[UPDATE] Trail Angel Contacts Authorities About Missing Hiker

Lost Coast sunset [Photo by a reader]

Lost Coast sunset [Photo by a reader]

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and other local agencies have been working to locate a possible overdue hiker on the Lost Coast.

On September 2, a Wisconsin woman known as Meg dropped off a resupply pack with a Lost Coast Petrolia trail angel—a person who helps hikers often by storing food at set points along their trail. Meg is now over a week late picking up her pack. The worried trail angel contacted authorities.

Meg is described as

  • 5’2”
  • 110 pounds
  • short, wavy brown hair
  • brown eyes

She may be driving a light green, late model hatchback.

Her plans were to spend the night of September 2 in Shelter Cove and then walk north to the Mattole over the next few days.

At this time she has not made contact with anyone in the area nor has a vehicle matching the description been seen.

If you have any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251. Or, email lostcoasttrackers@gmail.com.

UPDATE 6:40 p.m. Wednesday: We spoke to search personnel. They told us that local fire department personnel have gone to the trailheads of Black Sands beach and mouth of Mattole to look for a vehicle that might belong to the missing woman. BLM personnel have gone to all the trailheads of the King Range. Nothing was found.

Search personnel spent several days searching the road systems of the King Range. A CHP helicopter searched roads in the area for her or her vehicle. Nothing.

Search personnel tell me they have interviewed about 15 Lost Coast hikers that have not seen anyone matching the missing woman’s description.



  • Praying for her safe return!!

  • Hope she’s OK & hope she just forgot to pick up her supplies. Praying for her safe return.

    Was she hiking out there alone?

  • AnonymousHumboldtian

    Dang. I hope she’s safe and sound. Always go with a partner even if you are experienced, unexpected situations can happen all too quickly.

  • Oh my goodness. Sending prayers her way.

  • Crap. Hope she’s ok.

  • For one not accustomed to dealing with the high tides that one needs to be aware of on that trail, I hope she is OK.

  • If her vehicle is not at any of the Lost Coast trail-heads, it sounds like she never made it from Petrolia to Shelter Cove. Mattole Road to Briceland-Thorn Road to Shelter Cove Road would have been her route. Hope for the best here. It doesn’t sound like she is out on the trail.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Allegedly, she was hiking north from Shelter Cove toward Petrolia (Mattole). Allegedly, she was beach hiking and not using inland trails, so I don’t understand your assumption. You can stay on the beach hiking north or south, but hiking north to south is recommended. How can you be so sure? How can anybody?

      • If she was hiking from Shelter Cove on the Lost Coast Trail to Mattole, her vehicle should have been in the parking lot at Black Sand Beach. It wasn’t. The route I mentioned is the road she would have driven, after dropping off her re-supply pack, to get to Shelter Cove. It appears from the article that she never made it that far.

  • A straight shooter

    Praying for her safe return

  • I’m assuming she is young? & is she experienced? Pray for Meg’s safe return.

  • Hoping she had a change of heart, got in her car, and went home.

  • People shouldn’t hike alone! always tell someone what your plan is, carry a transponder and firearm (if possible) many people go missing under mysterious circumstances in our state, national parks and rural areas, David Paulides has done great research on this topic and Rusty West on you tube has a good channel on this subject as well, I hope they find her safe take care everyone

    • There’s nothing lamer than a Monday Morning quarter back when discussing injured or missing people. I sure as hell should hike alone and do on a quit regular basis. It significantly increases your chances of seeing wildlife. How many people die in a car accident everyday compared to hikers that die hiking alone? If you want to go telling people how to live their life how about start with an open and shut case like don’t smoke cigarettes or drive drunk.

      • Hey J did you know that national parks dont keep track of missing people so how can you compare the amount of hikers/ campers to people who die in car accidents?

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    What’s especially noteworthy is that her vehicle has apparently never been found at either end of the trail. If she was hiking north from Shelter Cove, she may have failed to seek advice from BLM or long-time locals who know that the best strategy is to hike south from Mouth-of-the Mattole. A tide book is mandatory. Likely she bailed out and went home and failed to phone in.

    Solitary hiking is great, your mind is totally enveloped in the environment and you. But it is very dangerous. The King Range looks like a small splotch on the wilderness map, but it is not to be trifled with. You may be smug and assured from years of hiking and the KR can take you.

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    I’m wondering if they ever found this lady.

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