Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Sends Four High School Students to the Emergency Room

Hawaiian RoseToday, at least four Eureka High School students overdosed on Hawaiian baby rosewood woodrose, an ornamental plant that has hallucinogenic properties. Four students ended up in the emergency room. “Some kid bought this Hawaiian baby woodrose over the internet, sold and gave them to his friends,” explained Chief Andrew Mills of the Eureka Police Department. “Up to 15 [students] ingested it. Four wound up in the emergency room…The medics took some kids and other kids arrived by private car.”

According to Mills, “Others called the hospital asking what to do. The kids are expected to recover…I spoke to all the kids personally. They all looked fine. They were concerned, scared.”

Mills said that his department and Eureka High School are conducting an investigation. “We’ve identified who it was who had them,” Mills said. “My understanding the kid bought something like 500 [doses]. I saw the pack that was left. It was about 100.”

However, Jennifer Johnson, the principal of EHS, explained, “It wasn’t really like there was 500 on campus today.” She feels that the student responsible had already removed some before the pack was brought to campus. “Less than a dozen [students] were involved. But not that number that ingested. Some just did one. [Others] ingested five to six.”

Hawaiian Rosewood, she said, can be purchased over the internet.

Chief Mills said that it isn’t clear at this point whether there were any laws broken. “It may not be a scheduled narcotic,” he said.

However, Johnson said, “We have our consequences from the school–suspension…a menu of options.”

About 10:45 a.m., the first student showed up in the office complaining of nausea. Eventually, the staff learned what occurred. Students experienced vomiting and hallucinogenic reactions.

Staff began attempting to learn what had happened. “We were interviewing all the kids,” Johnson explained. “The reality was the same names came up…I feel like kids were willing to give us information and seemed concerned….The students realized this was serious. ”

“We sent an autodialer out to parents and staff informing them what it was,” Johnson said.

Chief Mills explained, “We’re working hand in hand with the school to make sure that all the kids are safe and make sure that this kind of thing is stopped. There is high level of cooperation between students, the school and us.”

Johnson said that staff has spoken to the students, “We want to provide the correct information.” She says that they’ve informed students, “If they do see anything that looks suspicious, let staff know…Don’t eat things you don’t know what they are.”

Johnson said she believes that the students are safe. “We’re pretty confident that we have what was here on campus,” she said.



  • I ate morning glory seeds one time with a friend. We both got upset stomachs and my friend went home. I layed down on the couch and started flipping through the channels until I found planes trains and automobiles. After about 30 minutes the stomach pain had subsided and the movie seemed really funny. I called my friend and He felt better too. He cruised back over and we jumped on our skateboards and tripped the night away. Those were the days.

    • Big wow drop five hits of acid and go see lynerd skynerd and tell me about it.1976 in Honolulu my first concert.no what the fk u r doing do not experiment with drugs u don’t know anything about

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Ah, but the best trip is the first trip, 3/4 window payne youll see ants crawling out of concrete…….then the gutwrench from ab muscles tightening up…..

        Kids these days are just dumb, a product of dumb parents….

        Is it pile on the kids week this week or what…….fricken dumbass kids……

        • I once did a double balloon of nitrous while I was on 4 hits of blotter. Realized we are all part of a universal consciousness and we’ve chosen to divide ourselves into an endless number of viewpoints in order to experience all facets of reality (which is partly comprised of ourselves)

      • To bad you missed Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey Pop festival. Don’t swallow anything anyone gives you Ever!!!!!

  • Actually they are woodrose seeds, not rosewood. Glad everybody seems to be alright.

  • First seeds, next heroin. Hawaiian seeds are a gateway drug.

  • This is great. Hopefully the main student does not get in trouble. Keep the fun times to yourself. Most people can’t handle their shit.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Or, little teenage shits who trust other teenage shits to just up and stay quiet….ya, they are all little stupid teenager shits and deserve their punishment.

  • They grow here, too. Saw some in Briceland.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      USDA zone 9, certainly 8b if started on a warm year or covered for frost. Since they are tubers, once they are established the foliage might burn down come winter, but only a hard freeze would take the tubers.

