Update on Three Assaults Last Night


Epd investigates a crime

Eureka Police officer question three people. [All photos by Bobby Kroeker]

Yesterday evening, three assaults in Eureka were reported within approximately a one hour span.

The first was reported at 6:27 p.m. near L and Wood Streets. According to Eureka Police Department spokesperson, Brittany Powell, “The caller stated two males assaulted him and took his bike.”

The victim said that one of the suspects ran into him with the stolen bike and one assaulted him, said Powell. “The subjects returned the bike and left south on K Street on foot.” Emergency medical personnel determined that the victim had minor injuries.

One of the suspects was located near the scene, arrested, and taken to juvenile hall. (See earlier story: Youth Allegedly Robbed of His Bike and Left with Injuries)

EMS examine victim in Eureka

Emergency personnel examine victim in Eureka.

A second assault report came in at 7:08 p.m., according to Powell. A 13-year-old female reported that she had been assaulted near Wabash Avenue and B Street thirty minutes prior. Emergency medical personnel  found evidence of a head injury. The victim was taken to the hospital. The officer learned that the suspect who was alleged to have assaulted the victim is another female. Officers know the suspect’s name but no arrests were made initially.  (See earlier story: 13-Year-Old Victim of Assault in Eureka)

ambulance at crime scene

Ambulance waits near where woman was left in the bushes.

The third assault was reported at 7:26 p.m. near the Burger King on 4th Street. According to Powell, a citizen called in describing a male subject “with his pants down” had “just dragged an unconscious female into the bushes” and then left in a silver SUV.

The victim was taken to the hospital but, according to Powell, at 8:15 p.m. officers again “contacted the female near hospital.” Powell said, the woman was walking, “coherent and refused to state a crime occurred.” (See earlier story: Apparent Crime Victim Dumped Near 5th Street)



  • WTF on assault #3? Just when you think it cant get any stranger out there

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Chemtrails bringing out the best in people.

    Wonder what the vaccination records are on these folks and when their last flu shot was.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    That third one is particularly disturbing, not that the other two aren’t equally so. If anything it shows there’s a violent sex trade going on that everyone seems to want to ignore as something that doesn’t exist.

    • You are exactly correct! Many people around here live with their heads in the sand.

    • Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain with his pants down.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      There’s always been a sex trade in the Hum. Most of those hsu girls are seeking drug induced rebellion and that’s what arcata markets.

      This isn’t new, just armature hour in covering tracks in duff.

      • Troll Alert!

      • Henchman Of Justice

        He buys dinner on a date, later she puts out……..that prostitution is ubiquitous…..

        In fact, down in Oakland, cops got busted fucking an underage prostitute, age 17…..while a superior trained in child welfare….covered up the scandal until the 17 year old told others about her emails to the popo…

      • What you said about hsu girls is highly offensive! Gross generalizations about young women working hard to further their education are undeserved, inappropriate and ignorant.

      • Wtf? Most hsu girls? Is this a fantasy of yours? [edit]

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Didn’t “Yankee Carpenter” or somebody have an armature hour about electric lathes and stuff and such. This is really getting funny. For an assault story, I mean.

    • Cristal traffics the youngest.here.

    • Call me A.D.D. but....

      Misadventures of Bunjee totally agree and YES something should be done! Honeydew Bridge Chump … prefacing things with “there has always” does not make it “O.K.” That’s like saying “there’s always been, white only bathrooms.” was O.K. uhhh it was not…..hey but speaking of that it’s funny how now homeless can not use normally for public use bathrooms ??? Compare…contrast… any way back to the original subject. There is never a time that a violent sex trade is o.k. either for the victim, perpetrator, or our COMMUNITY WHERE WE LIVE!!!!!!!!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Where the hell do you get violent sex trade from Door #3, “THE PRICE IS RIGHT”?

      Oh ya, Hollywood make up story sci fi time…….here ya go…..you have entered the twilight zone…..durdy durdurdur.

  • Thank you for the up-dates, any word on that sicko who grabbed that poor girl, on her way to school? or the hero who saved her?

  • Dang Bulgarians and green rushers. Oh wait that was all locals…

    • how do you know?

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Because that’s who dug the first trenches on the battlefield, that’s how and why.

