Hello, Hell’s Angels…

Hells Angels in Garberville [Closeup from a photo provided by a reader]

Hells Angels in Garberville [Closeup from a photo provided by a reader]

Nope, It’s not the Redwood Run but an estimated 10 to 15 Hell’s Angels are in the small town of Garberville today. Not all are flying their colors but many are.

Hells Angels in Garberville [Closeup from a photo provided by a reader]

Out for a stroll with his lady. [Closeup from a photo provided by a reader] 



  • There’s our town security!
    Kick the homeless trash out!

  • Maybe even Hell’s Angels like redwoods.

  • Your awesome Ernie lol ,but don’t we wish .they are here for a reason they have a agenda ,and it not sight seeing [edit]

  • To bad their agenda was here to clean up the town,betcha (spelled wrong?)it would get done.dang it.but they have a great reason to be here!!!

  • These are bad dudes, and not to be trifled with. I hope they don’t think they can set up camp around here. Humboldt has enough problems already with crime and organized crime – we don’t need that on top of everything else! Wonder if they want a piece of the pie?

    • Their camp is already established humboldt county is hells angels territory

    • Until Sonny Barger took over with the bodies-down-the-well in Boonville, these were most excellent folks… They didn’t prejudge…Just protected the Freaks… Hopefully the same influence will happen. af

      • I knew the sheriff deputy who dug the bodies out of the well, which I believe was close to Ukiah. They dumped lime into the well (which was mostly dry) to disintegrate the bodies. However, they used slacked lime from the farm supply instead of quick lime. Apparently they didn`t know the difference and this actually preserved the bodies, turning them into a cheese like material. They also welded a body up in a 55 gal drum.

        Why would they do this? As if no one would ever think to look in the well? Seems the Hells Angels could have come up with a better plan.

    • Hells Angels are not ALL bad people..
      Just like Harley Riders are not all bad..
      Always a few bad apples in every group ..

      • Oh yeah! AWESOME guys! Well…unless they’re beating the shit out of you or you fight back and 8 of them then stomp you. Or if they’re killing somebody and you happen to see and then they kill you too. Other than that they’re pretty awesome. Oh, unless they’re running meth and coke into your county and you see that. Then they have to kill you. But that’s just business! Other times they are awesome and really good neighbors!!!

    • They use to have a large presence around here and when they were here there was a lot less Vagrents on the street. However you had to deal with the occasional drunken brawl in the street, them strong arming some locals that don’t like them and there was a lot more coke around. Not to mention a large FBI presents especially during the Harley run.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      As if biker dudes are going around causing trouble openly.

      No sheriff reports yet, historically, validate any concerns.

    • That sounds completely ignororant….are you going to stop them? Yes they have a shady past but have also doneed many good things for our community. The past is in the past.

  • well someones gonna be in a body bag

  • Hopefully they kick out the problem dopers

  • Can we put in a request to ask them to clean up the area???

  • If they’re going into the Calico they better have budgeted at least three hours for lunch. Slowwwwwwwwww.

  • Is one of the Hell Angels wearing short pants? Haha times have changed.

  • They live here like the rest of us do. Their in the hills in northern mendo and sohum & southern trinity. Always have been since the 70’s. They keep to themselves. Are great neighbors.

  • HA cares more about our community than the green rushers

  • Compared to the old Hells Angels, these seem to be clean, clean cut and on the younger side. It seems like they used to be big and burly, frightening in appearance with huge, wild beards and either long, scraggly hair or shaved heads. All the bikes were newer, mostly stock.

    I miss the days when they rode shovelheads, pans, a few knuckleheads and an occasional flathead plus an Indian once in a while. Lots of them chopped, of course. I`m guessing there is many a Hells Angel who`s never jumped on a kick starter, knows nothing about tickling the carburetor or the thrill of reaching down and touching the magneto on a damp day.

    I hope there are still serious, bad — ass bikers out there. Hopefully these guys are and just don`t look like it.

  • Back in the 60s, the Hells Angels were the only Law in the Haight-Ashbury, and they did a righteous job of it. They protected us from opportunistic tourists (who thought “free love” was an economic statement) and the cops both. Hard to walk that line, and until Altamont, they did a really good job. What happened next was Speed…and that was the time to go. Thanks, HA and Gypsy Jokers, too, for being there when we needed you. af

  • So stupid. It’s the fry brothers concert in confusion hill. It’s a biker party that I have gone to before. They will be gone Monday people

  • I would rather deal with the Hells Angels and have their backs than any of the street gangs, punks, tweakers and thugs we have around here. Hells Angels are family oriented. There may be a portion of the group that are into nefarious shit but oh well. We have people in elected office that are just as smarmy. Have fun 1% ers

  • Rock on !

  • Wanting a New Beginning

    Take me with you when you leave!

