Chris Renner, Former Southern Humboldt Man, Pled Guilty to Sexual Abuse of a Child

Chris Renner, who grew up in Southern Humboldt has pled guilty to child abuse charges.
Chris RennerPress release from the Del Norte County District Attorney’s Office:

The Del Norte District Attorney’s Office announced today that Christopher James Renner (58) of Crescent City, pleaded guilty this morning to continuous sexual abuse upon a child under fourteen and admitted three special allegations for having substantial sexual conduct with the child, for use of force and that the statute of limitations for the crimes had not expired. Renner was set to go to trial by jury today.

The charges stem from a series of sexual acts that occurred in Renner’s home between 1997 and 1999 involving a juvenile male who was between five and seven years old at the time. Renner had engaged in substantial sexual conduct with the victim on three or more occasions spanning a minimum of three months. Renner had fondled the child’s genitals several times and on one occasion, Renner had forced the child’s hand onto his genitals. Renner had recurring access to the child during that period of time.

“Justice was served today in that Mr. Renner admitted to his crimes and the victim was fully vindicated,” said Del Norte District Attorney Dale P. Trigg who personally handled all aspects of the case for the prosecution. “This young man lived with these crimes for many years before coming forward to report what had happened to him. Now there is no question that what he said happened did in fact happen,” said Trigg. “The young man showed a ton of courage to come forward and tell the truth. He was very pleased with the plea this morning and was relieved to avoid trial. Now, the healing can begin for this brave young man,” said Trigg.

Renner was arrested in Mendocino County on the charges on February 22, 2016 and released the next day after posting $250,000 bail. Upon entry of the plea, District Attorney Trigg requested that Renner be remanded into custody since Renner faces 85% of up to twelve years in state prison and is not eligible for probation. Although Trigg had previously secured Renner’s passport as a condition of his bail, Trigg argued that Renner is necessarily a flight risk given his mandatory state prison sentence. But the Honorable Philip Schafer denied that request and continued Renner on bail until sentencing on October 20, 2016.

The District Attorney wishes to thank District Attorney Chief Investigator AC Field and former investigator Melanie Barry, the United States Marshall Service, Ukiah Police Department and Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Matthew Kendall for their work in this case. With the help of investigators Field and Barry, the United States Marshall Service assisted in tracking Renner as he was traveling and were able to alert Mendocino County authorities of his presence in Ukiah. He was arrested without incident by the Ukiah Police Department and the Del Norte DA’s Office was advised of the arrest. Sgt. Kendall was briefed on the status of the investigation by investigators Field and Barry who were five hours away at the time of Renner’s arrest. Sgt. Kendall interviewed Renner before he posted bail. “Through collaborative efforts and investigative acumen, my investigators and our friends in Mendocino County were able to gather evidence that substantially corroborated the victim’s allegations in a timely manner leading to today’s result. We were holding all of the cards in this case. Renner finally accepted that this morning when jurors started showing up,” said Trigg.



  • Sick piece of crap! 12 years is not enough! That face makes me want re arrange it

    • Henchman Of Justice

      And in Arcata, a Jerry Garcia bearded type guy was caught dry humping a 12 year old girl on another trail…….all these parents who support trail systems for their kids while mommy and daddy are knowhere to be found until called by cops later…..

      It is child endangerment to allow minors public freedom without adult supervision 100% of the time, per DHHS…..but we all know how laws are cherry picked to allow parents to be irresponsible, slave working, tax producing piper rats.

      After Eureka kicked out the homeless to build yet another unneccessary trail, the existing trails resident homeless populations increased……boogey man jumpeth and assaulteth young girls and boys, disabled, elderly, etc….

      All these trails and many of the users are piece of shit elitist wannabe mother nature fother muckers who don’t do jackshit but use resources for free and whine like all bloody hell broke loose when they don’t get free shit……and then there are the scumbags…..ya, those horse riders and dog owners that shit all over and leave it!

      • You’ve lost your mind. Stop calling names. Stop stop stop. Stop please

      • HOJ, you need to tone it down a bit. You’re entitled to your opinion but this is my site and you are getting coarse and incoherent.

