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Reve fundraiserPress release:

Community members are coming together to support a high school athlete diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Reve Tomlin is a senior at St. Bernard’s Academy. A passionate athlete and vibrant personality, Reve got her diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma two days before her 17th birthday.

Now community members, along with Supervisor Rex Bohn, have organized a fundraising auction this Sunday, September 25th from 4 to 7 pm at St. Bernard’s Academy, to help Reve and her family with the costs associated with her care at UCSF.

Dana Barrote, family friend of the Tomlin’s, says the community has really rallied in support.

Reve fundraiser“We are really hoping to get a lot of attendance and some great bids on our silent and live auctions,” Barrote said, “we are grateful for any donations and expect it to be a great night of fun and community.”

Tickets are $25, and available at St. Bernard’s Academy, Harris & K Market, and Glamorous Boutique in Fortuna.

The HDSO has donated to the auction and encourages the community to do the same. Reve’s father, Deputy Matthew Tomlin, is a member of the HDSO.

For more information, email or call 707-499-9416.

Want to help but can’t go to the auction? Here’s a GoFundMe page.



  • I hope there’s a good response to this. Is there a GoFundMe account? Be brave, Reve, and may the Force be with you. af

  • Rosemarie von Boomhower

    Reve, Two yrs. ago I was diagnosis with cancer and I beat it. I was 74 yrs. old when I fought it. I can for a fact tell you 4 things you can do to beat this.

    1. Listen to your Drs.
    2. Listen to your parents.
    3. Always picture a white light around you.
    4. Keep nothing but positive energy around you

    Reve if you do these 4 things, I promise you will beat this ugly monster.

    You take care sweetheart. There’s a lot of people keeping you in their hearts, and this old lady is one of them.

  • I’m here to support her whatever it is I can do.

  • Nice to see people helping out .i hope to help as well.

  • Isn’t there another student at SBHS battling cancer as well? Don’t get me wrong I am a strong believer that everybody needs to rally and help as much as humanly possible but, why is the other student not being included in these money raising efforts? Just currious?

    • St. Bernard’s Accademy was just where this fundraiser was held. Reve’s close friends and family put this event on, not the school. I’m saddened by the fact that any child ever has to go through this. If another student is in need of assistance for chemo and on-going treatments then his/her family and friends by all means should help out! Feel free to start up a fundraiser yourself!

      • I was in no means calling anybody out. I was just wondering why this event or any others being held at the school that they both attend wouldn’t include both students fighting the terrible battle of cancer. The majority of people attending this event were affiliated with the school and it’s just kind of sad to some that one of their (SBHS) own is being ignored while one has so many rallying around her AS THEY SHOULD. “Feel free to start up a fundraiser yourself” Really? I am an outsider looking in. I don’t know either of these strong cancer warriors…..but I would assume they both deserve the love and support for their school.

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