14-Year-Old Arrested With 20 Gauge, Sawed-off Shotgun and Meth

EUREKA PD photo of a gun confiscated from a juvenile.

Sawed-off shotgun confiscated from a juvenile. [Photo provided by EPD]

Just before 10:45 last night an Eureka Police officer “attempted an enforcement stop on a bicyclist riding in the area of Buhne and Williams Streets,” said spokesperson Brittany Powell. The bicyclist fled and the officer pursued.

The officer lost sight of the suspect near the intersection of Trinity and C Streets. Officers searched the area and found the bicycle in the backyard of a residence near the 200 block of Trinity.

Soon after they located the suspect’s backpack. The backpack contained a 20 gauge, sawed-off shotgun, alleges Powell. “The officers set up a perimeter and located the suspect hiding behind a trailer. The male was taken into custody without further incident.”

The 14-year-old was then booked into Juvenile Hall on charges including burglary and possession of methamphetamine.



  • Coming soon (in a few years) to a maximum state prison near you…

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Grown Men On Bikes, remember how the media locally attacked the perceived “alleged irresponsible trouble makers”….


      little juvenile shits on bikes causing more than just “perceived trouble”…..oh mommy dearest and daddio guilty of “child neglect, endangerment”, not looking out or into the best interests of the meth peddler, gun threatening, burglarizing, etc…..saint of a young piece of fertile ferndale cow dung…….

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        This was in Eureka, not Ferndale. Try reading the article before your thoughts get the best of you.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Viola? No cello or violin?

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Ferndale? Where does it say Ferndale? Perhaps you are being visited by the spirit of the saviour of Ferndale, Viola McBride, who is trying to rehab your ridiculous ass. Viola McBride was one tough gal; cowpuncher in lipstick, killer of urban renewal which saved Ferndale, absorbed insults as an uppity woman in college, remembered Prohibition unfavorably, fended off assault by two tough guys with the gun dad insisted she carry. She could TAKE you, man.

      • That’s “Daddy-O” dude. Get it right or crawl back under the rock

    • Nah….Prop 57 will pass like Prop 47 did and he’ll never go to prison until he successfully murders someone.

    • Insta-scum…just add rap music & meth.

  • Wtf!! I would beat my 15 year olds ass! I pray my kid never gets caught up in that mess. Where the hell are the parents?

  • Wow is this kid on the wrong track. I hope he finds the right path, right quick.

    Kid: Rise above this mistake! You don’t have to slide into the muck and sink in. Start your life again right now. Set a goal. You can go get it. You have the power.

  • 14 may be a tad bit young to be mething around with a sawed off.

  • Just what Eureka needs a paranoid juvenile selling meth with sawed of shot gun these are scary times what’s next-generation going to be like. Canadian doctors are prescribing medical grade herion will the same thing happen here ?

    • Reality check, they have been for a long time! They sell synthetic heroin in the US at all pharmacies. In garberville, at kieths pharmacy & so do others in Eureka too.

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        Yes, but how many of those pharmacies are selling on corners to any and all comers, and are armed? And underage? Not many.

        • bungee…Not only did you miss the Henchman’s reference, you unnecessarily ripped on HOJ for not reading the article, especially since you somehow decided the kid was selling the meth even though there was no mention of “possession for sale.”…Henchman wins that one and he wasn’t even in the fight.

          • the misadventures of bunjee

            Well for starters, try following the thread. Two different comments aimed at two different people. Try again. HoJ didn’t win anything.

        • Legal prescribed Pharmaceuticals kill more people each year than all other street drugs combined, just because a drug is legal does not make it safe or good to use. Just like marijuana, sure it has a lot of medicinal uses but it is not some cure-all wonder drug and should not be pushed on everybody including our children in this community. Using too much of it has adverse effects just like any other drug.

          • Tell that to Big Pharma and the Oil Giants. They’re the ones who outlawed MJ in the first place because hemp could replace the oil companies. JMHO not a conspiracy thread

          • 14,000 people die a year of pharmaceutical opioid overdoses a year in America.

    • It already has. Oxycontin for kids. My grandpas a pharmacist. Hes unhappy about it.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Morphine and other drugs like heroin, Vicodin, percocet, etc. are opiates, synthetic or natural, and are analogues, isomers, or other versions of opium. This has been going on for a long, long time. Now legitimate pain-sufferers will lose their meds due to criminal behavior of others.

  • As much as everyone has been taught to parrot hate for church & or God, maybe we need to scare the hell out of would be criminals by threatening to send them to church prison camps.

  • OMG!!!14 what the hell is going on here ?I’ve taken in children my whole married life,40 years of love,listening,caring and still caring.and not one of them is an addict,or in prison.their loving and caring people.these were kids whose parents didn’t care,but I did!So I can only say this child sounds like no one cared enough about him to help.im so very sorry this young man is headed down the wrong road.PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP THIS CHILDREN!show them the good side of life.todays kids think their owed something they haven’t worked for.its means more when you’ve worked hard for things we want.they seem to have skipped that part.

