Elaine Grosso: She Believed in Unstinted, Unconditional Love

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Elaine Louise Grosso – born June 10th, 1930, set free September 7th, 2016

Elaine Louise Grosso – born June 10th, 1930, set free September 7th, 2016

Elaine Grosso was not a perfect woman, but she embodied throughout her life her belief that the only thing that mattered in the end was love. And she was right.

She believed in unstinted, unconditional love and taught her family, as it grew, to value love above all things. She was free-spirited in many ways, but loyal and ceaselessly openhanded to those she loved.

Although never convinced of it herself, she was immensely talented, with a brilliant mind, a creative soul and a caring heart. She believed in openness, equity and generosity of spirit. Although she often had little, she was the most generous and decent person any of us knew. She believed in giving to those in need and always chose to believe the best in everyone.

Elaine is survived by her adventure partner and beloved sister, Elyse Dukatz and her brother, Carl Duktaz. She is preceded in death by her parents, Evelyn and Herman Dukatz. She is also survived by her proudest accomplishment, her two daughters, Sarah Cory and Sheshona Beiser, as well as their children, Melissa Morris (and her husband, Jacob), Hannah Cory, Oliver Cory, Elijah Z. Shay and Rosemary Beiser. In addition, she is survived by her great-grandchildren, Gabrielle, Liam and Nathaniel Morris, who brought her great joy to the end.

Elaine made many great friends throughout her life and is survived by those friends that she considered family, including her life-long friend, Judy Baker. Her family also owes unending gratitude to Marny Friedman and Linda Medoff, who were at her side in her final days.

In her life, Elaine believed in dance and art and laughter and music.  She believed in civil disobedience and social justice. Her presence in this world will be deeply missed by all that knew and loved her.



  • What a hero to look up to! She lived what i try to believe everyday. RIP beautiful lady!

  • I remember Elaine as always having a smile on her face, a “let’s do it” attitude and her razor sharp wit. She was always glad to see me whenever we ran into each other and I always felt a bit more energized after our brief encounter. I extend my deepest condolences to her family, for her departure from this earth will be felt most keenly by those closest to her.

  • Elaine was one of the kindest women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and she always greeted me with a smile and a kind word over the years. Elaine consistently demonstrated respect and caring for me and I never felt an ounce of judgement from her. I will remember her as an exceptional artist, who passed down this gift two her two talented and beautiful daughters, and a wonderfully intelligent and delightful conversationalist. Mostly I will recall her fantastic joyful laugh and infectious grin, as these traits best embody the essence of what I love most about her spirit. Her physical presence will greatly be missed by all she knew. Blessings and peace for her transition and so much love for the entire family. ❤️

  • She looks and sounds like a beautiful lady. I wish I could have met her in this lifetime. My most sincerest condolences to the family, I just lost my Dad as well so. .. ya ♡♡♡

  • Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting but sounds like an incredible lady.Shashona if you are any Indication of your mother she was an amaxing women. Rosie and Elijah im so sorry for your loss. The sky is brighter now with its newest angels dancing on the stars.
    To the rest of the family, you have my deepest sympathy.
    In light and love

  • Awwwww. Thank you Kym and all who’ve left messages here- me, and my sister Rosemary, and possibly others in the family, are going to begin the process of performing high quality digitally curation of the full body of Elaine’s work. As this process develops, so will a webspace that will be filled with the complete body of rich, dynamic, and diverse work 🙂

    it would be awesome to keep in touch so that we can make the website url available to you, and the wider public later. big love all <3

    miss ma' grandma


  • My thoughts and prayers to Sarah and Melissa, Hannah and Oliver. You have suffered a lot of loss lately. Weighs heavy on the heart. I’m thinking of you.

  • I work at the skilled nursing facility where Elaine dwelt in her final months.
    Normally, commenting about the Residents would be an invasion of Privacy; but now that her obituary is published, I would like to comment:
    Elaine was a wonderful person, and I appreciate all the times we had together chatting. Her bright sparkly eyes and sense of humor lit up my day. We spent some time discussing religion and spirituality, and when I told my corny Buddhist jokes, she got it and laughed. When I had time to step into her room and visit briefly, she would say, “Oh! It’s You!” She made me feel very special.
    Sometimes she would call out “Hello? Hello?” and I would dash in to speak with her, and sing the Beatles song: “Hello Hello?I don’t know why you say goodby I say Hello!” She loved that, she seemed very familiar with popular Beatles songs.
    I wish I could have spent lots more time with this wonderful person and learned more about her amazing life and artwork. She was so self-deprecating about her artistic talent and her work life, but her wit and love for humanity really shined through.
    Though I hardly knew her, I really miss her.

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