Milky Way and Moon

Milky Way moon

The Milky Way and the setting moon at Usal Beach in Mendocino County. [Photo by Christina Lombardi of Lombardi Photography ]

We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.



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    I was able to share from your FB page. Go figure!

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  • Amazing photo capture! Well done!

  • Beautiful picture, photoshop was a wonderful invention and has become a new form of artistry.

    Oh…MOON. I thought it was the sun…

    • This is not photoshopped… This young lady is an amazing photographer. Much beloved and well respected. If you can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothing at all. A word from the wise,,,, still love you Ernie

      • It was my mistake that I owned up to. Love you too Peggy. We got history.

        I’m still impressed with the new forms of artistry that photoshop supplies. Many things can be provided by photoshop, exposures can be changed and elements can be added and subtracted.

    • This is not photoshopped… This young lady is an amazing photographer. Much beloved and well respected. If you can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothing at all. A word from the wise,,,, we still love you Ernie branscum

      • i do graphic composition for a living this is an impossible shot without photoshop..ernie you hit the nail on the head…still a beautiful composition regardless

      • yup photo shopped the full moon is on the 16th also if the moon was out you know you can not see the milky way its too bright but still a great shot

        • It just occurred to me… When I was a kid the milky way went north and south. If that is the moon setting in the west. Why is the milky way going east and west????

          Have things changed that much​ since I was a kid? I know all the names have been changed, but didn’t know that they have moved the milky way also. Wide angle lens???

  • I was able to share to FB…gorgeous picture!

  • Absolutely beautiful Christina… You had to get up awful early in the morning to catch that one. It’s a long way out there. You had to get up awful early in the morning… I see you leaving all the time you’re beautiful sweetheart. Love your early morning escapades. They paid off so well you’re amazing. Love you Aunt Peg

  • Rosemarie von Boomhower

    I can’t wait to be up where you folks are. My little grand-daughter just turned 10, and she is going to be just like you with a camera. I wish I knew how to send you some of her pictures. She see’s things that other people don’t. She gets that from me. I love her dearly. Gypsy Rose–

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Out of curiosity, what type of camera does she have?
      I’m wanting to get one for my son but have no ideas on how to approach it.
      Anyone else with children using cameras, can I get some ideas?

  • Sun sets in the west, not the moon… looks like Nibiriu to me. Look it up while you still have time to see what it will truly mean to the earth and humanity.

  • That is amazing shot. In a bizarre twist of art imitating art imitating nature, a guy on the streets of Playa del Carmen was painting pictures just like that using rattle can spray paint and newspaper.


  • wow what an awesome picture. Only nitpick i have is it looks like the bottom of the picture is illuminated because of some type of artifical light? car headlights maybe? I suppose it is possible it was needed to make the camera focus or something along those lines, but if it wasn’t needed would have been an even more stunning photo without the illumination at the bottom, just my opinion. Either way that picture would sure make an awesome desktop wallpaper.

  • That is GREAT! Thanks for posting.

  • Absolutely gorgeous Christina! Nice work!

  • FAKE.

    We live in a completely artificial society. The people are more artificial than their technology. People need to return to reality!

    The universe IS beautiful. Our attempts to “render” it through technology make it ugly.

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