  • Growin up with video shoot em up games & computers as a BABYSITTER does not help!

  • Okay everyone lets quit asking “where is mom and dad?” we all know he has to be a product of garbage raising garbage. Mom and Dad were probably home nodding out while little Johnny was out gun totin, stealing & selling. EPD needs to go to the residence, cuff & stuff mom and dad for child neglect and put little Johnny in a boarding school until he’s 18 and hope for the best!

    • Are you trying to say that we should look at bad kids as a product of bad parents? Are you suggesting we try to address the cause instead of chasing the results? I don’t know, that sounds too sensible to work. One has to pass tests to do just about everything today. Maybe we just make people take a test to f**k?

      • @ Pooh Daddy ~ I am saying that a 14 year old who is out at 11 o’clock at night with a sawed off shotgun and wanted for burglary and meth didn’t start this life style yesterday and if he had decent parents things would not have gotten this bad this early in this kids life!!!! This little shit obviously thinks he’s a bad ass, what decent parent could not see between the lines with this kid. Lets think about how the kid is doing in school (if he even attends school) IF this kid had decent parents I guarantee this kid’s life would not be full of SHOT GUNS, BURGLARY AND METH JUST TO NAME A FEW…… yes even good parents raise kids that are defiant and smoke weed and party but this is not your run of the mill trouble maker. He’s running with some hard core bad boys. Did that clear things up for you or are you going to play dumb some more??

    • Looks like humboldt dad has solved the case for us already. After reading just 9 sentences, he is ready to sentence the kid and his parents, while at the same time telling us what we should all know, what we should quit doing as well as what EPD needs to do. So much for the judicial system….

      • @ Concerned ~ read the above comment for Pooh Daddy
        Your name concerned would make one believe you are concerned but your comment says just the opposite. This kid is 14, there is not way a 14 yr old would be out doing the things this kid is doing and have parents to actually care about what he is doing. I will state the obvious……this kid must belong to a gang and if my kid belonged to a gang do you really think I wouldn’t see some signs there?? Come on guys wake the F*** up!! Why would you set there and wanna make excuses for mom, dad or this shotgun slingin punk? Is this normal behavior to you? Damn I can’t believe you two……sad!

  • Sawed off shotguns gets ypu 16 months or 2yrs or 3 yrs in prison .?

  • Big city crime trends, have arrived in Eufreka!

  • A 14 year old riding a bicycle around wearing a backpack with a shotgun and meth in it. Only in Eureka!!!

  • All of this is just so fuckin sad!!our babies with guns,and shit.in my wildest dreams I would have never thought this is how I’m going to remember life??god help us all…

  • Now do you all see why juveniles under 18 should be supervised by adults? Not saying all kids are bad, because they arent, maybe i was a mean parent for not allowing my 2 kids to roam the streets, but they sure never got into trouble like a lot of their friends did. Its a scary world we live in now, keep tabs on your children, before something bad happens to them!!!

    • Properly raised children DO NOT need constant supervision till age 18 when raised to make wise choices and knowing they will suffer the consequences when they don’t.

  • On another site, a reader made a comment that his mother is working 12 hr shifts and his father is on dialysis and in very poor health. If the comments are true, it doesn’t sound like the family encouraged him to do this as some people are implying.
    So happy I don’t live anywhere near Eureka and only make the trip to town once a month or less. Scarier everyday!

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Sometimes kids, yes he is a kid just make plain stupid errors for whatever their angst is. May he find a strong sense of right and be able to turn his life around. May his mom and dad find solace, strength, wisdom and good lawyer. If not then this young kid can end up in the “system” and come out far worse than he is now. The harsh reality is, is that he as he is now, a menace to society at large. His immature choices can result in becoming yet another dead teen. He made a good choice in dumping his back pack. He did not point the shot gun at LEO’s and end up dead. I feel very sad for his parents. From an earlier post someone said his mom is working hard and his dad is fighting a medical battle. That is a hard place to be as parents. He is facing serious charges and he needs help. And at the same time we all need protection from his poor choices.

  • WTF?? A 14 year old without a bicycle helmet?! Find this kids parents. Makes me sick that kids still ride bikes without helmets.
    Seriously, meth and a sawed off shotgun? 14? I know a great guy who I trust and respect. He was doing meth and dealing at 16 and he turned out a good person. There is hope. However that hope is very slim.

  • In the movies, the kid followed his brother to see what he was up to. He then intervened, knocked the bad guy down or out, saving his brothers life, grabbed the weapon & stuff, then hightailed it to safety where he would hide it or dispose it.

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