Hospice Grief Support for Teens

Press release from Hospice of Humboldt:

teen grief



  • Great Service For The Community & Our Local Teens!

    if you are a teen and experiencing grief I strongly suggest attending these meetings. I know they will help. Autumn is a vital asset to our community & has been helping people deal w/ grief for many years. Please take advantage of this valuable service to our community. knowing that u r not alone and that there are people who can relate to your feelings and sense of loss can really help. I know u will feel comfortable and at ease talking w/ Autumn in a group setting. She is an amazing person w/ a heart of gold and a good ear. She is here for you. All u have to do is show up for the meetings. Thanks.

  • Wow. How wonderful of Hospice to do this. Hospice was there for my mother and our family when she died and I love to give back to them when I can. My mom died when I was 14 and I was an only child. I can imagine being around others who understand must help with the healing alot. Sending love to all the teens going through this, talk about it. Don’t supress it for the sake of being of strong for others because it will destroy you. I turned to drugs and alcohol at 13 and ruined most of my twenties till I finally dealt with my mom and grandma’s death. It’s not a mistake you want to make and it just extends how long the death controls your life. Talk about it, let yourself cry, let yourself fully grieve so you can heal. Love y’all.

  • May I assume that this is in Eureka? What about Southern Humboldt?

    I think this is a service is that needed, and extremely overdue. My concern is that, once again, Southern Humboldt is left out. I understand that the distance involved is a concern; but I feel it is the responsibilities of the agencies in Eureka to provide the outreach…not the wounded people.

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