Locals Jump to Save Home During Ruff Fire

Ruff fire Helicopter crew

A helicopter dips into the Blueberry Reservoir as crews fight the Ruff Fire. [Photo by a reader]

Even as the smoke still climbs and aircraft can be heard purring overhead as they leave the incident, stories from the Ruff Fire (click here for the story) are beginning to emerge. Laytonville resident Chris Darr tells us that he and a crew from JW Morrison, Inc. helped save the home of one of his boss’s neighbors.

“I was cruisin’ back from town to get ready for a wedding,” he explained. He saw the smoke from the fire.

“I pulled into my boss’s,” explained Darr. “We go on fires sometimes with our dozers.” His boss had a water truck and they piled in. They drove towards the flames.

“The fire was blowing so it was spotting all over the place,” Darr said. “We just took the water truck to a neighbor’s and made sure she got out safe.”  They helped her get her animals and property out of the house. Then they started working to save the house.

Flames headed towards them. The fire “came about 50 feet to 100 feet from her house,” he said.

“We got the lady’s water system going,” Darr explained. Then firefighters showed up. “Once they all showed up, we took off to make sure our boss’s house didn’t burn down.”

Fortunately, it was alright.

Folks who run toward a fire instead of away are pretty nice to have as neighbors. And, it’s a huge bonus when they bring their own water truck and know how to fix your water.




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