Goat Herding With the CHP !!

On Sunday, Sept 18th, it was a lazy, slow news day for us. All of us here at Redheaded Blackbelt were enjoying the sunny day. A call came over the scanner and it sounded serious—a traffic hazard at Lime Avenue and Heartwood Drive in McKinleyville. Apparently five goats had escaped their yard and were running amok in the neighborhood!

Our wandering reporter Bobby Kroeker (that’s me) jumped on the story and drove over to the incident.

Arriving on scene, no goats were found. A CHP Officer was looking for the five suspects. He told us to let him know ASAP if we spotted the suspects.

As he was driving away, the shenanigans began. I came upon four of the five escapees on Heartwood Avenue, chewing on some delicious rose bushes. One of the “at large” goats had a 10 ft rope tied onto her and had become caught on a bush. I jumped out and untangled the escapee and pondered what to do with the suspected criminal and her mates… . I didn’t want to catch an “aiding and abetting” charge.

Luckily, the CHP officer happened to come back by while I, the goat whisperer, had the creatures following me down the road. (Not that I had any  idea what to do with them now that I’d found them.)

A plan was hatched by the officer on scene and myself. I was asked to help herd the four goats now “in custody.” (Avoiding an “aiding and abetting” charge in the process by agreeing to the officer’s idea).

But the plan unraveled quickly as you see in the video below.

Our reporter suggested that the suspects be put in the officer’s vehicle, which was not agreeable to the officer. The goats escaped and attacked the rose bush adding another assault charge to their already long criminal record!

A citizen reported the fifth escapee had been captured and tied to a fence. The CHP officer and our reporter with four suspects in tow headed down on foot to apprehend said goat.

On the way there, the lead goat decided to take our reporter for a jog.

CHP leading the way

Finally, the CHP and I, the goat whisperer, took the herd of goats to a fenced backyard belonging to some folks that kindly offered to hold them until animal control or the owner could come to claim them.

The goats seemed to be happy to be in a safe place.

The officer and I were definitely happy to be free of the criminals.

So ended a slow news day at Redheaded Blackbelt.




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