Man Holds Invisible People at Gunpoint

Bobby FackrellThis is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 09-09-2016 at about 11:00 A.M. Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to reported burglary in progress in the 1300 block of Highway 175 in Hopland, California.

Deputies were advised the reporting party, Bobby Fackrell, was holding two suspects at gunpoint near the side of the roadway.

Deputies arrived at the location where they contacted Fackrell standing outside his parked vehicle. Fackrell advised there were two persons currently inside his vehicle attempting to burglarize it.

Deputies did not locate any persons in Fackrell’s vehicle or around the area.

During the investigation, Deputies determined Fackrell was in possession of a firearm while under the influence of a controlled substance and in possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine).

Fackrell was ultimately arrested and booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was held in lieu of $20,000.00 bail.



  • Darn, he missed rifle season by just a few days!

    • Just think of how much meth he could have bought for that 20k….He should have let the 2 thieves off with just a warning!

  • If he saw them, then they were there.

  • Are the invisible people cooperating with the police?

  • Back when I was a firefighter we were sent on a fire call to the Presbyterian church in Garberville. The young gentleman that reported it stood by to show it were it was. He claimed that the cross was on fire. We had several fire trucks on scene from Garberville, Redway and CDF. When we couldn’t see any fire he got very emphatic that flames were shooting out all over the cross and that we must be blind to not see them.

    There was some speculation as to what kind of drugs that he was on, or, he was in direct contact with God. We finally got out of him that he had dropped a little acid, but he was still sure that the cross was on fire and it had nothing to do with the acid. We told him to stay there and make sure that the fire didn’t spread any farther, as we left.

    Above dude is probably going to lose his concealed weapon permit…

  • He needs to get off the dummy dust

  • Taking that pic into account I find this very hard to believe..
    That said Vern once yelled at me (in a non threatening Vern kinda way) for blocking his TV set while passing on the sidewalk..
    All love and respect to him, I apologized.

    • That’s cute. I always respect Vern and whatever he is seeing/ dealing with that day. Thank goodness he lives in a small community of people that know and respect him.

      • Yeah, when he’s not hiding his meth in my neighbor’s front yard or aggressively chasing down a small boy on a big wheel and having to be stopped by the father…

        The funniest antic I ever saw was Vern dragging a huge heavy wooden box down the street near the vet’s hall like some grim imitation of a character in a Dali film, then reaching inside it and handing out a huge bolt cutter, a crow bar and several other tools to people sitting on the street. Heavy duty portable break in kit.

  • Now that’s tweaking on a whole new level right there.

  • It’s called “Dope” for a reason…

  • This is either the saddest or funniest post I’ve ever read here. af

  • Drugs suck! So do all the underlying reasons people use!

    • The drugs prohibition has produced (spice, meth, bath salt, fentanyl) are a thousand times worse
      Drugs (a loaded term as any) in and of themselves are astounding tools and medicines
      Our culture is one of blind ignorant yet ravenous addiction…
      And so the drugs are often used in cultural accordance. More more more.

  • They might have cut a hole in the floorboard and escaped before the police arrived.

  • Am I reading this correctly? The reporting party, bobby fackrell, was hold two people at gun point.
    so he called the cops himself???

  • This is why I think speed is more dangerous than heroin.
    On heroin one can still sleep. Sleep deprivation can and does cause psychosis.

    • Speaking from experience, a junkie wants nothing more than to be left alone. When one has a keyboard a crumbling soapbox and a Love of Tricky Dick one can get quite judgmental.. Like why the hell is said heroin fan not out working on the iPhone 10 like a good robot??

  • Hopefully he is able to come back to reality. Then to believe that what he heard and saw wasn’t real. If so, he might realize what meth and sleep deprivation is really about and never use it again. Sometimes we have to lose our minds before we come to our senses.

  • It is nice that he had the good judement to not shoot the poor invisible people.

    In Garberville we have a considerable population of invisible people. Most of them are employed giving advice to our local population. I’m beginning to thing that they also vote and volunteer on our local commitees.

  • It’s just a wonderful big party in the game this time of year . Maybe he started loading up early . I have read studies where pot can cause psychosis the longer I live around here the more I can believe it .

    • Vitamin B Complex deficiency.
      A friend told me about Adele Davis’ books and I read them. What I learned I applied to my own life (about nutritional supplements) and I’ve stayed healthy since without going to doctors (except for actual physical things like a fractured rib).
      One of the things I really noticed (and this was back in the 60s) was brought to my attention by a friend who went to a lecture by a chiropractor who was discussing the nutritional needs of people who used non-legal drugs was what that use did to their metabolism. The DC spoke of how mj in particular (it was a kinder, gentler time) stimulated the nervous system and depleted the B vitamins in the body and that there were definite symptoms of that.
      Moving to eastern Humboldt provided visual proof of the symptoms: poor memory, paranoia, unhealthy looking hair (appearing greasy and lank but not actually greasy), nervous tics and so on. I found if I was starting to feel a little paranoid and remembered to take the B complex the paranoia (low grade, just being a little neurotic about something) went away.
      Anyway, here’s a website where the author talks about what various deficiencies can cause:
      Of course the vitamins will turn your urine yellow but if you’re prepared for that it’s not a bother. It may stimulate the appetite but it also helps keep energy levels stable. And so much more.
      I have a neighbor who used to use meth. His daughter got him off the streets, into VA detox and got him an affordable studio apartment (thru a friend) and while he drinks and smokes (a little, SSI doesn’t pay much as you all know) he’s
      usually easy to be around. To help him (a little) I got a couple bottles of multivitamins because he doesn’t eat much, or well. I’d give him the Bx but it can make people a little speedy (me included–I have to take mine after a meal) and he doesn’t need that. He coughs (he smokes cigarets) less and is healing better.
      So it’s not the pot that causes the psychosis, it’s what it does to the body. Don’t approach what appears to be a brain issue, consider what can be done for the body to help the brain take care of itself.
      You can’t force someone to take vitamins any more than you can force them to take Rx meds but since the vitamins don’t have any major side effects that Rx drugs do it can be worth trying.
      Am I a picture of health? No. I am overweight and have been all my life. I eat some things in excess and less than is good for me of others. I’ve limited finances so I buy my supplements online and avoid the mall stores that have high prices and only want to sell the ‘best’ (most expensive) items without really knowing that much about such supplements.
      But if you know someone who’s unstable do give the Bx a try. If there’s more mental clarity, stay with it. And learn all you can. Addiction is not something we can change but we can hopefully help people find an inexpensive lifeline until they can handle the big stuff.

  • Just because your paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

  • What a head of hair !!

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