        Fishermen and loggers trafficking in women is common knowledge.

        Gold planners would buy fuzz for dust…

        Heck, old Towne is just a whorehouse in denial.

        Chicks have been dealing in triangle ever since dudes weren’t MGTOW enough to just let them starve.

        The system was fine until the Federal Reserve did the suffrage crap along with stealing the gold for paper, now America has no family unit and social justice warrior types get a degree in basketweaving, then blame some man on why nobody wants their goods.

        Sex sells and weed smells….

        Get over it.

        • HBC and HOJ = 1?

        • Oh, dear. Suffrage crap…Darn us silly women thinking we need to vote. It’s ruined the whole American justice system.

          • And the part about the federal reserve being responsible for suffrage. What a tool!

            • Honeydew Bridge Chump

              The tool was allowing gold to be turned to paper, and society to be broken down through writings on paper these people call laws.
              Suffrage, prohibition, the Federal Reserve act all come from the same beast.
              Their media will spin everything how they want you to see it.

              Ask any logger if they think Julia Butterfly should be tried as a war criminal and listen to their answer.

            • Henchman Of Justice

              Actually, with QE and dollar devaluations based upon global currency trades, it appears you are the retardated one.

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Exactly, women are equals to men…


            SAN FRANCISCO — Two women have been arrested on charges of holding four brothers captive at an illegal marijuana farm in Northern California and forcing them to work there for six months, police said Wednesday.

            The men ran away in July from the secluded pot growing operation in the small Sierra Nevada mountain range town of West Point after overhearing they would be killed after the harvest, said Calaveras County Sheriff’s Capt. Jim Macedo.

            At least one of the men, identified as brothers in a sheriff’s department statement, was also threatened by another man at the camp who had a gun and a knife and is being sought by authorities.

            “There were some males that would come and go along with the females and we are actively seeking those males,” Macedo said.

            The arrested women, Guadalupe Sierra Arellano, 43, and Medarda Urbieta, 44, were charged with human trafficking, kidnapping, battery with serious bodily injury, terrorist threats, and drug charges. They were detained by federal immigration officials and their lawyers declined comment Wednesday.

            Root and hoot for the slave labor feminists and the stay at home masculinists……gotta love social justice…. oh, are these two fine ladies illegal mexican nationals?

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            It’s HOJ and HBC. You’re surprised? Birds of a feather . . . .

  • HOJ: Seriously? “The men get to do all the easy stuff women did!”
    Hmmm, Your slip is showing…

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Nah, facts are facts, easy shit being a stay at home mommy dearest, time for daddio to reverse the role and watch evolution turn women into men…….women will be all wtf when they realise all the whining was not all with merit (sociopolitics, economy, taxes, etc…) all the issues a stay at home mom could not identify with since being a primary bread maker (money) is still recent for feminists.

      • The fact is my dear women have been beaten, abused and overworked all over the world. That is why we decided to go to work. It is much easier to care for a house, children, bring home the bacon and have some peace then to pick up your dirty underwear while you are at the very least emotionally abusive. Quit abusing women and then maybe you will have one.

  • The meth this month seems to be stronger, Ive seen quite a few people more animated than usual…moving all crazy on the street, and more street attacks….as for protection from them, there is a movement locally to start a ‘Guardian Angels’ chapter here as Redding has just done again, to bring back the neighborhood patrols like there used to be in the 80’s, to do the things the police cant or wont do, under trained and supervised folks, so its not just an angry mob…see the Eureka nextdoor.com pages…

  • Now that we know the certain people that scour these pages to make their egobiased comments after every crime of this sort, “hey you”, ” E.P.D.”, investigate these for the very crimes they seem to love. You’ve been saying forever that the doer of the crime always return s to the scene of the crime.
    How is it that know report of silver suv located and owner yanked out , shanked with a hook, cuffed and thrown in the poky to pick up his soap publicly has been reported?
    If terrorist threats include a lovers quarrel in California and you have to step out of your vehicle to smoke a cigarette because you have a 15-17 yr. Old in the car, why aren’t you pressing your own charges for these 3 victims who obviously don’t want to snitch because they may be killed and most all of these commenters consider the actual sex and drug traffickers as the perpetrator s already?

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