  • Omg I can’t believe the comments. They are just bikers. This isn’t the sixties where he’ll angles were bad. Sure there are probably some bad still out there. Seen a few ride through eureka. There was things going on in eureka with hot rods motorcycle didn’t see many Harleys though. The pride parade. Also OTHER THINGS PEOPLE were mentioning. I would trust them more than most people. Even talk to one on phone when husband’s bike got stolen. Geez people

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Kathy,….. These are some bald dudes alright, some of em wearin tennis shoes for christ sake, wonder if theyre still flyin the ole 13 patch.? Red wings? Whats a kick starter?I got a notion boys and girls, these are the gentleman that move most of your stash…….RESPECT.

  • My oldest brother rode with a group of these dudes back in the 70″s They werent mean, tore up things nor did they wreak havoc where they rode. I know there were some bad dudes in the groups, but 99% of them were awesome folks. They would give you the shirt off their backs. I know when he quit riding with them and was working on the oil pipe-line in Alaska, his entire truck and trailer for the huge pipes got stolen, the “Hell’s Angels” came clear from Michigan to help him out. They found his Kenworth completely burned, in it was everything he owned. Some locals up there had seen his Harley and the jacket the “Angels” had given him and figured he was a “Bad-guy” We as humans were given a brain for a reason, and its not for jumping to conclusions, STOP and THINK before you judge!!! They are good people and deserve to treated like we want to be treated!!!

  • We love the Red And White .They Are Our Brothers and I suggest most people steer clear .And Yes they live here in the triangle .I ‘m glad to be a friend and neighbor

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Question is do you think they could win an election against Downey?

    Having them run the Sheriff Dept would be a great way to fight crime and provide security for property owners.

    The HCSO is a gang as well, collect dues, wear a uniform, and control the streets, but I think HA could do a much better job and should put up candidates in each triangle county next election.

    • Well said. Hcso is the most overtly corrupt gang. They even have judges on their side to validate their bullshit probably cause and trample on our rights

  • I saw some of the Hell’s Angels helping an elderly man jump start his car in Willits on Friday. It is always nice to see people looking out for each other.

  • Easy to prejudge the Angels just like it’s easy to prejudge the long hairs.

  • Given the fact that I’ve spent most of my entire life around HA…… I find many of these degrading comments ridiculous!!!! They go to charity events and raise money for good causes and hold toy runs!!! They get a bad rap cause they take no shit it’s a respect thing just like with anyone

  • I bet you people saying how great these criminals are wouldn’t feel so comfortable if they weren’t white.


  • My godfather was the head of his local chapter before he passed away from complications with diabetes. He loved Garfield and Chihuahuas. The love AND respect he showed to my mother, myself and all the women in his life belie the inherent myths, legends and yes, truths that follow the Hells Angels. For the most part, they aren’t the Sonny Barger HA’s of yesteryear. They have been known to do extraordinary good works like all the annual Toys for Tots runs so unless you know any of them personally I would just keep your opinions to yourself because you only know what you read and what you’ve been told.
    Also, for the record, one of the most legendary and heavily attended funerals, was for an African American HA. How do I know this? Because my father also attended that funeral as a journalist, a personal friend of the deceased (as well as many other bikers) but my dad is Jewish as well. Can you guys believe it? A Jew attending an African American bikers funeral??
    Jesus, all your preconceived ideas are just such bullshit.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. Oh the ignorance of some!!
      The 1 thing that really gets *my last nerve* when some call them a Gang UGH! PEOPLE, PLEASE remember this, they are a MOTORCYCLE *CLUB* MC,, not motorcycle gang. LH&R

  • Hunter S. Thompson’s ” Hells Angels ” still a very entertaining,( if not well very well liked by actually Angels).
    Who did not see there presence at some point in 1960’s California?
    My mother told me that once while visiting what might be called a love in at an L.A park a police riot broke out and if not for the help of an Angel her and myself might have been injured or arrested.

  • I personally had a very pleasant time speaking to them… They were at the Humboldt house and we’re very kind. I can’t believe all these negative comments People Are People Love Is Love. All I seen was kindness and respect they even helped an elderly lady across the street… and we’re very nice with their compliments. Come on people come together let it be. Learn to love and respect to one another and stop with all the negativity. Much love Peggy Sue Sarver

  • You rock peg love you and sarv .

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint


  • It is sad that we are so quick to pass judgement on them as a whole for the wrong doing of some in their group. Not everyone is evil, or responsible for some of the horrible acts that have happen in the past. Horrible things happen all over the world does that mean we should isolate or call out a certain family as monsters if their child happens to be a murderer? Does that make all of them murderers? I think not. I have attached a few webpages that show that these men do have hearts too, and they deserve respect just like any one else for there acts of kindness. They do great things too folks.

  • Yeah they’re a great bunch of guys if you can excuse the murders,drug dealing,prostitution Rings,extortion,blowing up other clubs clubhouse.

  • The cops have done more evil than any motorcycle club ever could

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