[UPDATE 1:58 p.m. Road Open] Semi Stuck on Thomas Road off of Salmon Creek

A semi is stuck on the steep section of Thomas Road off of Salmon Creek Road above the curving bridge known as Grunt Hill. Residents tell me the truck and trailer became jammed in the tight turns a little after 11 a.m. and traffic is backing up.

UPDATE 12 noon: According to residents on scene, a 4-Wheel drive allows access around the stuck semi. Photos from Alyssa Goodsell below show the scene.

Stuck Semi on Salmon Creek Road Stuck Semi on Salmon Creek Road
UPDATE 1:58 p.m.: A resident says they got through.
UPDATE 2:06 p.m.: Matt Stark, from the Salmon Creek Fire Department, reports that local heavy equipment operator Liberty Bell, “raced back” from Eureka to help get the truck out of the road. Speaking as a resident, “Thank you, Bea!”



  • Looks like the water truck is about to pull him out……….Good thing he wasn’t loaded…….

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Big rig for a spur road off a remote community access road (Salmon Creek). What was the plan for the large, empty flatbed? Weird. Gonna haul logs?

  • What in God’s good name is that driver doing on that road. Anyone with good sense would have known by the turnoff to Thomas that it is not suitable roadway for that monster truck. He’s jackknifed. I bet he let his speed get out of control. Jackknifed jack@$$

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      He got paid to move something big and heavy and the money was right so…..

    • You clearly don’t know anything. He is going up a steep hill. How the hell would he let his speed get out of control. The truck trailer was low and got hung up due to the turn and the crown in the road.

  • He’s not jackknife his trailer is high centered
    on the road…….

  • That’s a rookie move there !

  • Trucks of that size are a common occurrence here. Rarely a week goes by this time of year without seeing one. Now, in the Spring Time this is an everyday occurrence, if not multiple times a day.
    After all, how do you expect the hill tops to be flattened out, 100’s of thousands of yards of dirt to be excavated and eventually flow into Salmon Creek and the Eel river without moving lot of large equipment up here?

  • He must be going to pick up his bull dozer.that trailer is for heavy equipment,not trees it’s too low for trees.helpful folk of Humboldt to the rescue.love it

  • It left the hill with an enormous excavator– someone putting in two ponds (maybe we’ll see fewer water truck deliveries next year).

    An old old-timer told me Thomas road was built for ranch access back in the day: used by one ranch truck and a whole lot of livestock on the hoof. It’s seeing some hard and heavy use these days.

  • The excavator, that this truck was supposed to pick up, has ripped up the newly paved roads salmon creek was blessed with early summer. The company should be held responsible. Come this winter and into next summer the roads will be so full of pot holes, it shouldn’t already be like that. I drove home today and was stunned. I love the new roads and now after all the rain we get this winter, new roads start to deteriorate, especially after this. Claw marks starting from the fire board all the way down to bridge and back up. Shame on them….

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