extremely difficult to discern between a shadow from a tree, bush, or sign, and an actual person

          This person was merely venting frustrations, which they’re allowed to do, and offered a solution: dress to be seen if you must be walking along an unlighted highway at night. Yet there you are complaining.

        • Having a “grow dozer” with headlight beams on high and shining directly into your rear view mirror and/or your side mirror blinding you, makes it very difficult to concentrate on the road ahead of you while trying not to hit anyone or anything or trying look for a pull out.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        HOJ believes you with your candid, vivid description of big truck, bright headlites.

        If no place to pull over, but you have a safe stretch of straight road ahead, hit your hazzards, slow to a crawl, and use your left hand out the window to waive around traffic after you are as far to the right as possible…..let those drivers risk a double yellow line infraction or other violation…….of course if absolutely no place to completely pull off road……did you call 911 to get chp out for road control? Curious…..

    • How about not tailgating people? It doesn’t matter why the vehicle in front stopped suddenly, if you rear-end them it’s your fault.

      • CnD….You are wrong. If the person in front hits their brakes intending to cause an accident with the driver behind them, it’s considered assault with a deadly weapon. This person’s plan also includes insurance fraud.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Ya, how ya gonna prove that harrassment……it is like button popping to unlock a door of the other person on purpose, intentionally just to fuck with them……unless a dash cam focused on brake lights captures a bang, bang scenario, unfortunately not even a witness is accepted as credible on that allegation of assault……those are the kind of people ya beat the shit outta of….shit stirrers.

    • Slow down and get of our asses. People like you make me look bad with my dodge

  • Wow. The amount of human cruelty evident here. All of you should surrender your driver’s licenses now. Ride a bike. Walk. Lose that belly fat, Mr. F150 wide body. Grower scum go home!

  • Apparently expressing disagreement with the anonymous letter results in your posts getting deleted. Then again, my post expressing agreement got deleted too. Maybe this is not actually a forum for posting comments, and this box exists for no reason?

  • That was a very funny rant…I too hate those drivers hugging my car bumper..but not civility.

    • I have no complaints about drivers hugging my bumper, because whenever I see a car coming up behind me, I start looking for a good place to let them pass. Because I’m not an asshole. I have absolutely no right nor desire to waste someone’s time. This gets you thank-you honks rather than bumper huggings. If you’re getting people riding your bumper, it’s because you’re obstructing traffic, and they’re trying to remind you that you should pull over.

      • I pulled over as soon as I could without hitting the numbskulls in whatever turn-outs I could find….and I was looking ahead for one as best I could.
        I didn’t post this to pick a fight or get driving lessons. I posted it to prevent another scene like this with drivers less experienced than either of us.
        “In the night” was about 11:30 pm. I forgot to spell that out. af

      • People driving tall vehicles that can see over the car in front don’t realize how intimidating it is for the car driver, even when following at a safe distance (3 second rule). How about slowing down as you approach that slower vehicle ahead and not tailgating? You might find they are more willing to pull over.

        If that doesn’t work, I will try BRIEFLY flashing my high beams, from a safe following distance, to encourage a slower driver to use an upcoming turn out. Sometimes it works…sometimes, not. If someone has a more courteous way to communicate your desire to overtake, I’d love to hear it!

        • sharpen your pencil

          Giving space to a slow car only leads them into believing you are content following them. I have tried every way to get ridiculously slow drivers to get out of the way, the only way that clearly communicates this to these idiots is to ride their ass! Eventually they get the message. Seriously though, if you have even one car lined up behind you, you should just pull over ND let them pass. Break checking someone that is driving faster than you is a very stupid idea. Worst case scenario in that case is someone follows you home and ruins your life, I think letting them pass is a much better idea. I rarely have anyone catch me on 36, but if I do I let them by asap!

        • I’ve been behind some very rude and slow people in 36. The worst was when I was in labor and following an RV going 35 mph, speed up when there was a place to pass, kids making faces at me through the back window,.. tried flashing my high beams, riding their bumper, finally I just held the horn on. Eventually I passed but people like that suck. And unlike af, there were 500 safe places to pull over.

