Fire in Bigfoot Meadows

Fire Bigfoot meadows

Fire trucks at Bigfoot Meadows subdivision. [Photos provided by a reader]

A fire in Bigfoot Meadows subdivision near Wool Mountain about 15 minutes east of Alderpoint startled locals this morning. But a neighbor hacking a line around the spreading blaze, a local fire department–Kettenpom VFD–and Cal Fire stopped the beast before it spread beyond two acres, according to a local resident who sent us these photos.

The fire is now safely under control, according to the resident.Fire bigfoot meadows wool mountain



  • Whew, too close for comfort. Last year (was it last year, time flies by) we had fires actually across the river from houses in suburban Alderpoint. I hope this is the only and last local fire this year.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Any pictures of Bigfoot playing with matches or shooting off bottle rockets?

    These could go viral….

  • Two trailers & an “underground” generator installation?

    • I’m thinking that this is to muffle the noise? One of my neighbors tried this, but the generator “ate” the exhaust so no go. Fortunately, this neighbor saw the (quiet) wisdom of going solar, and was spared the wrath of the ‘hood. Blessings be for the neighbor with the wit to scrape! af

  • re: generator noise. When I served in Nam we had a lot of large generators cuz local commercial power was 50 cycle and electronics don’t like it. If your really into noise reduction a sandbag enclosed unit is the way to go with a maze type entrance and exit so the unit can breath but the sound gets baffled.

  • lots of good peeps out there stay fire safe boys!

  • I would like to put the facts out there before the rumor mill gets started up. This was a house fire that was unrelated to a generator, cannabis, or anything else worth gossiping about. The house was burned to the ground but the firefighters kept it from spreading up the mountain.
    I would like to thank all the firefighters for their fast response and hard work keeping us all safe.

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