Eviction: Residents Scramble to Leave the Budget Motel Today After It Was Ordered Closed


Cop and cat watch as residents gather their belongings at the Budget Motel in Eureka. [All photos by Bobby Kroeker]

This morning, approximately 25 residents of the Budget Motel in Eureka scrambled to pack after eviction notices were handed out naming 8 a.m. today as the deadline. Eureka Police Officers were there to make sure the transition went smoothly.

Budget Motel evictions

A resident watches as officers and representatives of agencies confer.

The City of Eureka ordered the eviction of the tenants and the closure of the former motel located at 1140 4th Street because of multiple code violations and an alleged history of being a hotbed of criminal activity.

Budget motel eviction

Residents, representatives of agencies and officers on the grounds of the Budget Motel this morning.

According to Matthew Morgan code enforcement officer for Eureka Public Works, only three or four people don’t have a place to go. The rest have all found somewhere to move. His department will be assisting those people to find places to stay.

Various county and city agencies are on hand to help those being removed. These included Animal Control for any pets that are abandoned or needing assistance. Eureka Public Works and Humboldt County’s Department of Health and Human Services are there to assist in finding services for the human residents.14455811_1806147406309528_1897877835_o

Private companies are also on hand. Pacific Towing will be hauling away any abandoned vehicles. New Life, a renovation company, will be putting up boards on windows.



A cat sits on a car as a resident packs a car. Meanwhile a man in a wheelchair waits for assistance.



  • Another sleepy hallow shit hole. Gone good job.I think the owner should be held responsible for the illegal activities going on in the hotel.

  • Henchman Of Justice

    The City of Eureka ordered the eviction of the tenants and the closure of the former motel located at 1140 4th Street because of multiple code violations and a alleged history of being a hotbed of criminal activity.

    …..Waiting for Eureka to shut itself (the city) down citing the hotbed of “alleged” drug activities and crime as the reason…….

    Then again, shut down the whole county over that “alleged” reason because the blind eye cherry picking is visually aesthetic for public employees…..

    Shut more down versus personal responsibility……if a person accepts their living conditions by paying the rent, then what is the problem again…..crime?

  • “…..Waiting for Eureka to shut itself (the city) down citing the hotbed of “alleged” drug activities and crime as the reason…….” LOL

    Oh good they closed it. More broke and broken addicts on the streets… problem solved.

    “Someday.. someway.. we’ll find a new way of living.. we’ll find a new way of forgiving.. someday..”
    (u know its serious if I’m quoting Babs here..)

  • I hope these people getting kicked out all got a notice at least 30 days before hand? Would suck to wake up and be told you have to go in 2 hours.

  • They couldn’t do this at summer’s early dawn? They had to wait until summer’s dusk?
    The motel owner says he fixed quite a few of the problems. Other problems require steady sun fog.
    Winter’s coming, you’re out.
    Gotta love Collectivism. Not.

    • He has had 5 years to fix these problems. Not really a matter of summer or winter. Also every person is being given money to find a place to stay. They are not being kicked out into the cold dark night. The guy who owns this place is a sleazy predator. Praying on people who don’t have much of an income. Oh yeah you can live here really cheap. Oops did I forget to mention you don’t get a toilet.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        In Eureka, city officials are giving Danco a list of future “hit list properties” that will get shut down, lower the value for Danco to swoop in to steal the land while claiming their offer is generous and that the property is worth less and the building is a complete teardown.

        IOW, tear down something not needing to be torn down…..

        So Danco sociopolitical whores can get grants to subsidize housing for senior assisted living or some other tyrannically funded bullshit housing project.

        Danco could not do a project without subsidies because the work is shitty and every project has problems that haunt users later……

        Danco is to housing what slumlord is to housing…….both are slumlords making bank on the less fortunate……

        Mr. High School speech plagiarizer has to rip off taxpayers too with invented change orders to cover his ass for slow production and fuck ups on site.

        There are several hundred good to great builders in Humboldt County……Danco is not even on the list ……..but it must be nice to collude with city officials in various jurisdictions for future conspiracies to steal away land……….

        It would be one thing to read a paper to find out what is for sale……it is another thing for city officials to directly conspire over property lists the city eyes to “take away”…..and then provide that list to their preferred shady developer.

        If the owners of these hotels, etc.. on this city list are being squeezed because of time frames after a summons to fix, repair…… more fixes and repairs….then one could argue the reality that the time frame was a set up for a fall. (what were the alleged violations and fixes)(betcha if you go to the city building department, you will find the building is violating codes too)

        The only way to fuck these subsidy developers is to make sure property is so fucking expensive, they’ll eat shit if they try to redevelop…….fuck redevelopment, fix the existing buildings and make Danco pay out his own ass for once.

        • amen.has anyone ever looked at Aster place behind the humboldt meat building on myrtle? dis-Aster place i called it. the approved plans versus the reality is just about all one would need to form a negative judgement about mr.plagiarizer johnson. or you could call him mr. corporate welfare. all he builds is future repair projects with our tax dollars that insure his family and friends in his inbred hum-bubble will always have work fixing the cheap crap they build. parking lots over playgrounds! screw the plans and the families, i need a vacation he says. what’s that? the buildings are flooding because we didnt want to install a drain for the rain? screw them! I need another vacation! what a leech. i tried calling him out but he just hides behind his property management managers/human shields. he can’t converse with those of us that know his games. why? probably on a vacation with your tax dollars planning another takeover of a crappy dilapidated town that will never see improvements until hilton or marriot buys him out.

  • County has shut down Kushwaha’s Green Valley Motel in Orick as well…

  • Does that officer have a feline partner

  • The guy who owns it well probably get some arsonist to burn it down .and collect insurance money. The state of it s conditions it could burn down all buy it’s self .

  • Try an Orange Plastic Fence. Works in Goobsterdam…

    Oh, and praying is what you do in a church, while preying is what you do with a piece-of-crap rental building…

  • I drove by the budget motel today…..awful, just awful… a fence has been installed all around the hotel…there are abandoned vehicles, garbage, refrigerators, clothes etc etc everywhere….I sure hope Danco know what they are getting into…

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