      • Hey if the sign says “slow traffic must pull over to allow passing” and I am doing the speed limit, then you speed demons can fuck yourselves. I will drive you mad with frustration and then I will shove my trailer hitch through your radiator.

        • sharpen your pencil

          And you will get your ass tuned up in the process, great idea jackass!

        • Scooter…It’s not okay to to risk both property and lives in an attempt to prevent someone from simply exceeding the speed limit. It’s not your responsibility. Instead, just call 911 and report the reckless driver to CHP.

          A reasonable person would know this.

        • Your trailer hitch will hit nothing. My bumper will hit your headrest.

        • Christ help us all! [edit]Slow means slower then you are traveling. I have an idea, contact call trans and CHP, see if you can create a job where you are the lap car, controlling the speed.

      • “If you’re getting people riding your bumper, it’s because you’re obstructing traffic……..”

        That’s ridiculous! That may be the case some of the time, but most of the time that’s not the reason people tailgate, it’s because they’re assholes behind the wheel. Anyone driving at least the posted speed limit or any speed faster than that is not obstructing anything. If some tailgater thinks that I’m gonna pay more for my auto insurance because I got a speeding ticket just because they pressured me into it they might as well slow down, get off of my ass, and enjoy the view until the next safe area for passing comes up.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Exactly, and HOJ does both

        Pull over and uh uh uh uh uh honk as “a thanks my friend.”

        Too bad most americans are selfish [edit].

  • So people are walking 101 at night? That’s crazy! Weird. I’m home at night being a mom, getting ready for work. There’s very little traditional life it seems. Time of year, i guess.

    • Thanks, Sharon. If it had not been an emergency trip, I never would have been there. My whole intention in writing this letter has been to prevent the awful scene I almost wound up in. I’ve learned my lesson: sit down, shut up and stay out. Good luck. af

      • If that was your whole intention then why threaten to cause an accident, file a false police report and commit insurance fraud?

        That last paragraph you wrote was completely unnecessary and turns your message into a warning to them about your inability to handle the situation without at least thinking about resorting to violence.

        This whole story along with the comments should be deleted.

  • I most assiduously let anyone pass who wants to go faster. Sometimes it`s with the fervent hope I`ll come upon their single car wreck where their car and a large stump have attempted to occupy the same space. Never has happened, though. I can always hope….

  • Frustrations aside folks , the point is be careful out there . Our roads don’t really accommodate that kind of traffic at that time of night. And this time of year is especially challenging . The weather still permits lots of activity . It is very unnerving to be tailgated by something that size with powerful headlamps. Shadowy figures on the side of the road and the late hour , would of felt ominous . I understand your need to vent . Although it’s been a problem for a long time and getting worse. Be ready for anything folks. Happy trails .

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Why not get lesson or twelve from Kym, dirty up that belt, and film freakout videos on Reddit?

    It could be so epic…

    • Given how lucrative filming and reporting on the Emerald Triangle is proving to be, your idea seems sound. Titled: Old Freak in a New World. I never dreamed that my sincere letter of warning would spark such push-back. What on Earth is happening here? Conversational MMA? I’m agreeing with HdBC? What now? af

      • You ruined you letter of warning by including that last paragraph, especially the part about “I’m not joking.”

      • I must say, I didn’t think that letter was written by you. Maybe your frustrations took over. Your last couple of sentences blew it for you. Thats what caused my flurry of round house kicks and punches.

  • Tailgaters intentionally endanger your life, theirs, anybody else that gets mangled in the wreck and any passengers.

    Tailgaters should be treated as the imminent danger they are.

    There is a special place in hell for such people as tailgaters.

  • People who “tailgate” suck! People driving behind me with their high beams on suck! People who drive slower than the speed limit and won’t use a turnout suck! Pedestrians who walk right on the line suck! People who use their devices while driving (everyone) suck!

