Hoopa Man and Daughter in New York Times Article

Hoopa man and daughter

Joseph and Kinehsche’ Marshall of the Hoopa tribe. [Image part of a larger photo by Alyssa Schukar for The New York Times]

A Hoopa man and his daughter are highlighted in a New York Times article about the Standing Rock Sioux protest. The article shares short pieces and artistic photos depicting a number of Native Americans who’ve gathered at the Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota in an attempt to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAP).

Joseph and Kinehsche’ Marshall belong to the Hoopa, one of 280 different tribes represented in what the New York Times says “activists are calling the largest, most diverse tribal action in at least a century, perhaps since Little Bighorn.”

You can read the whole article here.



  • Awesome! Hupa!!

  • Henchman Of Justice

    There is a story that came out day before yesterday by some insider to this dispute that alleges tribal representatives boycotted parts of the process instead of including themselves and that it is ironic that now the claims of non inclusion are occuring, mostly by natives who have no idea their reps boycotted opportunities….hmm?

    The story also elicited that the DOJ has never done something like this order to cease construction after a permit was issued……so, apparantly lots of precedental news not making the mainstream news…..

    So, is the tribe’s position “to oppose the pipeline altogether”, “oppose the crossing location”, “oppose all oil” or “oppose any over, through or under river bed oil pipeline crossing upstream?”

    Lets hope this father/daughter tandem enjoy their liberty to protest peacefully and legally and stay outta harms way……plus enjoy the fieldtrip.😊

    • What’s your point here? I think I’m missing something…or something

    • I missed that article, can you post it please.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Could not find it. Was written by a male insider, not sure if it was former gubbamint agency type or former company insider. Article showed up in google browser. It was viewed. Should show up on internet search history, but having difficulty on the smart phone isolating and finding where to retrieve, how to retrieve…..smart phones are not convenient for ease of use.

        Anyhow, did get this for some facts: ETP Internal Memo 9 13 16 Final to Employees

        Off Diane Rehm Show website

      • Henchman Of Justice


        Here ya go Shak, think this was it.

        Midway through, judge scolds tribe apparantly.

        The Tribe also was so sure that the most recent decision would go against them, they sent out public relations that were preconspired on a court loss, but the tribe scrambled to fix their “conclusion jumping” soon enough.

        What stands out is that a 1985 survey was used for 2014 and 2015 cultural site research that only shows what is known, existing…..To document new discoveries would need to occur immediately because apparantly, construction is intentionally destroying newly discovered cultural sites in order that those sites can’t be registered as such……

        • Thank you for the link, HOJ. There seems to be some closed door meetings taking place too, according to other sources.
          I am all about protecting the water, land, and people, but it’s impossible to find solid footing with today’s media. (Minus a few exceptions, such as Kym).
          Even the courts are not a trustworthy source anymore, but they’re an important area for leads for the non-biased investigative journalists.
          What exactly is going on? Constitutionally, it is unconstitutional for privatized companies to use eminent domain. I feel that’s the bottom line beginning point, but I could be wrong. The oil companies are subsidized by the govt, using our tax payers money. The taxes we spend on gas, according to some sources, never makes it to the govt for muh roads. Instead, the companies keep it & expand their wallets & power. Subsidies place them into a strange unconstitutional partnership with the gubbernit. Subsidies themselves are unconstitutional. The free market of make it or fold, has been replaced with fascists capital cronyism, as we know.
          Mixing the batch together, with progressive media, we end up with a Karl Marx planned outcome. It’s so transparent, even a caveman can figure it out.
          But muh emotions are muh facts. I can’t see the forest through the trees. Bingo.

    • Everyone here wishes you were not here. JMO

    • If you like to participate in shams, that’s your choice too. You know, those meeting where the people with the real power say things like “Thank you so much for your comments, Mr. X. or Ms X.” Which is corporate/government speech for f-you. After the corporate/government starts to do what they were going to do anyway, it is not disingenuous to speak of non-inclusion. There was NEVER and will NEVER be inclusion as long as capitalist dreams are in play. Truth has a hard time against “mo’ money”. When the inevitable spill happens that Flints those people, what will it matter who “was included” in the sham talks?

  • I’m not totally against a pipe line .But I know you NEVER CROSS TRIBAL GROUPS OR LAND. But I don’t know all the facks. So stay off Tribal land. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Actually, most of the US is tribal land; we just took it and gave some back to show how God righteous the white people are. No none of us White folks are Not From Here!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Part of the misrepresentation is that some facts are being conveniently left out of many news stories.

      Stories seem to be skewed depending on which side of the issue one falls.

      Personally, the hubbabub by media focuses on water crossing pipelines….


      HOJ focuses on the part where emminant domain issues exist


      That Sioux land is being trespassed upon…..something some news outlets completely are not discussing…..

