Fire East of Ettersburg Junction Burns Vehicles and Junk

Telegraph Ridge Volunteer Fire Company

Telegraph Ridge Volunteer Fire Company

At 6:12 AM, today, Telegraph Ridge fire, Briceland Fire & Cal Fire  responded to a vehicle fire in the 9000 block of the  Briceland-Thorn Road, according to Peter Lawsky, Chief of the Telegraph Ridge Fire Department. This was about one half mile east of the Ettersburg Junction.

The incident occurred on private property, Lawsky wrote. “A van was fully engulfed and the fire…spread to a couple of other (dead) vehicles as well as some piles of junk. There was some minimal spread to the wildland.”

Cal Fire sent two engines, Briceland also sent two engines, Telegraph Ridge sent two engines and a water tender, he told us. “The fire was  basically out and most equipment was released by 9 a.m.”




  • Was it “DOWN BY THE RIVER?”

  • If only people treated the land they “own” as sacred land that your leasing from mother nature. It’s disgusting how much people let trash and vehicles pile up in So Hum.

  • I can still remember way back when we used to dump for free. Scavengers hung out most of the day, to collect the treasures the ignorant didn’t recognize.
    Now it costs $50-75 miminum, no scavenging allowed, fined if a recyclable item enters the fray, and are treated like scum for having trash we have to dump off.
    Charlotte is right. Ignorance is rampant.

  • Its $7.00 for the first truckload then by weight in Eureka, you DO go to the wrong dump…. Or you dump your stuff by the side of a road because someone told you the dump costs $50…

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      $8 minimum dump charge. Then it’s by the ton (at 7.7 cents per pound), not the truck load. I dumped several load of things recently. Maybe Eel River Disposal? They’re a lot closer than the Eureka station. There are also per-item charges such as 5 bucks each for bulky items and 6 for truck tires. Each. And the charges go up from there. Last trip there cost me $65 for one truck bed of junk from my garage. Of note: don’t take stuff that’s been sitting in the rain. You’re charged by weight, and well….water weighs a lot and you pay for that too.
      Eureka facility rates:

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