      • Wow! Just wow! Blaming the parents and the victim because a pedophile was assaulting this child?……and your answer is to restrict the victim’s freedom to use any and all of Humboldt County’s trails? Your rant appears to be from the predictor’s point of view.
        The people who need to be restricted from the public trails are the sex offenders.

  • Hanging’s too good for him. af

  • Dirt bag!!don’t waste tax payers $$on this creep,go directly to jail,do not pass go![edit]

  • That deos seem small for a disgusting act, but At least the victim was relieved to not go to trial. Must feel so humiliating to speak of a sick f**k who took advantage of your defensless innocence. May the victim be able to heal now and walk with his head up again.

  • Henchman Of Justice

    85% of 12 years aint jackshit……and it is doubtfull the injust judge/jury will hand down all 85% of whatever the hell that is gonna mean at a later date when the sick fuck is sentenced.

    …..and, the guy could be a closet glbtq (open or hiding, does it matter!) raping a young boy.

  • I think this young man deserves more than just the right to hold his head up. He must be a repository of rare knowledge to be able to survive and prevail. I wish him the very best this world has to offer.

  • The phrase ” the victim was fully vindicated” seems odd. Was the victim accused of something?

    • Thank you for noticing. Even though there was a confession, my parents still launched a major smear campaign against the victim throughout the last six months. They told everyone they could, that the victim was lying, including his family, friends and entire support system. Then once he felt alone, they preceded to intimidate him in an attempt to break him down, so that he would not be strong enough to continue to fight and take it to trial. They continued to victimize Him, telling him how much they “loved him” and how he is “family to them” . The vindication to the brave young man came yesterday when Chris plead guilty. At that point, everyone who’s perception was skewed by the smear campaign, knew for sure that everything the victim has been brave enough to speak out about was absolutely true! To the brave young man who did what so many cant… Your strength and courage is admirable. You are such a fighter , you are a survivor, and after making it through this I know that you will make it through anything! I know your bravery has already started to change things in my family. You are stopping the cycle and changing the pattern. I will never be able to thank you enough.

      • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

        Wow! You rock kid! What a true hero you really are! Thanks for sharing the rest of the story. May this help shine the light and help guide other victims anywhere, to speak up & not be afraid or intimidated by their abusers & their afraid immediate ones!

      • This is clearly a case of abuse of power in the Community abuse of power and black male happens all the time around here if you don’t go along with what they say then they will threaten to rape and kill your friends and family members . All they have to do is hack your stupid phone who knows what will happen to this person’s family there are so many stalkers out there all they have to do is rape your friends and family and kill your kids then say that it’s your fault and if you do say anything then someone will end up dead or in prison for the rest of there life especially if they think they can get away with it .

    • “The phrase ‘the victim was fully vindicated’ seems odd. Was the victim accused of something?”

      Legally, no. But since up until he pleaded guilty, Renner was pleading not guilty, that (at least*) implied an accusation that the victim was lying, so now that Renner admits his crimes, the victim has been “fully vindicated” in that sense.

      [*I haven’t followed the case, or what Renner or his defense attorneys may have said about the case publicly, so I don’t know whether they directly stated that the victim was making the whole thing up, but certainly in some cases perpetrators and/or their defense attorneys do say such things. If they did, that’s even more reason why the prosecution might want to note that the victim was “fully vindicated.”]

  • So he’s out on bail? Really? I sure hope he doesn’t do anything or flee before 16 October. And if he does, is there any accountability for the judge?

    • He should not be out on bail. He needs to be behind bars. Does anyone think this was his only victim??? No doubt there are others. Lock him up today

  • Your Brave Lindsey Renner I hope this brings you healing!

  • There should not be a statue of limitations on the arrest and prosecution of sexual abuser of children. It takes a lot of courage and fortitude for a victim to stand up to their victimizer along with a community of their supporters. It can take years and often the birth of your own children before a victim begins to realize how vulnerable they were at such a young age. I personally thank this young man for his courage. He actions speaks for others that can not.

  • John M. Doskocil

    I’m going to boycott the Renner Patriot gas station on highway 101.
    (1089 US Highway 101 N. Crescent City, CA 95531)
    If Chris Renner isn’t going to serve all of his jail time then I believe that he should at least be hurt financially.

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