Garberville Neighborhood Warning

Neighborhood Watch signA thief broke into a vehicle parked in the driveway of a residence above Garberville on the east side last night.

Several hundred dollars of tools (drill, batteries for drill, batteries charger… jigsaw…grey flat tool box with carpenter type tools, [and] other assorted “stuff”)  were taken. In addition, the garage door opener in the vehicle was used. However, nothing was apparently taken from the garage.

The owner of the property would like to remind everyone to be careful. Please tell folks in the area to be on alert. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department has been notified of the theft.



  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Steel toe boots, local inTRAnet , and never call cops.

    Even Bulgies have a wireless air/ground warning network up and running, with redundancy.

    Long time humdums can’t?

  • Wednesday night someone opened my housemate’s unlocked car in our private driveway, dumped glove box and bags that were in car, took candy and nuts that were in her purse, didn’t take her purse, leather jacket, binocs. This was a couple miles up Fickle Hill Road.

  • This is a good reminder as to why you should never leave anything of value in your vehicle. It’s difficult if it’s your work truck but if it’s not under lock and key it’s “fair pickings” it seems. Even locked up doesn’t prevent much if some scum bag wants to take your possessions.
    A terrible, but true, example of where our society has gone.

  • So sad to see my home town that I grew up born and raised native son and proud of it become such a vale of scumbumb trimagrent s that drop down on that little town can deal with. if the people still need the town patrol volunteer is there going to be one. I want to volunteer. My service I just feel I should try and do something for Garberville not garbageville .kym is there still town patrol?

    • Most of the trimmers are not a problem. Our own home grown tweakers are far worse as far as thieving goes. Some of the transients have been hanging here so long they can’t really be classified as migrants and as disgusting as some are they are the greatest danger to each other and themselves.

    • Yes So Hum Locals on Patrol is still patroling our communities. Check out there fb page for patrol times and days. They will be happy to have you join in on helping to make our community a better and safer place for us all. Glad to hear another local has decided enough is enough and willing to try to do something about it.

  • Really? So allowing hordes of drug addicts and alcoholics to camp around your town and behave badly all over your town might even lead to local theft?! It’s all so obvious I can’t help but laugh at your self-allowed predicament. Yes- junkies and meth heads steal stuff. Welcome to the real world!

    • There are hordes camped around most towns and cities in C.A. One third of all the homeless in America reside in C.A.

      • This person gets a kick out of saying all our woes are our fault. I guess we were supposed to build a wall around Sohum and check every ones papers and only allow vetted people in. Drugs, thieves, and transients are a national problem now, unfortunately we caught up.

        • Sorry if it sounds that way. I’ve been on here for years posting about the unintentional consequences of allowing our weed grows to blow up and overtake everything combined with a too-loose allowance of bad behavior. So I guess I’m doing a “told you so”. It’s an obvious progression of bad behavior and only bound to get worse if everybody stays in denial and justification of how awesome all weed grows are for the community. Been here 40 years and yeah- it’s become a real shitshow this last decade. Hope everybody enjoyed those stacks of cash y’all sold out your community for!

          • You know, I actually agree with you but by your tone you sound like you are calling us all out when most of us had no control over the situation. I’m not enjoying Sohum as much as I used to, yes, too much has been allowed. The homeless advocates made it near impossible to curtail anything with threats of lawsuits. Law enforcement dropped the ball busting grows which opened the floodgates for the current greenrush with all the new residents here solely to grow. I moved to Sohum in 1970.

  • There are several new camper RVs parked along south Locust this week settling in. It’s a wonder I see them there for days/weeks on end but the HCSO don’t do anything or notice until I or someone calls the GBV HCSO to ask them to move on. I feel bad for the immediate neighbors since the RV occupants had quite a little party going on last night. I’ve seen a few tumble out in the morning and piss right outside there vehicle also. Better go make sure I’m all locked up outside.

  • Yes Crest Mouth Watch always keeps an eye out when ever I can but has not seen anything bad yet just the usual pisser bys and dogs craping in the cross walk but everything else seems just fine at least in the day time.

  • It’s essential for solving this problem that people comprehend the difference between polite, middle class Eureopeans, South Americans, etc. who come here for 2 to 3 months to work for the cannabis industry (with money enough for airfare and nice backpacks) and the street and forests hobos who have absolute no interest in working for anyone in any capacity. To remedy any problem you have to have a proper diagnosis. The trimmigrants are harassed by and in fear of the hobos as much as the rest of us. The trimmigrants are our friends.

