Nursing Student Needs Help Recovering Stolen MacBook

Macbook pro

Not the missing computer but one that looks like it.

Every once in awhile we get a letter that really touches our heart. Please contact the Eureka Police Department if you have any information.

Hello, Kym,

[edit] Being a daily reader, this is not the content that I imagined my first message to you would consist of. However, given the circumstances of my present situation, and the reach that you have within the community, I am proceeding to ask for your and the greater community’s help.

Today, September 18, 2016, I had my brand new (as of 2 weeks) MacBook stolen from my car in Eureka. This piece of equipment was vital to the current stage in my life, as I have just started nursing school at College of the Redwoods and the majority of my studies were saved on it. This was supposed to be a catalyst to a very intense program, and I feel very lost without it. These current circumstances have put the well being of my wife and three young children at a level of distress that was not anticipated. I am at a loss as of to what to do.

Therefore I reach out to the community to ask that if in any way you see a 15-inch Macbook Pro, serial number C02RL6JLG8WN on the corner, or on Craigslist, or in a pawn shop ( all of which I have called) to please let me know. I have made a report with the EPD as well. This was housed in a soft grey canvas carrying case with a charger, iPhones, and a PowerPak that said University of Chico – School of Nursing. I really need it back.

Thank you for all you do,

Michael Allen



  • Who would leave a $1200 laying around their car in the first place…. Use common sense next time. And it sucks you got your stuff jacked but I’m going to put the irresponsibility on you.
    You being a nursing student you should know meth and heroin are a big problem and suburban small communities so if you have meth and heroin addicts All of Me small communities a 1200 dollar MacBook Pro is a good bag of smack or some nice crystal…
    If You’re unable to recover your MacBook hopefully you had find my Mac installed on it where you can go and remotely lock and wipe the device,
    But in the meantime by $500 PC with an i3 or i5 and 8 gigabytes of RAM and you’ll be fine. Save your self the hassle of losing another 1200 product.

    • Obviously they did. The irresponsibility actually is on the POS thief that took something they did not own or have permission to touch. It sucks that honest people need to think 2 steps ahead and take actions to keep their personal belongings from being stolen. Thieves are the worse. Sorry this happened to you. Lesson learned the hard way. Keep your head up.

  • This sucks!!! I will pass it on to my brother-in-law who fixes electronics at the pawn shops Hope it turns up

  • Perhaps you enabled “Find My Mac” without realizing it during setup? If so, this link to Apple will help. If not, it has some good tips to help protect yourself. Otherwise, check with an Apple store – they might be able to flag a serial number somehow. Good luck.

  • Back up your computers! Use icloud.

  • Can’t believe with what’s going on here, anyone would leave anything in a car here. Learn from your mistakes and start saving.

  • I sigh that it got left in a car, but as a fellow parent juggling lots of irons in the fire, I can’t always keep them all in the air. They’re really warm for one thing. Sometimes my purse or phone gets forgotten in my car even though I’m well aware of what happens. Once, I think it was on the front seat. So far I’ve been lucky.
    I hope you get it back.

  • It’s just not realistic to remove your computer everytime you get out of your car, coming from school or work to get groceries, should we start carrying our computers into stores? Or maybe stores culd put in lockers for valuables while you shop?
    Not gonna happen.

    What needs to happen is our community as a whole uniting and demanding the county actually provide the services we pay for. San Fran has had so many car breakins in the past year they for the first time have a unit solely dedicated to auto break ins. An entire unit, like for homicide.

    Really look and ask yourself what county services, besides roads, do you actually feel you recieve? What would you like to see? Write it down, send to b of supes and at least get it into public record.
    We have some of the highest rates of homelessness in the state as well as one of the highest numbers of foster kids in need. The sheer amount of mail theft is crazy as well, the AAA office said they hear about it everyday&sheriffs told them sorry can’t help.
    The mental health dept is barely existant & the sheriff’s are surprisingly inept and are not able to respond to 911 calls 24 hours a day due to no officers available,according to them. Sales tax alone should cover something,geez, we have one of the wealthiest county govts in the state!!