      Folks, if only one source of news existed that was 100% accurate, then why include all these thousands of others who just misrepresent and twist views?

      What is freedom of the press if the press are merely people deceiving people?

      • Well said HOJ.
        Joe Robertson sentenced to 18 months, plus 12,000 fine & 110,000 fees plus loss of inalienable rights for building a pond 69 miles from a tributary. Montana news.
        Hammonds in Oregon double jeopardy, sent to prison, for putting out an accidental escaped control burn. They didn’t require the proper permit, which takes days, to put out fire on blm land.
        Bundy’s in jail for protesting the unjust Hammond events.
        Calif is such a mess, I don’t know which case is most important to hilite.
        EPA released thousands of personal info of farmers & ranchers across 29 states, to three environmental groups.
        BLM mismanages forests, forest fires rage.
        BLM mismanages wild horses, rile the public against the ranchers who demand proper management so all life is sustained. The public outcry against blm slaughtering 45,000 excess mismanaged horses on the range stopped the roundup. The blm then snidely mentioned that the excess is due to lack of predators. Expect predator packs to hit the range soon, maiming, torturing & destroying the beautiful horses.
        The media? It’s all the private owners fault.
        Signed, Caveman

  • People need to stop thinking this is a “Native” issue! It’s a human issue!! Water is life!! Oil leakage, by products, and fracking will kill everything, including plants, animals, HUMANS! Yes we have the largest group there, and yes they did desecrate burial grounds and sacred sites, but at the same time, my family is there fighting and protesting for YOU!! All of you! You, me, my kids, and my kids kids!! Oil is a resource that we can do with out. Cars run on electricity now, and do we need it to burn?!?!?!? Not really. There are other alternatives. The Green party presidential candidate was there also. She was given a warrant for her arrest for protesting. They are now arresting the journalists who are covering the protest. Some places have food and water stopped. All because big money wants to make more money. Make money off our lives, and our children’s future!! I want happy, and healthy children, grand children and nieces and nephews! I want them to live long lives. We don’t need the pipeline…. ANY pipeline. Oil kills.

    • When an EMP happens, we will all be stranded, including ambulances on their way to the reservation. We do need oil, for many reasons. But, I concur, we can & will depend upon it less & less as we transition over to other forms of energy.
      Jill vandalised private property.
      Amy tresspassed on private property.
      Protesting is a public property power.
      Protesting on private property is trespassing, unless permission to be there is granted by the private property owner.
      These issues too easily get out of hand, usually due to the media. The media knows these things. Boy do they know these things.

      • Petroleum is useful as a raw material for making stuff, but as fuel it is harmful & stupid. There are MANY better options for fuel/energy.

        • Wave a magic wand & make it suddenly disappear because you find it stupid. I see.
          I’m a transitional. I don’t like stranding medical, food, and other neccessities of life, while switching over to other forms of energy. I also don’t like forcing others to obey my whims of using only my theories of energy. A little bit of everything makes the world go round.
          We will have to agree to disagree.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Yes, but ya can’t transition at the wink of Geenie’s eye and twinkle of her nose……it takes time and consumer backing on oil.

          Everyone who wants electric should majorly fund Elon Musk, that is, if they can afford to. A problem is costs……when something available is affordable for ALL APPLICATIONS, then consumers will follow in hoards…….Musk working on electric semis too!

          • Elon Musk? I will check them out, thanks.
            I want a hybrid car that will be completely electric when I want it to be, and completely gas (or alternative) when I want it to be. No mixing of the two. Just either or.

      • It is absolutely a human (actually planetary) issue. My thanks to those who have found a way to protect and resist, you have my full support. Water is Life.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Jill Stein, as you under represented as the green party crackpot candidate for president,


      committed criminal vandalism

      because she was ineffective at bureaucracy.

      Not presidential material, not peaceful and certainly not law abiding…..

      But a definite hipocrite.

    • Thank you for your post, from Hupa!

    • Hi from Hoopa. thank you for your post. It is one planet, one people. For all of our sakes we need to come together and realize that black, white, red, purple or whatever, we are all earthlings. divided we fall. the fight to save the water exists here too. I hope that we can work together. thank you to everyone who stands up. one love.

  • I think the children should not be there they are in harms way with some of the videos they could be injured by their own people swinging sticks and charging on horses. In a hostile environment it is also stressfull on children no different than watching parents fighting

    • Tell that to the children who wittnessed Martin Lurher King Civil Rights Protests. My friend was 5yrs old then & would not change a thing. Isnt this the education our children lack today? Our American right to protest! True it can get ugly but no every said doing the right thing was easy! Its a great lesson for our children, our future leaders!