  • I am S M H reading this. PEOPLE!! Listen to me: we live in a beautiful part of the world. You can’t drive Hwy 101 or 1, or 36 or without marveling of this region’s beauty & grandeur. Do you all agree so far? (If you don’t, well, stay under your rock…) But here’s my point: think of it as a trade off – the beauty of the valleys & mountains, the curved, hilly & sometimes narrow roads, Ped Xings along the way, so the “trade off” is having more patience, giving space, showing courtesy, using your blinker, & realizing you’ll both be at the stoplight at the same time anyway – may as well relax. when you’re frustrated – just pause & give thanks for being here now!
    Treat others as you want to be treated. Classic opportunity, make it your mantra. Peace out.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    I think it’s cool that old ladies road rage!

    It’s nearly becoming a national pass time and one day there could even be an Olympic team for this up and coming sport.

    Turning on your windshield washers isn’t just for when a convertible is behind you, it also works on tailgating. Though spraying convertibles is loads more fun .

    Good rage, anon

  • “I’ll hit my brakes, and dial 911 in mid-accident”. [edit] It would be wise to simply pull over and let the ass hat pass you. See how simple that was. Your scenario plays out very different. Besides, I would check the legality of you slamming on the brakes to intentionally cause a wreck.

  • I remember Herb Caen saying to hit your emergency flashers, oh, back in the 60’s… Still works! Washers are fine too, but there are a lot of aggressive gun wavers in this country so watch it!
    Many, many zombies are walking around all night near the towns, and someone is always getting hit by a car in Eureka. Yes they wear black clothes and stagger stupidly into the way. I hate driving in the dark because of all the animals, two and four legged!

    This is the best result most people will get while using various drugs which additively impair cognitive function. Cannibis, alcohol and Meth are destroying folks, and ruining the experience of living in this beautiful area. Speeding and rude driving in giant pickups
    causes everyone’s safety to be at risk. If you want to kill yourself, please don’t include others in your insanity. Wherever you are headed, please get high after you arrive, not before you leave!
    I hope you get to your destination without being hurt yourself and without hurting anyone else!

  • If you want to kill yourself, please don’t involve me. The rule is one car length for every 10 miles an hour. Please lay off the high beams! They are blinding even from behind. Please try to be curtious (means nice AH). Especially when you feel frustrated. Driving is a privilege not a right.

    • Way too many trolls on this site. Don’t you losers have weed to trim, or trimmers to molest? Get a life

      • Wait, my comment “not the brightest spoon in the drawer” and another one, which I don’t think was violent or attacking was deleted and these comments remain? “trimmers to molest” “trimmer banging.” “First one to tag 100 gets the gold medal”

    • Whenever I encounter someone driving like an asshole (everytime I drive anywhere) I always wish I could tell them “If you wanna drive like an asshole and kill yourself that’s fine because I don’t even know you and I don’t care if you die, but the moment you drive like that near me or anyone else on the road and jeopardize others lives, then I have a problem with it!” From there my imagination can go any direction, but because I decided a long time ago that “road rage” is stupid and pointless I just do my best to not be near that asshole and if I’m lucky I get to laugh when we both end up at the same stop light, stop sign, or behind the next vehicle at the same time.

  • Places speeding gets You to faster. Gas station, replacing tires and brakes, body shop, hospital, court house. Most speeders spend many hours using the few minutes of the time they saved repairing their vehicles or talking about the time they saved. Save a few minutes now to spend hours later. Only dumb people go faster than 5 miles over the speed limit. Only stupid people drive fast thinking their going to save some time. From a professional driver watching stupid drivers for many, many years.

  • It used to be common courtesy law to let the driver ahead of you know you are in a hurry, then back off so the driver can pull over safely, or keep repeating, until driver figures it out.

  • There aren’t too many turnouts that don’t have axle busting potholes, I would gladly get out of the way of the bullies in big trucks but not at the risk of my car’s health. There is a hearing on the roads next week, I hope that filling in turnout potholes becomes a priority ahead of the road repaving that Sohum is scheduled to get.

  • Have had a couple of close calls with pedestrians on that stretch of Redwood Dr. between Redway and Dean Creek. On a dark and rainy night with on coming head lights it’s hard to see the road let alone dogs and people there.

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