    The hobos essentially, in a strange reverse elitism, look down on us. There is a word for us I just learned: “Housies.” They get our newspapers to burn for fire starter, they get our shopping carts, they get to stand in front of our businesses and we can not, they get to harass our kids, they get to use our streets as toilets and we can no longer use half the closed up bathrooms in town. Now they are a product of society, no question. The government and its boss, the corporations, have shipped the jobs overseas, built the prison industrial complex and right before our very eyes, allowed drugs to tidal wave into the bodies of the young (and not so young), and are destroying the environment at every level, including the poisoning of our bodies as well as the melting of the ice caps. There is little cause for a vision of the future.

    We’re caught in the middle between trying to understand the reasons for this mess and trying to defend ourselves against robberies, the destruction of our town and worse. It’s our job to build public restrooms, provide public, supervised, affordable campgrounds, and social services. It’s their job to take responsibility for their actions. And it’s law enforcement’s job to protect us. None of that is happening at present, except for town patrol and a few other valiant efforts to shovel the landslide with a small fork.

    • You can defend the European Trimigrants all you want but the fact is they’re here on a tourist visa soliciting work in a illegal industry.
      They are criminals.

      • Hear, hear! The foreign trimmigants need to go home. I know nice, honest, reliable locals who would be glad to have a trimming job, even if only temporary. Hiring foreign workers when there are good people locally who need the money is just wrong.

        • I find it hard to believe that at this time of year reliable locals can’t find a job. If so, we need some sort of Tinder for matchups. Most growers are scrambling to line up manicurists.

          • Thai and other outfits from outside the area are competing for less. You won’t see them on the streets. They come in several vans at a time. They have taken quite a few locals’ jobs.

            • I’ve seen some of the trimmers buses–brand new white vans out our long dirt road. The dead giveaway is the sticky handprint on the back door. We’ve chuckled about that.

        • Grandmothers want to work too!

      • Oh Bob. Your economy, no matter what job you do in it, is supported and funded by weed money. You might not be a criminal, but your mama probably is. Sigh. Judgement will not set you free. The locals nearly beat a man to death a couple of weeks ago. Locals. Locals. Locals did that. Even our sheriff sees that kids from Europe tend toward being nice people. If I had to choose between them going and you going, I’d choose you. Since you won’t, I think I will. So see ya. I won’t read ya. And I certainly won’t miss you

        • Some foreign speaking ‘trimmigrants’ were kicking around a soccer ball in Chautauqua’s parking lot yesterday afternoon…with cars parked all around, *obivious* to their surroundings, puffing a joint between volleys…

          Sick of it. SO done. And yes, before the scathing recriminations come pouring in, I am planning on relocating as soon as I can save enough money to leave. The only ‘culture’ here is pot culture.

    • Would you consider sending this to me as a letter to the editor?

    • Thank you for one of the few compassionate & intelligent responses to this issue. Most folks seem to be ready for pitchforks & torches.

  • if you look in the bushes of the Sprowel Crk. offramp you will find tweeker sales camps and probably some of your stolen goods.The blonde and redhead females back and forth all day, sit at the post office for half hour and watch it all is right there in the open. One of the group hanging in front of the blue gas station was walking Sprowel with a headlamp checking doorhandles of cars and business last week walked over to the offramp sites. Was at nacho Mamas yesterday saw meth sales right in the lot to the cooks of the restaurant next door , love Nachos-no fun coming into this town .Not that much quieter west of town.

    • Saw someone with headlamps walking in my Garberville neighborhood Friday night around 2 am.

      My apt. complex is akin to the Lone Pine for all the drug dealing (syringes) and vehicular/foot traffic day and night…ganstas *not from here* milling about. But the lessee pays two months in advance, so is a “good” tenant–HAH!

  • File lawsuits against the property owners on whose property these illegal campgrounds are located. Sue them for illegal campground, environmental degradation due to human feces, etc. The threat of a lawsuit would wake up these property owners that they need to fence their properties and do whatever is necessary to prevent transients from camping on their properties. LEOs need to sweep the camps EVERY day until the transients understand they can’t camp there.

  • the problem is not the trimmigrants. the problem is the people who hire the trimmagrants, and give them reason to stay and come back. hire locals to stop this problem.

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