    • They are in the way of much greater harm from the pipeline & potential oil spill. This is real life. Children are not exempt

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Infants and really young are vulnerable.

      Pre teens, they can run away or get the shit kicked outta them, personal choices.

      Parents can leave, or in the case of some parents, encourage their children to support violence…..remembering when the sheriffs in Mack Town were called to a party of young hicks where daddio and son beat the shit outta TWO deputies…..and Downey called in everything but the armored vehicle……it was insane……father and teenage son taking down two cops at a party with cheering teenagers scrambling to leave the scene…..

  • KrisAnne, a constitutional scholar, tries to explain a few of the oddities & legalities around the pipeline. She is half Native American, if that makes any difference. I found some of her perspective helpful, maybe others will too.

  • Henchman. You make statements from “Stories”. Day before yesterday, “An Insider”. Words, Words and more Words. Ending by saying, “Last hope this Father/Daughter Tandem enjoy, So On and So Forth with your words again. Then Enjoy The Field Trip. Joseph Marshall and his Daughter, Kinehsche Marshall come from a very Strong Family within Our Tribe Hupa. They along with other Youth with Joseph are Representing Our Tribe. Supporting Our Relatives. Henchman. This is not a Field Trip. This is Our Life’s, as a Native American. That’s very Disrespectful to My Cousins. Rochelle. Hupa Nation.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      The field trip is all that land between here and there……don’t be so judgmental over something you could not be open minded about.

      HOJ is a friend of mother nature, not an enemy, suffice to say.

      Disrespectful or just your lack of open mindedness?

      “Family Vacation” and “Walley’s World” and the field trip experiences between points of location……”Holiday Road” was the title track song.

  • To: From Hoopa
    thank you for your Post. Honestly for me. It is the only one worth listening to your Words. Thank you. Rochelle. Hupa Nation.

  • Opinions……reality….paradigms….never going to be on the same page….Happy so many Natives and non are supporting Standing Rock. Now let’s bring that energy and commitment back home where we oh so need it. Our Valley…our County is in need of positive support. We read daily about all the negatives yet do little but complain, point fingers and continue belittling each other. Hupa used to be a model of sovereignty…today it is a sad reflection of what it used to be. Counci/ Leaders, like the companies who own the pipeline, are not looking at the future of the Hupa people. Maybe the BIA needs to come back and take over? Sad.
    What if…we became the “Confederated Tribes of Six Rivers”….one Tribe with common goals? Water would have a great ally in such a Confederation as well as salmon, our forests, our Children… Oh wait…we have already been divided and…….

  • HOJ
    If you had read the NY Times article you might remember that the father had said he brought his daughter because she was going to be a storyteller for the tribe and that to tell the story, she had to be there.
    It’s been a while since I’ve had dealings with the people in Hoopa Valley but I
    have very good memories of them and the ones I met were committed to their culture (I took the Indian Jewelry and Clothing Class, a privilege), family oriented
    and when people from Willow Creek and further upriver told me they were afraid to go there I could tell them truthfully I felt safe there because I had gotten to know them. My husband drove school bus in Hoopa for a while and we got to know people that way also.
    When I read negative reports about what goes on in the Valley I know it doesn’t represent the people who are committed to more for themselves, more for their families, their tribe and their valley.
    I didn’t judge Willow Creek by the people who used to hang out in Forks bar for the same reasons. The few make the headlines, the rest just go on living their lives.
    And HOJ, if you have such strong opinions and say you have reliable references, why don’t you start your own blog where you can provide that data so others can learn what you say you know. I’ve heard it’s not that difficult to start a blog and then all you need to do is write something, come to RHBB (or others) and post a link.
    RHBB has a lot of credibility with other writers, bloggers and people in positions of authority. Posting an unsubstantiated opinion on Kym’s blog doesn’t automatically give it any measure of credibility.

  • its interesting but HOJ was rate limited from 2012 on to one post per day at Lost Coast outpost


    Are you sure you could not do something like this to slow down the spew from that direction kym?

    witness digital

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Thank you Kym for sharing the article.

    As the new school year begins September 19th this issue will be discussed with students across our school district.

    The issues I see are Native heritage and cultural sites targeted for destruction, water safety for millions of folks who live along the pipeline corridor, and the heavy handed use of eminent domain through all the states in which the pipeline runs.

    We do live in interesting times.

  • Henchman. Kick Rocks. Pleasssssse.

  • Why is the media silent about private property owners being ran out all across the nation?
    While the huge problem in Dakota rages, the same company is similarly busy in Texas.
    Texas same thing happening. http://linkis.com/thefreethoughtproject.com/5iOXG

    The farmers & ranchers in Calif, Nevada & Oregon, Montana & Wyoming, just everywhere, with other battles, all tied to Congress.
    This is Monumental.

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