Convoy Headed Out Hwy 36 This Afternoon

Marijuana raid by Robin Collins

HCSO with woodchipper on a raid earlier this summer. [Part of a photo by Robin Collins]

A convoy was spotted headed out Hwy 36 about 3:30 this afternoon. One reports says there were “at least 4-6 [Humboldt County Sheriff] vehicles…and a blue warden type truck.”

We have also had another report of at least one unmarked Dodge Ram pickup using lights to pull over another vehicle on Hwy 36. Other unmarked SUV’s were also reported.



  • There’s chipper!!

  • Late start! 330

  • I saw 3 sheriff black suv headed west on 36. could be hauling bulgarians to jail lets hope so.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Imagine the hash on those blades?

  • Ive seen several unmarked police cars in the last few days. Regular looking cars, multiple antennas, dark tint with cage in back and some have police lights tucked in the headlight housing or along the top of the windshield, inside the car.

  • mmmmmm, chipper hash.

    • You can’t hash it bra. They feed pressure treated wood in with the ganja…

      So the 36 is getting lotsa love this month. Will they keep after the low hangers?

  • Anybody got any idea where they went?

    • Yeah we just aren’t saying anything…..

    • They hit my property on Bear creek road…I signe d up for compliance on Aug 19 th. And also have. Green road consulting advising me how to get compliant and keep in good standings with law in particular Humboldt county Drug Task force. They oiled up my driveway after cutting the lock to my gate at approximately 6:00 pm!! They didn’t want to see my paperwork which includes a legal collective as well as my “STAMPED ORIGINAL COPY” of my signing up for compliance. I beat a cultivation case in 2012 due to Drug Task Force blundering the case by violating my constitutional rights by entering my residence in Fortuna without a Valid Search Warrant. I don’t know if this is payback or what but bottom line this is B.S.!! I am NOT a out of town mega grower. Been in Humboldt since 1984. And I am a American citizen. Our attorneys have told us after the raid that we are in total compliance and they should not of been there. My attorney said they are 100% in the wrong. We will see how this plays out.

  • so, will we ever hear anything else about this, like where it was , did they arrest anyone, did they just chip all the weed and leave all else in place for them to start over again, will there be convictions and fines, who will make them pay the fines, does anyone ever follow up on these raids, do the sheriffs have to release the information gathered from these raids and how do we get it since I rarely see it in these news releases themselves. I am frustrated as I always see “convoy headed out” but don’t seem to catch the follow up. please help

    • Call the sheriffs department and do your own due diligence…. Kym is one person and she has stated repeatedly that she always follows up with the sheriffs to get more details . It’s ultimately up to the sheriffs to share that info .

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Get used to it. Plenty of stories have little or no follow-up. What was the dispensation of the Keystone Cop in Humboldt Redwoods State Park? Anybody even remember the case? Kym did some follow-up so we know the kid resisted arrest. But her resources are limited. If the LEO community goes into full-cover-up mode it’s tough for underfunded media to break through. Plus, reporters don’t want cops mad at them.

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