EPD Releases Photo of Man Shot With Beanbag After Allegedly Threatening Officer With a Knife

Jamael Lowery

Jamael Lowery

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On September 12, 2016 at approximately 1:21 p.m., Officers from the Eureka Police Department were dispatched to the vicinity of Harris and S Street on a report of a physical fight between a man and a woman. As the incident progressed the male suspect vandalized two vehicles with a large knife then became involved in a verbal altercation with several citizens that turned physical when he tried to assault two of them with the knife. The male suspect’s location was updated by citizens and the officers spotted the suspect running on Harris and into the yard of a residence near Harris and O Streets. Officers arrived quickly and set-up a perimeter around a large, heavily vegetated gully. Officers surrounded the gulley and ultimately located Lowery at the bottom closer to Hodgson Street. Officers announced their presence and told Lowery to stop. Lowery fled back N/B through the gulley with the knife in his hand ignoring all commands to stop.

Two officers that were on Harris Street moved into of the gully to intercept the male. One of the officers was armed with a less lethal shotgun (bean bag rounds) while the other officer provided lethal cover. While moving through the steep terrain the officer with the less lethal shotgun encountered the suspect at a very close distance. The male suspect was still holding the knife and walking at the officer. The officer gave commands to the suspect to drop the knife, which he failed to comply with, creating a situation where the officer chose to deploy the less lethal rounds in an attempt to stop the threat. The suspect was hit in the torso with three rounds from the less lethal shotgun causing him to drop the knife and fall to the ground. The suspect was then taken into custody without further incident. The deployment of the less lethal shotgun mostly likely saved the suspect’s life as the officers would have been justified to use lethal force to stop this threat to save their own lives. After the incident the suspect told the officer he just wanted to die.

Medical aid was summoned to the scene. The suspect walked out of the gully under his own power and was transported by City Ambulance to St. Joseph Hospital for medical clearance prior to jail. The suspect was admitted to the hospital for observations due to an abdominal injury incurred during the incident.

The suspect is identified as Jamael Lowery, 28 from Eureka. The investigating officer will author a warrant for Lowery’s arrest once he is cleared from the hospital for the following charges: two counts of assault with a deadly weapon (2 citizen victims), assault on a Peace Officer with a deadly weapon, brandishing, vandalism and resisting arrest.

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  • sharpen your pencil

    Damn, this kid is all messed up . He has been an addict most his “adult” life. Sad to see he still hadn’t figured it out…. The statement “he told officers he wanted to die” hopefully means he’s hit bottom and ready to get clean, hopefully…….

    • I am always encouraged about the future of humanity when I see the (rare) expression of compassion. Thanks

      • sharpen your pencil

        It is sad to see so many people I went to school with so fubared. A large group of people who would rather take from society than contribute. You always hope people will learn from their years of failings, but rarely do they.

  • Here’s a video of the incident.

  • Atta Boy to the cops who chose not to kill this guy! Outstanding choice! af

  • Through all the black lives matter bull, rarely does anyone bring up suicide by cop. Its real.

  • well done!… you citizens and EPD officers..and especially the officers who chose the

    less than lethal option here at some risk to themselves.

  • Yes it is!!sad thou true.

  • man, starting to feel somewhat bad for the cops in eureka. They have to deal with crazy shit like this almost everyday, good call choosing to shoot him with bean bag rounds though.

  • He’ll be back.

  • So the Eureka PD is just now using less than lethal devices, think of how many lives could have been spared if they had started to carry them routinely long ago. Now the Sheriff dept needs to be properly trained in less than lethal tools, as well as standoff crisis negotiations. Think of how many unnecessary homicide by officers that have taken place in the last few years, and just a few weeks ago the whole mess where the Mendocono Sheriffs shot and killed that guy in Humboldt after agitating the standoff situation further…. all those lives could have been saved by some creative negotiations and less than lethal tools rather than shooting to kill mentally unstable men having “mental breakdowns”…. the officers need to learn how to negotiate and use their fire arms as the very very last resort… everyday we here of another Police Shooting Victim where some idiot having a bad day pushes officers to shoot him, sometimes the guy is just crying out for help, sometimes just beligerant and intoxicated… thats the problem with arming officers with only a couple years education and little street experience, they get scared and prematurely pull the trigger. Good job not killing this guy, its about time we valued life more than authority

  • sharpen your pencil

    You talk like this is an issue that only occurs locally. This is a nationwide issue, I think if all LEO’S were trained in the less than lethal firearms the nation could show much more pride. It is change, but slow coming.

  • It is callous but I have a theory about why humans have so many culls

    I believe nature intends/intended for a certain % of all living things to perish earlier than their natural lifespan.

    Some humans were intended to die early but we keep them alive thru compassion and in doing allow them to procreate.

    In nature other than the human race, if u make bad decisions, something eats you. Mental illness has been proven to be hereditary and mental illness equates to making bad decisions.

    Im guessing the guy in this article … his ancestors should have been preditor food a long time ago.

  • 26-27 is a dangerous period in life. But still fairly young, a turnaround is possible.

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