  • It’s woodrose. No overdose, they just didn’t scrape the outside of the seed off which causes nausea. One seed is not a dose, they were not in danger, even those that took more. But it’s not wise to play around with psychedelics while your brain is still forming or if you have a family history of mental health issues as it could cause an episode or early onset of any mentall ilness your destine to aquire. Psychedelics are not toys, they are medicine, as with all medicines you need to know everything about it before using it and it shouldn’t be abused.

  • Glad the kids are okay tomorrow’s lesson pronounce humuhumunukunukuapua’a

  • considering they are only $3 for 3000 seeds, cheap high….

  • Apparently these kids haven’t heard of real drugs!

  • “These seeds aint illegal…. But we still gotta way to bust these little shits!” … Sure wish authority figures would look up instead of down. Welcome to the system young curious ones….

  • My first pediatric patient at acute care was a girl who had taken angel trumpet seeds. She almost ended up with Parkinsons like symptoms. Almost permanent. All these kids have to do is get trip reports off you tube. Kids will be kids .Hopefully Noone in their experimentation with drugs gets Perma fried.

    • I drank tea of datura plant many times as a youngster. Two of my friends ended up in the er, they were/felt fine. Parents got a video of them performing “Im a little tea pot” and smoking an imaginary cigarette.

  • Get sick,throw up,trip!!ya,No.wow are young adults that stupid??my so called friends back in the day put Purple micro dot in my drink on a rainy day,wholly crap didn’t remember anything for a couple dayz yikes.i don’t know if the drugs of today or 20 yrs ago are worse.that acid ended my friendship with those idiots.im still here they’re not,hummmm

  • Kids need to grow a pair. You buy the ticket, you take the ride. Sounds like they gave into the fear (as in fear and loathing)

  • Aw.. can’t press any charges? sad for Dr Mills.. at least the school has a “menu” of choices to punish these kids with. These Kids. KIDS: searching, questioning, seeking, and exploring new internal and external landscapes and brainscapes. Kids. Trying to make sense and cents in a world which often offers little of either.
    Kids. God bless them. Keep exploring… You Are Our Only Hope. That feeling you have that something is just slightly off.. doesn’t quite fit, like someones lying to you… it’s right.
    We need you.

  • I always thought the Anti drug propaganda really messes up the truth and use of the many different Hallucinogenic Plants, if anyone is going to experiment they should first educate themselves about the traditional aboriginal uses of the many psychotropic plants available
    Hawaiian Woodrose Seeds on Erowid;

    seed pods contain 4-6 seeds. Seeds are removed from pods and fungus-like coating is scraped or flamed off (author recommends scaping as much as possible and flaming the rest, as the coating can be thick and it’s easy to end up turning the whole seed into a chunk of carbon if you just flame it). 4-8 seeds are chewed on an empty stomach (to minimize nausea). Seeds sold commercially are generally already removed from the pods. The seeds themselves resemble small chocolate chips, but are hard as rocks and have the coating mentioned above.

    Nausea can be lessened by ingesting one or two dramamine 30 minutes to one hour before ingesting the HBW seeds. More dramamine can be taken after the nausea sets in, however, dramamine can be a DANGEROUS drug in high doses and its synergistic effects with LSA are unknown. Exceeding the recommended dosage given on the dramamine box is probably a pretty stupid thing to do under any circumstances.

    If dramamine is not used, inducing vomiting when nausea starts will provide relief but effects will continue. You can also grind and soak the seeds in water, then strain them out and drink the water. If ground seeds are used, make sure they are fresh ground.

    LSD-like effects, but less intense, with less visuals. Trip lasts 6-8 hours; tranquil feelings may last additional 12 hours. Sleep is deep and refreshing after trip, however some users may experience a hangover characterized by blurred vision, vertigo, and physical intertia.

    Used by the poorer Hawaiians for a high. Shipping of these seeds became popular, as did a great controversy over the propriety of world-wide distribution.

    Interaction precautions: same as for Morning Glory seeds.

    Active Constituents:
    D-lysergic Acid Amide and related compounds. NOTE: net wisdom has it that extracting LSA from woodrose/mg seeds is an inefficient way to obtain a precursor for LSD.

    Hawaiian Large woodrose seeds supposedly have the same effect. Dosage is identical.

  • ☔️💦⛈🌦🌩

    Hawaiian baby woodrose = BARF, trip out, then suspension.

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