Ferndale Fire Department Has a Burning Need for New Members

Ferndale Fire Department provided by themPress release from the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department:

The Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department is currently looking for new members. The Ferndale Fire Department serves the city of Ferndale and the surrounding area.

The Ferndale Fire Department responds to an average of 200 calls per year, which range from structure fires, medical aid calls, vegetation fires, traffic collisions, lift assists, and search and rescues, just to name a few.

The Ferndale Fire Department is comprised of three chief officers, three engine companies and one medical company. Each company has one Captain, one Lieutenant and several Firefighters.

The Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department holds trainings and meetings on each Thursday evening of the month. The first Thursday of the month is a department business meeting, with the additional three Thursday evenings reserved for training on topics such as CPR, First Responder Medical Training, Fireground Operation, Rope Rescue, Auto Extrication, water supply, roof ventilation and so on.

In addition to the calls and trainings, the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department also hosts community blood donation drives twice per year, participates in parades and numerous other community events, and strings the lights on the town’s historic Christmas Tree.

To be eligible for membership in the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department, you must: Be at least 18, but not over 55 years of age, have lived or worked at least 40 hours per week in Ferndale for at least six months, and be willing to attend the Thursday meetings and drills, as well as respond to calls whenever possible.

Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department also has a youth explorer group, for interested people between the ages of 14-18 years old. The explorer group holds monthly meetings, participates in trainings, and provides support to the firefighters such as radio communications and supplies.

If this seems to be something that is of interest to you, the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department would love to have you join.

You can contact the Department at (707)786-9909, and arrange a time to pick up an application with a cheif.

You can also visit www.ferndalefire.org and click “how to join” and print an application, and mail it to PO Box 485, Ferndale CA, 95536 or deliver it in person to any member.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us, (707)786-9909, or send us a message on Facebook, www.facebook.com/ferndalefire

Also, if you don’t live in Ferndale, and would like to be part of your local Fire Department, contact your local department. Volunteer Departments throughout the county are always looking for new members.



  • WTF no one 55 or older, screw them I’m 71 and still a Firefighter

  • Don’t go to Fortuna Fire either there is a max exit there 2.

    • It’s the volunteer politics that force a lot of people out. Look at the 2 Fortuna firefighters with years of experience got terminated because of ?

  • Bridgeville, Southern Trinity, as well as other VFD’s are in need of more personnel also!!! It isn’t exclusive to Ferndale sadly!!!

  • People need to step up and help our Fire Depts, help is always needed to maintain Fire Equipment, fire hall and do paperwork etc. All the Trinity County Depts need Volunteers, Post Mountain Fire Dept. is down to 4 Firefighters and maybe a few new members who still need to be trained. Hayfork Fire also needs new members. I don’t understand Ferndale Fire not wanting people over 55, there are so many of us retired Firefighters that have 20 or more years of firefighting and love to teach the younger people and have the time to help.If a survey was taken I bet you would find out just how many Volunteers are in their 60s and 70s…Think about not having firefighters like Diana Totten around just because they hit 55..

  • Fortuna will send Dave Nicholson back to Ferndale. He’s caused enough problems in Fortuna

  • I have a unique idea. Why don’t we hire and pay firefighters to perform his job? Maybe a tax increase to cover costs? Everyone complains about people who get things for free from the government, what’s the difference here? Let’s pay professional firefighters for the excellent work they do and not expect something for free.

  • Ferndale Fire does not kick volunteers out at 55. They just don’t accept new folks after 55. Everything is negotiable. If you are willing to come and help out, all you have to do is show up to a volunteer station and discuss with the Chief. “Step up or shut up” has always been my motto.

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