    The county can “find money” for an armored vehicle but not for resident officers in places like garberville? Or officers to actually investigate crimes?
    I don’t know whose private security they have become since Maxxam left but it’s clearly not the general public!
    G-ville used to always have cop at local substation there, just fyi for all you haters who say so hum has wanted all cops out.

    To person who lost computer, am so sorry! Take your serial number to the local pawn shops for sure and watch craigslist. You cannot look up serial numbers on ebay unless you are a police officer, and the sheriff’s won’t help you there, but if you know a cop personally they can search for you. If I was a thief that’s where I’d sell it, ebay is not watched for stolen items. I would also recommend going to crescent city and down thru mendo to the pawn shops as well to give your serial number. The cops should hAve that # on file for the guy who runs the property section, but do call every few weeks as they tend to lose people’s case files in that room, so make sure they have yours still or your computer could come thru and they will just auction it if they can’t easily find your report.
    Yes this comes from personal experiences. Maybe you can start a gofundme to get a new computer, sorry to say I wouldn’t wait for cops to find it.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Just be thankful your car is still there, but after they read this prolly they’ll make a special trip for that.

    Good luck.

  • Use your iCloud backup to recover contents.

  • Before I even clicked on article, I read ‘stolen macbook’. First thought that came to my mind was ‘stolen out of car in eureka’ then I clicked article and what do you know…Man thieves suck.[edit]

  • I’m tired of all the hating on Eureka, and you’re a regular hater Saucy. There are many of us working regular jobs, unable to buy a place in Kneeland or a pot ranch, who own homes here because it’s what we can afford, and we work, live in and like Eureka. I know all my neighbors, we all watch eachother’s houses because the cops are overrun. If we see someone coming down our street we ask them who they know, and tell them to leave if they don’t say the right names, community solidarity SoHum commenters on here recall fondly from decades past. Eureka will always attract more desperate people because we have the Social Services office, Betty Chin and the Rescue Mission, like it or hate it, that’s reality. Don’t act like Eureka is some shit hole lost cause because many of us live here, and we’re trying, we care, we’re paying the taxes you avoid for the roads you drive. Lay off the hate and do something to contribute. STIL is selling mugs with all proceeds going Eureka non-profits, go buy one with your untaxed income instead of talking shit about your county and your people.

    • That beautiful bay and the lovely Victorian homes, Sequoia Park and other green areas are treasures.

      • Exactly, it’s such a beautiful town, a rich, varied history, a tolerance for the different, and real blue collar, working families trying to make it. If people think they’re helping by pointing out the obvious, they’re not. I work with different Eureka non-profits trying to help, what do you do, comment on the Internet!? Less talk, more action. Pro weed, not pro greed. Come on people, we can do this!

        • @ Guest – um excuse me, I pay income taxes every year. it’s not my fault most others don’t down here in sohum and thus we have shitty roads. Sorry if you feel I’m a constant ‘hater’ of eureka but I honestly don’t like eureka. The weather most of the time up there is foggy and cold, and there’s more tweakers per capita then anywhere else I know of. Also eureka is known for car break ins, my sister used to live there and her street in particular was a hot spot for it. Anyway not saying it’s all bad up there, but in my opinion of it overall is not positive. That’s just my opinion though which I’m free to express, sorry if I hurt you or anyone elses feelings, but you are entitled to your opinion as well.

    • I love Eureka and I hate it when a whole town gets called out for the bad behavior of some. I live in Sohum and look forward to my trips to Norhum

  • Sorry for your troubles, maybe a person in a better position reading this can help you buy a new one.

    Eureka is sketch as hell. Ive never seen such a tweaker filled place in all my life. Literally its the walking dead up there. I feel bad for those of you who are kind, gentle folks who have to deal with such crap. Hopefully things will change. It is a beautiful place, just needs more police and less hard drugs.

  • I saw the serial number on Craigslist on the last screenshot of a computer trying to be sold or traded for a vehicle. I contacted the EPD who said there is nothing they could do nor would not investigate further. The first two screenshots of the computer on the ad were a different serial but the last screenshot matched yours perfectly. I don’t know if this helps and since the EPD will apparently not, I hope you can get your computer back.

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